The most remote island on earth is looking for employees

It’s only got 265 residents… And as much coastline as you could possibly
want. There happens to be a volcano too, but the
last major eruption was five decades ago. And it certainly helps if you enjoy your own
company, as Tristan da Cunha is situated midway between South Africa and South America. So, if you know something about tending livestock
and crop rotation, the islanders are hoping this could be the place for you. They are seeking a farmer who can help them
increase their food production and to make them less reliant on imports – its 7 days
on a fishing boat to the nearest mainland. However the work could be challenging says
one agricultural adviser who did the job a few years ago. There’s about 1500 acres of grassland on which
they run cattle and sheep. And they also have a small area where they grow potatoes. But
that’s the sum total of the agriculture. This is the loneliest human colony on earth. Tristan da Cunha, a British overseas territory,
hit the headlines in the early 60s when a volcano forced its inhabitants to be evacuated. First to south Africa 1500 miles away and
then onto England – when they returned not all of them seemed happy to be back on the
most remote inhabited island on earth… Islander Basil Lavarello shared his feelings
in 1965. If there were a boat now to return people
to England, I’d say three quarters of the community would return back there to England. Would you be one of them? I would be one of them. Basil’s first cousin once removed is still
on the island, and he maintains it’s the dream place to live and work. It’s very pristine,. I should say, and there’s
no crime and I think anyone who comes here for a short term contract, they just enjoy
it so much that they always say they would like to come back. So now, a rare chance to find out for yourself
– the salary is undisclosed, but there is a pub for after work, and of course all the
view you could ever need.

100 thoughts on “The most remote island on earth is looking for employees

  1. How I would love to stay on that island,just to be on my own and help the farmers. Please invite me. Den

  2. They need to advertise to people accustomed to remoteness like … Inuit (Eskimo) who might thinks it wonderfully warm or … Tibetans who might think it is very easy to breath or … the Trump family who would think it is wonderfully free of reporters and prosecutors.

  3. No need to worry about deep state depopulation agendas, vaccines, acid rain etc. on the other hand it could be a Groundhog Day life. Very interesting story and place. Thumbs up.

  4. Send Mus**s to breed, then in no time it would not only be remotest but also most populous hell on the earth.

  5. These people are scammers. To apply you have to pay something like £500 in application fees, and almost nobody is accepted. It's all about scamming the fees.

  6. I'm surprised Merkel and the Paki home secretary here in the UK, along with business leaders and Corbyn trying to encourage to move there.After all, diversity is strength, is it not?

  7. What i can't understand is that if they are on a old volcano there is heat down their, So why do they not use the hydro thermal to heat all the houses there and use the extra heat for crops to grow all year round baffles me?

  8. I seriously would take this opportunity but I have a 8 year old daughter.

  9. I been divorced since 2012 my son is 19 leaving for Parris Island and my daughter will be 16. As soon she is 18 or on her own I'd doing it in a heartbeat. I'm ready to start another chapter in my life!

  10. I'd would live like John Rambo no computer no cell phones nothing but the land and train people to protect the Island! As a Marine veteran I could settle here off the Grid

  11. Perfect!!!
    If they don’t have cold winters, I am going there!
    Is it an independent country or are they under the british crown? Or who do they belong to? Where’s their government?

  12. I will gladly go to your island and be your leader! Together we will create a better world!
    First we need some wind turbines and green Houses!

  13. The way to go is with vertical Hydroponics, you will grow more than they can use.

  14. It's would be better place for few Syrian refugees and few sub Saharan migrants…

  15. dont let chinese to enter there. because soon they will claim the island as a chinese teretory

  16. Hopefully someone with the knowledge & wisdom of those such as Allan Savory, Joel Salatin , Richard Perkins, Charles Dowding & Singing frogs farm, Geoff Lawton etc. Will go there. I'm not quite experienced enough, myself, or I'd go.

  17. There are 1500 acres of grassland where they run cattle and sheep.
    And a small area where they grow potatoes, that is the sum of the agriculture.

  18. No offence but this place seems like a dump. Full of pale and ugly inbreds, no women, no Internet or entertainment except sheep shagging competitions perhaps…jeez, a droll and dull place.

  19. I want to go there! I need a break from modern, overcrowded society. I have experience working with chickens and cows.

  20. Well crap…I was hoping they might need something I could actually do…seems like a beautiful place to be

  21. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The Brits always love to belly-ache about everything and anything they steal. This Island is a COLONY OF THE NOW-DEFUNCT BRITISH EMPIRE. Bob Dylan once sang a song titled: ' LICENCE TO KILL', in which there's a verse: "And he worships, at an Altar, with a Stagnant pool, and when he sees, his reflection, he's fulfilled, oh MAN as opposed to FAILPLAY, he wants all, and he wants it his way, but there's a woman, on block, just sitting there, facing the CHILL, and she says WHO'S GONNA TAKE AWAY HIS LICENCE TO KILL.".Give this song a listen.

  22. A European South African farmer and his family would be perfect for Tristan Island.

  23. Sounds like a nice place to live don't have a camera everywhere you go stuck up your but no crime a small island sounds like a nice place to live

  24. I have the required,

    I can sco
    I'm a scout
    I'm am a rider
    I train, sheep dogs
    I can Einterteinmemt myself

    I hate cars
    As Einterteinmemt

  25. I really won't to work and stay in that lovely place.
    Filipino is allowed to go there?

  26. It would be a beautiful island, as long as there's no Spanish mixtures to suck that Island dry and cause trouble!

  27. I would love to live there except for the fact that I have extreme fear of talking to volleyballs

  28. I am sure if the people of island can increase livestock production and make more land for farming like potatoes etc that will be more then enough for their life island no need big development which will destroy the nature of island more development will bring more people which increase crime corruption etc and will destroy the nature of island . Happy healthy life more important then money. The people of island can try to make shade organic farming which will enough for the few hundred people to live a good and healthy life.

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