100 thoughts on “The Paris Accord is a Bad Deal for America

  1. Fuck you Trump for screwing our country and our children out of a future!

  2. Fuck you Trump. You're just pissed that Macron crushed your tiny little hands.


  4. Where can you sign up to be a white house Art Director? The graphics and typography are not great in this video. "Badly Negotiated" with the Obama "O" logo was squished in so you can tell the graphic was mishandled.  :/

  5. I do agree fuck this planet we live on supports 7 billion people yea but if we leave we will save 6.5 million JOBS smart right?

  6. This video is fucking embarrassing. Looking at you, Donny Jingles. All you had to do was say "Yeah, sure we'll protect the whales." and the deal would be done. Instead, you go off a make America look like absolute assclowns on the international stage. typical.

  7. I agree on the decision to withdraw, but this video needs so much more quality to it.

  8. The Cheeto in Chief making America filthy; that boy has talent.

  9. Well as a person living in a country which produces 98-99% of the energy from renewable sources, I got to say.. "Good luck with that…"

  10. Ok here's what people don't understand about global warming. It's simple really but most people misunderstand the basic premise.

    The conservative argument about there being cycles of weather and natural heating and cooling cycles is not incorrect. What is important to understand are these basic premises.

    1. Oil, coal, and natural gas are not in our planet from the beginning, they come from millions of years of organic matter dying and then being buried by sediment. (Source: middle school biology that everyone has forgotten). What this has done is over millions of years it's reduced the amount of CO2 available in the atmosphere and buried it underground.

    2. Geologic time scale is long. Life adapts, albeit slowly, over thousands of generations. So yes, while you can point to the face that we were once warmer as a planet (pre-history), this doesn't mean it's a good thing for us. The current life on the planet has evolved for THIS environment. Not the one that existed millions of years ago.

    3. Burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and the warming of the oceans from the first two, returns CO2 to the atmosphere. Again, probably not an issue, except that we have done in 100 years what might have taken 100 million to happen in the other direction.

    So the argument that it's not a big deal comes down to this. Most our life can't tolerate the environment from the ice age or the Jurassic period, and wouldn't survive an environment change- especially in a couple hundred years. That doesn't mean that the warm earth was "bad" per se, just bad for us.

    There were also times when the ocean levels were much higher and we didn't have polar ice caps. The planet doesn't really need them, so to lose them is not going to end our planet. However, most people live close to the coast, and the land closer to the coast is typically of lower elevation and more level so we're likely to lose a lot of that land.

    Denying the issue is just plain silly. It's like saying that when we burn fossil fuels it's just this magic substance that magically creates energy for free. There are so many examples of people changing the environment and then dying off as a result. This happened in ancient Sumer which collapsed as a result of salinification of the arable land they had. Egypt wasn't brought down by invaders, but from desertification of the land around the Nile. The Aztecs weren't brought down by Cortes, but were in decline long before because they burned the forests around them to plant, and the nutrients washed out to sea.

    It's plain arrogance to think that there are no implications of human interaction with the environment and it's willful blindness to not ask what's those interactions are. There are just so many people who just want to pretend like it doesn't exist based on who they voted for for president. It has nothing to do with who is in the White House. So let that go.

  11. I never thought I'd see propaganda and lies to this extent from the White House.

  12. Every single argument in this video is wrong. I just spent twenty minutes writing up the reasons on some other guy's post so I don't feel like writing it again. Just know that the information is out there and that there is a reason every single country on the planet agreed to this.

  13. The flame war in this comments section is unbelievable… but mighty entertaining. Keep it up guys! 🙂

  14. the United Nations seems to have a different agenda .. The USA does plenty to keep pollution under control.. The climate has been in a constant state of change since the Earth had a climate.. If they think they are gonna mess with Mother Nature, they're nutz.. They are gonna ruin the Planet, just like Ananaki did to their Planet..
    We should never allow this to go forward.. If they are worried about the Planet, Leave it alone.. nature will take care of itself.. Scientist are playing God.. They need to get off their high horses and take a seat..

  15. Dear White House, ya'll got busted by MIT:
    'The researchers in MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change who led the relevant analysis find this statement to be misleading, for two reasons. 

    First, the 0.2 degree-figure used in the talking point reflects the incremental impact of the Paris Agreement compared with the earlier Copenhagen agreement.  If you instead compare the impact of the Paris Agreement to no climate policy, then the temperature reduction is much larger, on the order of 1 degree Celsius — 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit — by 2100. This would be a significant reduction in the global temperature rise, though much more is needed if the world is to achieve its goal of limiting warming to 2 degrees Celsius or less.

