The science and art of productivity, creativity and wellness at work

We work hard. We do it because we want to make a difference
in the world, we want to build great careers and make impact with the work we do. The thing is, the way we work is stopping
us from achieving our full potential and causing increased levels of stress, anxiety, illness
and burnout. In today’s world, we’re rewarded for
the quality of our ideas, our creativity, and our mindset. Yet, we spend our days in distracted workflows where creativity is almost impossible. There is a better way to work. I’ve compiled the best research from the
fields of behavioral neuroscience and cognitive psychology – and condensed it into the most
important things we can do to dramatically increase productivity, creativity and the
quality of your work. I’ve seen through my own experience and
through leading a large team of digital and remote workers, that we can increase our capacity
by as much as 50%. Beyond increasing our capacity, we can establish
a better sense of balance. We can feel healthier, more relaxed, and ultimately
happier in our work and our lives. There is a better way to work, and I look
forward sharing it with you.

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