100 thoughts on “The signing of a U.S.-Taliban peace deal would be historic—but might not end the war in Afghanistan

  1. It’s about time!! Only Trump can bring these types of results. He’s shown great restraint; we love the guy. Joe Biden will only extend this garbage. The establishment needs constant war. We elected trump for exactly this type of win.

  2. I feel like once our troops are drawn out they are going to start with their bullshit again.

  3. The Americans in those Two Towers didn't get a chance for their voices to be heard after two hijacked Planes slammed into there place of work while they were making a living to take care of their families and don't forget about Pittsburgh and the Pentagon, and now we are hearing that the enemy wants peace? For how long? Until another member gets pissed off for not being able to be a free man and blames it on Americans? and then what? we start all over again? If your going to clean a bathroom dont sale yourself short by stopping at the toilet finish the Job that the enemy started so that their children can have a chance to grow up in a country without the blind hatred of their elders molding them into Weapons of War for a future attack on Americans and the rest of the World? and if that doesn't convince you go back and watch those men and woman jumping from those Towers and tell me there want be another terrorist attack on American Soil if peace is reached? there will always be fleas on a dog, no matter what, where or how and Guerrilla Warfare can be far worst then Nuclear Warfare, its drawn out and far more personal but sometimes you may have to put the Dog down in order to move foward, not only for the sake and future of your family but also for the future of the enemies family and it will be here in the future of our children's children where peace may finally be acheived without the need of a Pen or Paper just the knowledge of past Wars and what we have all lost and the hope that it can be found again.

  4. In 1989 great soviets withdrawn their troops from Afghanistan and now the world super power USA is withdrawing its troops fighting 19 years longest war after spending trillions of dollars, loosing thousands of american and NATO troops and killing many thousands of Afghani civilians. This proves only one thing which our great leader IMRAN KHAN said when Musharraf decided to side with US on war on terror. He said that WAR IS NOT THE SOLUTION, THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION IN AFGHANISTAN THIS ISSUE CAN BE SOLVED POLITICALLY. and he stood by his statement till now when he is our PM and world saw his words came true. If Pakistan had not decided to join US war on terror and remained neutral. We would not have lost more than 70,000 Pakistani nationals more than 100 billion dollars loss to economy and our troops that were killed by these groups which turned against Pakistan when we sided US. Lastly I will like to Advice US to withdraw troops from Iraq and other Muslim countries as well. As finally you have now realized the you are not Policeman for the world. Spend American Taxpayer money on american's development not on war with zero outcomes and massive killings and loss on both sides

  5. America will give them freedom and weapons. What they will do next? Attac India and China

  6. Well trump did kept his every promise in election campaign and he did made the promise true. Trump for 2020 as he is the one who made his every promise truth

  7. I agree with Asad 4 rows down. Part of the deal is for the Taliban not to engage with terrorist groups. When did the Taliban change into soldiers in the eyes of the Greedy Yanks? No one has voted them in and they have a tendency of killing anyone who isn’t like them. No one in the history of the world as ever conquered Afghanistan nor should they.

  8. Step one of the Trump/Putin plan to get Russia into Afghanistan. Way to go Putin-lover Trump!

  9. Now the whole world will know to never put step on Afghanistan land cause the only way u gonna get out as a loser

  10. Thank you president Trump! I was 10 when this war started. I'm 28 now.. Kids fighting in the goddamn war that werent even alive when it started.

  11. This is such a sad joke. You can't make deals with religious fanatics who dream of a theocratic state. As soon as the last US soldier boards an airplane, the Taliban will go right back to business as usual. It sort of reminds me of Kissinger's deal with the North Vietnamese wherein they promised not to invade South Vietnam if US troops would leave Indo China.

  12. Promises made, promises kept. I hope this takes. We all know it could fail, but it is a HUGE step towards getting out of there.

  13. Sad day for Pakistan's strategic position. Well, the deal isn't done as of yet they still have time to light a fire to keep America in Afganistan and keep getting $$$ in relief package.

  14. وَقُلۡ جَآءَ ٱلۡحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ ٱلۡبَـٰطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ ٱلۡبَـٰطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا
    And proclaim: "The Truth has come, and falsehood has vanished. Surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish."
    اور اعلان کر دو کہ "حق آ گیا اور باطل مٹ گیا، باطل تو مٹنے ہی والا ہے"

    Bani Israel, 81

  15. They hust thing about their selfs an not afghanistan you know what taleben want the girls in afghanistan to do they have to wear bokra and they are not allowed to work at television

  16. Good bye America today on 29 feb 2020. You are no longer power. You surrounded and now good people of america will think about wrong leadership of america which cheated them. And now americans will be free from Jews masters.

