8 thoughts on “The Secret Deal that Threatens the NHS

  1. Excellent work Paul! Much respect for what you are doing! As many people as possible need to know & protest against including health services in this evil greedy TTIP deal!!

  2. What does the French lady say wouldn't be part of the negotiations? I couldn't make it out.

  3. look at australia were the ciggy company took the australian people to court not once but around 4 times one lost case was over the packets colour or lack of but then they wont tell you this part they can take us to court over not allowing them to take over ops jeff3

  4. There is a general tension between the determination for commercial interests to prevail and the need to improve environemntal protection and social welfare, it can also affect issues like the Minimum Wage- example -: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/veolia-vs-egypt-workers-2014 

  5. I am not saying it will totally safe guard our NHS by doing so but voting to leave the EU  will at least mean we can hold our own government to account for any damage done to it.
    If we stay in the EU and TTIP does break our NHS we have no rite to appeal or over turn it.
    By leaving the EU what happens to the NHS is in the hands of our own Government and so if they make it private or break it we can make them pay by voting them out in the next election.

  6. We need a revolution alright but not against UK leaders but a 100% ban of US influence on the EU. Just ban all their products and ideas. Just ban them totally. Ban privatised healthcare BAN academies and private security firms. Just purge this nasty horrible taste left in out mouths from the 2008 economic collapse, just ostracise them, then and only then could we bargain from a position of strength.

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