The Open: Building Confidence When Ordering Wine for Business

Ok. You’ve gone to a restaurant You are on a business meeting You are on a date You are in a group of people Let’s say you have to order wine for this whole table I would be intimidated by that. But one of the things I like to do is to start by taking charge so, if you are the host be the host, take charge. First thing I like to do is ask everybody Would you prefer bubbles? Or white wine? I like to start with either one of those. They’re both really light and refreshing, they kinda cleanse your palate and they get you hungry to eat, is easier to order, is usually a crowd pleaser. Let’s taste this wine again I’m going to jump ahead to one of the rules of wine tasting which is Always taste the wine more than once Because what you are tasting the first time could be your tooth paste, could be what you had for lunch. So taste it twice Lets do that again. If your party requests or says “Let’s start with bubbles” Bubbles are nice because it’s celebratory It immediately puts you in a celebratory mood If you are gonna order bubbles order champagne because it’s better it’s more consistent there are a lot of different kinds of bubbles Champagne actually only comes from France in an area called Champagne And you almost can’t go wrong with it. Even the worst Champagne is going to be consistently good. So just found one that’s within your price range. and go with that. I usually like to start with white, normally I like to start with a nice bright acidic white wine like this is a Sauvigon Blanc Made by “Black Bird Vineyards” and it’s a it has a little bit of Sauvigon which is a slightly sweeter grape So Sauvigon Blanc is kind of a high acid. High acid goes great with food Makes you hungry, makes your mouth water. So try one more time See if you can actually feel your mouth water.

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