    Second, the analysis accounts only for countries’ pledges under the Paris Agreement, assuming no further strengthening of the commitments in years after 2030. The Paris Agreement is a milestone of the ongoing UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is committed to ongoing annual meetings to regularly revisit and ratchet up nations’ climate goals, making them more ambitious over time.'

  16. Once again, the Trump administration proves it is full of idiots.

  17. The sun cycle is in a large part responsible for our climate. Solar winds and cme's send energy particles towards the earth's magnetosphere, thus weakening it. This occurs in rhythm with the sun's cycle. The earth's large earthquakes have caused the degree of the earth to tilt, some say an increased tilt of 22 degrees. The ash from volcanic eruptions blocks the sun and affects climate as well. Climate data has been altered at various times to suit agendas. In the 20th century we were in a mini ice age. All these factors and more contribute to climate as we know it.
    What we can do is prepare for natural fluctuations in climate by making our infrastructure robust. Pollution, a separate topic, should also be addressed. We do need to reduce our pollution and its effect upon our environment. This is something we can do to better our environment.

  18. @thewhitehouse this kind of video is why your administration are losing the media battle. If 35 seconds is the amount of time you afford yourselves to debunk this monumental bad deal for American's. The general public will not research this on their own to find facts (they will rely on some media outlet to do that for them) and the MIT researchers have not been any aid to reinforce the president. So why does @thewhitehouse show tidbits about job growth and American economics instead of links to articles that provide scientific evidence like the UN's (IPCC) research on the Paris Accord?

  19. congratulations america!!!
    you've joined syria in being a nation that doesn't support the paris accords!
    -from the middle east
    P.S. were all fucked

  20. Kanye is our savior he is the only one who can save us

  21. I don't pay my taxes for someone like Obama to give them to something as useless as this. Thank you, President Trump!

  22. P4F Ace: You type like you don't understand spelling, punctuation and grammar. Is that what you were going for?

  23. This is some really bad propaganda. It's sad that our taxpayer money was used to produce this drivel.

  24. Well this is utter rubbish.. oh it's from the orange one lol he's almost as good as his haircut

  25. Ah yes, just so everyone knows. We are literally the only country to actually leave the accord and deny climate change. Syria left the agreement because it's in a civil war, and Nicaragua left because they think the agreement was, well, pussy (they are 90% renewables). This is a huge humiliation to the international community. The world has realized the huge risk of climate change, yet here we are. Americans. Saying fuck you to an agreement that is completely voluntary to being with. We are the only country in the entire world to turn their back on science and fact. Shame on us.

  26. >but muh environment

    That isn't even the issue you fucking retarded mouth breathing leftists. The problem is how ineffective this agreement is and it is basically a redistribution of American wealth.

  27. All videos on youtube, including those posted by "the white house" to my knowledge can be "thumb down'd" …. Just a friendly reminder 😉

  28. HARD FACTS DON'T EXIST..Good Job Donald we are doing just fine keep the money here in the USA
    > https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/02/21/curry-computer-predictions-of-climate-alarm-are-flawed/

  29. I suppose that if the Anasazi people could have paid billions of tons of their grains, baskets, jewelry, etc. to a neighboring tribe they would not have suddenly abandon their homes and lands due to quick and extreme climate change.

    This was the right thing to do, is what we elected Trump to do. The planet is not a victim. It will do what it wants, and it will be fine, just like it always has done as proven by real science demonstrated in ice cores and space science. The Sun has and will always effect climate on earth and every other planet nearby. Gore knows nothing about true science.

    Gore is a con man, nothing he ever said would happen has happened. People that think humans are the cause of any climate change are the type of people that will never admit they are wrong. But they are. BTW, thanks to all you that bought into Mr. Gore's con game, he is now a billionaire.

  30. Liberals, Muslims, the EU. There are a lot of bad deals out there.

  31. YOU SIR ARE CORRECT! ETHEREALFEELING Cut thru the BS and tell it like it is,,,,IT'S GLOBAL SOCIALISM! Everything Obama did helped ISLAM AND COMMUNIST and spread our wealth he hated AMERICA and still does. They keep finding his wasting of billions as we speak. GOOD JOB DONALD!

  32. Companies here in the USA are actually trying to lessen their emissions with out Gov crack down.

  33. American propaganda puts old timey nazi and communist propaganda to shame.

  34. This has nothing to do with the environment it is just a way to pay off worldwide government employees.

  35. $1 billion can be used to fund a 2 gigawatt solar plant to power U.S. bases instead.

