The Office: Episode 02 – Asian Jim [DeepFake]

Morning, Dwight. Who are you? Who am I? I’m Jim. We’ve been working together for 12 years. Weird joke, Dwight. You’re not Jim. Jim’s not Asian. You seriously never noticed? Hey, hats off to you for not seeing race. All right, then, Jim. Uh, why don’t you tell me about that sale
that you made yesterday? Uh, Wellington Systems? Sold them 10 cases
of 24-pound letter stock. Or were you talking
about Krieger-Murphy? Because I didn’t close that one yet, but I’m hoping I’ve got a voicemail
from Paul Krieger waiting for me.‘Please enter your password.’‘You have one new message.How did you know? No! No, no. That is sensitive information. Only for employees, not outsiders! Dwight, cut it out. I’m trying to work. You don’t work here! You’re not Jim! Jim, I got us that dinner reservation. – Grico’s, 7:30.
– Oh, great. Can’t wait. Jim’s at the dentist this morning, and Steve is an actor friend of ours. I don’t know who you are, but you are not Jim.Thisis Jim! Oh, my… Oh, d…
Oh, how did… [Gasps]

100 thoughts on “The Office: Episode 02 – Asian Jim [DeepFake]

  1. There are many things in this world that are okay.

    This isn’t amongst those things.

  2. Can you take a scene from "Being John Malkovich", some which has many people in it, like the one in the restaurant, and deepfake it so that everyone had John's Malkovich face? That would be hilarious!

  3. Do the part where Dwight has a disguise for everyone in the office

  4. Who else couldn't wait to see if the family photo would be deepfaked as well?

  5. I love how asian Jim’s face is the same shape as Jim’s lol

    Wait what

  6. Can you do Charlize Theron in Prometheus with Rickon Stark's face? Or vice versa?

  7. How is this so much better than DC’s efforts to remove Henry Cavill’s moustache? 😆

  8. After Dwight got Alzheimer he was't event recognize his lifeold coworker

  9. I’ve never seen the office before but I can tell from this video it’s good. Really good.

  10. This is scary stuff. Oh my god. Everything is fake nothing is real.

  11. Imagine your friend pulling this prank on you but instead of an absolutely different asian guy he uses this fucked up look alike so you actually question your sanity

  12. This doesn't really work as the whole point of the scene is that that guy isn't supposed to look like Jim, as they're not even the same race, that's why it's funny. By trying to put Jim's face on him detracts from the joke

  13. Question: if a random YT dude can easily swap faces what kind of fake bs can governments prepare?

  14. So trippy because I didn't know they were changing the faces and I completely convinced myself I was blind all these years and in fact real Jim and Asian Jim ACTUALLY looked ridiculous similar!! 😂
    ya got me!!👌

  15. No pls God no God nooo I hate it I HATE it noooOO KILL IT KILL IT burn it KILL IT

  16. Mind blown. And I just finished the office today…again. I'm starting at season 1 again now.

  17. It's really disturbing, because, Jim and Asian Jim have kind of a similar voice. Relatively.

  18. Random dude on Youtube: Swaping faces making it look easy.

    The entire vissual effects department of Warnes Bros: can make a fucking moustache dissapear without making superman look like a dead man.

  19. Do that scene where Dwight shows off how he has wigs for everyone in the office and dresses like all of them

  20. deep fake that movie where travolta swaps face with nic cage…un-fake it?

  21. At 1:25 jims looks at the camera…still pretty good though…


  23. too bad it messed up the look into the camera, when dwight shows him the picutre…
    But really nice work
    I wonder if it'd be possible to make changes of a complete scene with actors who auditionated for these roles, just to see how it would look like (e.g. Bob Odenkirk as Michael Scott, Eric Stonestreet as Kevin, Adam Scott as Jim, etc.)

  24. Laughed when I saw the family pic… was just waiting for that cherry on top

  25. I love it that you also like The Office. Hope to see more Office-related deepfake videos 😀

  26. So no one is going to compliment how well this guy mimics Jim's manner of speaking? Wow.

  27. The only thing is that asain jim doesn't look at the camera when Dwight says this is Jim

  28. Woah I shouldn't watch these, I was just spoiled that Jim and Pam will be a couple. I mean it was kinda obvious but still aaah

  29. The only give away was him not looking at the camera when Dwight picks up picture frame.

    Hella freaky that

  30. Jim's fresh of tha boat….if you don't know, homie know you know am fresh of tha boat!

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