– Hey you guys, Jonathan here. Welcome to the secret office tour. (upbeat music) So by secret you guys have seen multiple iterations of this space and I’m sure you’ve seen
bits and peaces of this spot but I’ve never really given
you the full in-depth tour. Now there are still a ton of things I would love to do to this spot in terms of upgrades,
tweaks, enhancements, if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to drop me a line down below but kinda consider this tour version 1.0 and big shout out to Purple
for sponsoring part one. So this is a plant, very, very
important part of the office. Upstairs, we got the guest loft area where if someone wants to come down, crash, or play the piano, they can. (piano music) (upbeat music) Welcome to upstairs! Behind me, we got the other half of the massive shoe wall display. I guess these are the right shoes. There’s a couple exclusives though. We got the pair of Rock
Under Armour Kicks, these are courtesy of
Dan from What’s Inside, gifted these to me, so thank you dude. They’re size 13 so I can’t fit in these, I’m like a size 11 but nonetheless, they look rad and I’ma
throw ’em on the display. To my left is a piano
that I kinda picked up with the intention of learning because when I was a youngster, I took piano lessons for like two months, gave it up and that was one
the things I regret most. I remember like two
things from piano lessons. There’s one song that just
like stuck in my head. (piano music) That and I just figured out Rugrats today. (piano music) Drop a like if you watch Rugrats, that was one of my
favorite shows growing up. Over there, that’s Drew. – How’s it going? – This is actually the
guest editing station so if they wanna crash here,
we got the bed back there and also an iMac so they
wanna work on projects like the video he’s editing right now, we actually shot a collab
over on his channel. He grilled me with some
pretty good questions so if you guys aren’t subscribed, do it, he’s entertaining, he’s
smart, he’s a mad man and he grilled me pretty good so make sure you guys check out, and he’s not the Apple
sheep that he claims to be. You know what he’s rocking as his daily? Galaxy Note 9, so he’s
actually an Android fanboy. Confirmed. So we got the Artifox desk, iMac, the Tomons lamp, this is like
the classic Toy Story lamp. And of course, we got that
comfortable Purple mattress. So we know it’s comfortable but the reason why it’s comfortable is the Smart Grid Technology packed inside. This stuff is actually
jam-packed in the mattress and that’s the reason why it’s so pliable, it’s so squishy, it’s so comfortable and naturally from there, we
had to do some scientific test to jump on it and see how the
Smart Grid Technology held up and I’d say it’s safe to say
it passed with flying colors. (upbeat music) Also what’s kinda cool is this tech is packed inside their
pillows and let me tell you, these are not your average pillows. These are so heavy, but
as heavy as they are, they are equally as comfortable and cool like both sides of the pillow. And that tech applies to the bed, it stays cool throughout
the night which is amazing. It contours to however you wanna sleep so if you’re on your
back, you’re on your side, or the Jeff Goldblum, it’s
gonna have you covered. Now I don’t wanna assume
but this might have been the best night of sleep,
Drew’s ever got in his life. – Confirmed. – So if you wanna be as happy as Drew, if you wanna experience the amazingness that is the Purple mattress,
check out the link below, it’ll change your life. Beyond the bed, we got kind a
little side table over here, this is just chaos, it’s
a bunch of shoe boxes so those are the shoes,
those are the boxes, we got kind of like a guest closet, right? So actually there’s nothing
but iPhone X in here, those are all Drew’s,
he’s just playing the part with the Note 9 right now, I’m kidding. He’s actually using it. And now we should head back downstairs to check out the rest of the spot. So next from there, we got
the Linus Tech Tips kitchen, every studio needs one of those. Behind me, that’s like a limited edition, one of like three TLD posters that was like never made or produced but if you guys want a chance to win one, just drop a like, leave a comment and I will randomly send one out. Next to me, we got today’s sponsor, I’m kidding, Bounty, the
quicker picker upper, that’s the same brand? Behind that is a V-Mount charging station so all these go on the back cameras, we got like four charging at once. Very, very useful and as you start to see, this is kinda more so of the studio set where we got lots of
gear that’s hiding out. We got products that either have been used or are in use in the next
queue as they would say. Too many products to go out. Here we got the Philips
Hue master collection. So I like Hue and we’re always
using them for projects, for videos, for desk setups, and we kinda always have some on hand. Behind me, we got this beautiful, beautiful tall Ikea storage locker? Like in that TLD blue,
this is also where we have way too many products. We’re kinda trying to get it organized so below is headphone