  36. anyonr realised that due to the red tape in it when we finaaly get out it will be the next election

  37. America will lose a big battle by abandoning the Paris agreement, in pursuit of saving few jobs in coal industry Today, by neglecting the death of millions of people all over the globe due to global warming TOMORROW.

  38. The real Trump supporters don't listen to the brainwashed snowflakes there
    Fools they just want to see you fail at protecting our country like Isis feminist and other terrorist just keep it up trump's working Day and night for the people.

  39. So I assume all the people outraged about this are vegans? If not, you're hypocrites

  40. Russia hacks, China hacks ect.. been happening forever.
    That being said the media frenzy, politians, like sharks all over it, slanted fix on it like it is the only thing going on in America.
    What about inner city jobs, fair trade, illegal immigration all big pieces of the pie. Important issues to Americans, why are they not always talk about in all news shows ?purposely dodging it ? Not good. Lets get on with these very very important issues Fair Trade, Illegal Immigration, Jobs in The Inner cities, American Made. News Slanted ? Big Time obvious.
    Get on with all the Business of America.

  41. This is propaganda bull shit. It's sad that our current administration has to try to convince people how "great" their crappy decisions are.

  42. Typical Trump throwing his toys out of his play pen when when his kindergarten buddy Macron gave him a Chinese burn.

  43. THANK you for the common sense displayed in getting us out of the broken Paris Accord. We know you will help fix it or we won't rejoin. That is a very intelligent decision and we appreciate your efforts for US and the world.

  44. 2,500+ people disliked this video because facts hurt and they don't care about reality. They just want a reason to hate President Trump. Shame.

  45. if u say, oh, caring about human existence will be bad for economy, look at California

  46. look at those leftist "scientists". they see climate change almost like a religion. fucking INSANE idiots but at the same time the democrats reject BASIC biology when we say there are ONLY 2 genders.
    I can't take idiots like Bill Nye or Neil DeGrasse Tyson seriously anymore. they are pseudo-science fanatics.

  47. all you dummies should consider the source of this information. all the other countries are suppose to be wrong and trump rt?when has trump ever showed signs of intelligence ? this is the red party duping you gullible minions. see it for what it really is. a brainwashing of any of your leftover brain cells. to fall for this crap .most of you are already functioning on fumes

  48. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/06/01/fact-checking-president-trumps-claims-on-the-paris-climate-change-deal/?utm_term=.04a6e8ca09cd

  49. This is the first time I opposing your decision

  50. France did a funny edit to this specific video:


  51. Don't forget that the Paris Accords are a globalist plan for a one world gov and the UN would have taken over all env stuff in US. The ultimate one world gov plan with the Paris Accord is to take away all private property because we are just polluters. The big corporations are polluting the earth and we have Tesla Free Energy so all is bullshit in the world. All govs are fucking over the world with wars to take oil when we have free energy – this is psycho fucking shit!

  52. Trump, you are a disgrace to our country. I used to enjoy watching this channel but now all you put up are propaganda driven, bias and mis-leading garbage.

  53. If People would research for themselves, this video wouldn't be taken as fact by so many people. If you want to argue, do your own research first.

  54. Climate change hoax while they are taxing the fuk outta everyone they use that money to buy houses on the beach all while telling you the world is going to flood over i hope one day the rest of you will wake up to this the real issue with our world is pollution and breathing it in not it ripping the ozone so we fry to death you need to be a realist and wake the fuk up.

  55. MIT Statement regarding research on Paris Accord:

  56. Thank you President Trump for blocking this. It was not authorized before…

  57. President Trump saved the U.S. a ton of money that would have been wasted on foreign countries. No more sponsoring of globalism.

    BTW… I believe in Climate Change… it's called> WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, and FALL.

  58. Was it France that has been spraying us for this climate change program? Maybe that's it! I'll keep looking just in case.

  59. Conservatives don't know how to convey their frustration and have to use little kid insults against anyone who disagrees with them. Yet they believe they are the party of free speech. Hahaha. Republicans have only one 1 popular vote in the presidential election in the past 25 years. Demographics are changing, good luck winning in the future. This is your last dying breathe. Your savior, Melania's husband, hasn't been able to get much done except by using executive orders. Much of the laws he has signed have just been repeals of laws Obama put into place. Many of which protect workers. I keep hearing the argument that Melania's husband is going to fight for the working class and against the elite. PLEASE. He's the biggest celebrity elitist there is ! And he isn't fighting for the working man and woman. He's fighting for the rich. And if you don't see that I have no hope for you.