land, we got monitors, we got cables, we got backpacks, we got smartphones, like we got some old, old, old, old phones in here. Like old school. So if we wanna go retro, we kinda try to build the collection. A little messy but we’re getting there. Here, that’s kinda like the boring stuff, power bricks, USB cables,
miscellaneous stuff. As we hop over, we got kinda
again, this is like gear land. We got a six by six frame, C-stands, microphone boom, headphones,
tripods everywhere, sliders, this guy in the wall is actually a Wescott Flex Light so the dream here and
you’ll see in a second, this tall piece right
here is called a FOBA, that’s what we use for
all the top-down shots. Right now we kinda just
use that with a softbox in the middle of the room
which takes up a lot of space so eventually, the dream
is to mount a couple of these Flex Lights against the wall, shot them through like
a six by diffusion grid and then bring that whole
operation right here. That way, we can utilize
the rest of the studio and not take up so much space
in the middle of everything. So showing you how the FOBA
works, it’s really awesome. Say what’s up to Rich monitoring audio but yeah, you could
throw some really heavy camera rigs on this and it’s just gonna really change the way you do top-down. So I don’t know what you would call that, like it’s not pressurized but it’s really, really, really fun. This is one of the old
tables we had initially like back way in the original office. This is a Beadboard which you gotta use to balance light which works amazing. Honestly I wish I knew about
this like way back when. Bouncing light is one of the simplest, most amazing things you can do to get that like soft, beautiful light. Now behind me, we got a Kessler slider which you guys saw in
the original office tour, we use that for all those
crazy parallax shots so this is kinda one
of our most used tools. More stands, we got a desk
for an upcoming video, kinda top secret. This guy right here, I gotta say, it’s like a $99 Amazon special
and it’s not built well but for some reason, I really
love the cheap laminate top. I use it for top-down shots
a lot and it looks cool. So it’s kinda made it into the rotation, I think for the most part,
there’s a lot of space in here that could be utilized better. There’s definitely some echo so with these like tall, tall, ceilings,
especially because they’re metal, it just kinda just echoes
and resonates everywhere. So I’m gonna try to get some sort of like sound dampening up there,
just kinda help fix that echo. So for the last part of the office, you’ve probably seen
this most in the videos. Over on this corner, that’s where I set up for a talking headshot. You’ve probably seen this angle and this is really kinda how
I have everything rigged up. It’s just one simple light, the Aputure 120D Lightdome Softbox, it creates this beautiful
soft diffused light and you can see, I probably look a little under exposed right now but if I get into the soft light, it’s going to look a lot better. I actually used it for one
of Drew’s recent videos, if you guys want to check that out, in addition to the interview, I’ll drop a link to that down below. Drew has never looked prettier. From there, we got some
miscellaneous stuff. This is just like a
cheap colored cardboard that we got from Hobby Lobby
and that’s something I use for top-downs, just kinda
mix up the wood look. This is a foam acoustic sound panel, dampens the sound so ideally,
if we had these everywhere, that’s going to muffle the sound because again, it is
very, very echoey in here. Now this guy right here, I’m
gonna stay under the light, this is intended for like
a TV, it’s a media console but we really just use it for B-roll, for products and more so than anything, that’s where we have
the internet hooked up, and without it, it would
look like a rat’s nest. So last up we got the corner
desk which is Artifox, you guys may have seen a ton of these in the main office tour. I really, really dig the looks of this, it just works very well, it
doesn’t take up a ton of space, that is paired with an
LG UltraFine 5K monitor so it’s kinda dual
purpose, people can set up a laptop here to work or
again, it looks kinda great with the background in the
main talking headshot there. Now I’ve got a ton of questions
on what this chair is, I don’t know the name
but I know it’s from Ikea so I’ll drop a link to this along with everything down below. We got this custom DIY
beautiful little light that JD made from Ikea. Plant, an egg from the test earlier. That Tomons Toy Story
lamp and of course, Ink which is from a VSauce
mystery box a while back. So this kinda always made its
way and snuck in the videos. And that’s kinda the office tour minus the Ikea rug below me. Again, it’s kinda like 1.0,
tons of things I wanna do. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, drop a comment down below. Thank you guys very much for watching. Again, check out Purple, it’ll
change your sleeping life. Link down below, see you guys later.

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