  60. This is propaganda. Why are my tax dollars being spent on propaganda?

  61. he is also a president but former president…if ur govt didn't like his works just get them out..but dont explain to the people through an official social medias of whitehouse because he is former president…you should give some respect for his service to your country…
    once upon a year ago..this white house telecasted his negotiation meeting of paris deal officially..but now this white house is telling that it is bad….my perspective is whatever government is in the white house…either from elephants or donkeys…you should respect them for your nation's service.

  62. We can still take care of our environment without this huge cost(slush fund)

  63. Bad for America, good for the planet. Oh and by the way, AMERICA IS ON THE PLANET.

  64. The Paris climate accord would push renewables which would create more jobs then coal!

  65. Everyone in the US who actually counts has chosen to go with the Paris Agreement, essentially making the Trump pull out meaningless, he's a lame duck president who can't get anything done.

  66. We as Americans refuse to sponsor other countries who have taken advantage of the USA, no more, we are not a joke any more.

  67. If you read the deal that Obama signed AMERICA was the only nation on our planet who would be paying & it was an astronomical BS amount of money with no other nation paying a cent. Democrats have to be the most ignorant humans on this earth today.

  68. This is foolish and dangerous. It's also strange, considering the US is the only country not in agreement with the terms of the Paris Agreement. It's important to realize that;
    A. The coal and fossil fuel industry is dying out. It currently has approximately 180,000 workers across the country. Projections say that, once renewable sources reach the levels of fossil fuels' popularity today, the industry could employ more than 600,000 workers, with the current workforce at 400,000 workers(however, this is mostly for construction).
    B. The suggestion that climate change isn't bad, and the suggestion that it doesn't exist altogether, is ridiculous. Let's start with the latter point. On the official climate graph from the EPA, from 1880 to 2015, the heat anomaly stayed low until around 1915, when it rose. Why would the heat rise? Increased industry from the Great War. Things mildly rose after falling, until WWII, in which heat reached higher levels than before, being at 1 degree Celsius above the levels before the war. When it ended, it largely fluctuated from then to 2000, until most countries had industrialized. Now, heat is soaring at a rapid rate, from 0.5 degrees Celsius above the pre industrial era, to a whopping 1.5 degrees above. For you Americans out there, that's only 4 degrees Fahrenheit. That may sound fine, but that's a ton of extra heat for the polar regions. The Arctic now has temperatures warm enough to melt sea ice. Antarctica is not heating up, due to currents. But, if all of my evidence doesn't convince you, I'll give you a celestial example. Take a look at Venus(not sure my audience in this comment knows what it is, but fine), the second planet from the sun. You would guess it would be colder from the first, but this is not the case. Mercury has no atmosphere, and reaches temperatures of up to 450* Fahrenheit. However, without an atmosphere, night or even just a shadow can be as cold as Pluto. Venus, while twice as far away from the sun, is twice as hot. Why is this? It's because of what is commonly referred to as a runaway greenhouse effect. It should come as a surprise to nobody that the atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide. A planet like this should be only about 200* Fahrenheit in heat, but it is so hot that it rains lead. The earth will never be able to get a runaway greenhouse effect from industry. However, it's still not a good thing. Onto the former argument. Some people have claimed that climate change is good for the environment, but that would be badly mistaken. If somebody claims that climate change is not real due to it being cool outside, they would be sorely mistaken. It increases the average temperature, not the weather temperature, meaning more heat waves. What is a heat wave, you may ask? It's a period in which temperatures are higher then normal. Where I live, summer temperatures are in the lower 70s to the mid 90s. A fairly oceanic climate. In a major heat wave in my area in 2016(very nice year), it got so hot it damaged the electric grid, preventing air conditioning from being used to protect against the blistering heat. The temperature? It was in the 110s. 3 people died of heat stroke in what was possibly one of the worst weeks of my life. So, kids. Time for another science lesson. What causes a hurricane? A hurricane is caused by low pressure and warm water. The second one is an example. The hotter the water, the stronger the hurricane. In most years, a category 5 hurricane would happen only once or not at all. In the 2017 season, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria both devastated the Caribbean, within two weeks of each other. Both were category fives. The estimated casualties of Maria alone were estimated to be more than 5,000. Melting sea ice causes sea levels to rise, which makes low lying areas flood. This is already visible in Miami.

    I've been writing for far too long, but remember that this video is propaganda, just an extension of rhetoric. Please don't call me a libtard. That would be greatly appreciated.

  69. September 23, 2018 brings a soft tune
    because leaves fall in colours,
    a man cannot imagine, Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans

  70. Thank You President Trump ‼️TRUMP /PENCE 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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