  17. 28 well developed country and superpower, with equipment to see behind wall and MOAB Compel to sign peace deal against 1400 centuries old fighter… what a pity…

  18. USA is making Terrorism legitimate through this illegitimate agreement. Shameful…it would bring more mess in South Asia.

  19. We've gone full circle. Almost 20 years later, and it ends in a draw. Taliban remains in power an Afghanistan remains in the dark ages. Should have saved the 5 thousand American lives, bending the knee and kissing the ring right from the start.

  20. kafir hai to shamsheer pe karta hai bharosa momen hay to lard ta hay bay tegh sepahee

  21. Looks like after over 4 decades of bloodshed the area may finally see peace with the US being in charge.

  22. PM IK visionary stateman ,a leader ,who 2001,said that peace talk with tiliban is the only way to peace in Afghanistan. PM IK gets high priase ! Trump gets the credit for seeing PM IK vision , as the only strong USA president to agree that peace talk with tiliban will bring peace for Afghanistan ,thus ,USA can leave after 20 yrs ! The USA news media reporters must report the truth ,instead of white washing the news ! India has been aganist the peace in Afghanistan ,is also, a truth !

  23. Islamic Republic of Pakistan wins against Radical India, US and Europe.
    Master stroke by PM Imran Khan. We have played our ACE card. Long live Taliban – Pakistani alliance
    We defeated Soviets, Hindus and now, Americans.

  24. Hopefully peace will come to afganisthan, & afganisthani brothers will live peacefully like never before love from 🇮🇳

  25. For everyone saying that lost, keep in mind we could have leveled the place with mass bombing. But that would have killed millions of innocent people too. So we fought them in a way that led to a stalemate.

  26. Remember when a pallet load of $250 million in cash (literally a pallet load) went missing? That's the Afghan government. The Taliban will wait until the Americans are gone and then steamroll the government and resume public beheadings.

  27. TrUmP wIlL sTaRt A WoRlD WaR! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 trump doesn’t stop winning!!

  28. ALLAHUAKBAR. US bowing agreement with Taliban in Qatar on 29 Feb 2020 proves that ALLAH Controls and Rules the Universe and not Technology, not USA, Not Russia, Not Europe. Victory of Islam after Defeating Enemies of Islam and Hypocrites comprising Military & Intelligence Agencies of 50 countries with 1 million Soldiers in the War of 220 months (18 years & 4 months) duration. This agreement has laid the foundation of Ghazway Hind. Now again Islam is on the rise for ultimate domination of the World. This agreement is the beginning of the end of Judeo-Christian domination of the World. Any more War and Conspiracies against Islam will result in more defeat for the Enemies of Islam and Hypocrites, Inshallah. lā ilāha illāllāh, muḥammadur rasoolullāh – There is nobody worthy of Worship except Allah, [and] Muhammad is the messenger of Allah) has WON.

  29. Just simply accept it. The US lost this war along with trillions spent to waste. The brits came to afghanistan and went back with their tails between their legs.
    The russians came to afghanistan and went back with their tails between their legs.
    The americans came to afghanistan and are now walking back with their tails between their legs.
    Nato won't survive a second in afghanistan. Even with their advanced weapons they couldn't take on goat herders and farmers with cold war era weapons.
    Nobody wins in Afghanistan except the Taliban and the Afghans.
    Ashraf ghani and his band of goons are next. Their time is up. The taliban will now declare the ghani administration null and void and will take charge of the country and will improve it.
    Never should have messed with afghans in the first place.
    Its known as graveyard of empires for a reason. Since pre-historic time, till today. Nobody won in Afghanistan. They all met their death here.

  30. the Cowboy yankee is a sick stupied man that did not learned from soviet Union which was more powerfull then USA. You can not win you will lose

  31. Ameica with its 45 alies having latest technology lost war against 50k taliban
    Its show wars are fought with passion and commitment
    Taliban change war history at this time 70% area are under Taliban regime

  32. That is enough 😡
    stealing Afghanistan resources
    go back in peace don’t leave ur puppet let Afghanistan people decide who they choose not ur puppet it goes from bad to evil

  33. What is "SO HISTORIC ABOUT" …….. it only saves more lives of US soldiers in Afghanistan if US continue their war there !!! So after fighting for so many years, Americans should be asking their Govt. what benefits it had brought to the Americans or the world?

  34. It's funny how when you Google the word Afghanistan or you look at any of these videos there's two major news organizations that are not covering this in any way shape or form and I think we all know who those two are. President Trump and his administration could cure cancer and MSNBC or CNN wouldn't cover it.

  35. Alexander,bretish empire,USSR failed they all were the superpowers of their time and now US with NATO is leaving just like otheres
    Whatever but this agrement brings peace in afganistan
    And in US too because of stop invading otheres land it is good for amrican public too

  36. OK! OK! we all know the Americans lost the Afgan war! no surprise! But where is BBC on this NEWS

  37. War monger criminal united snake colonizers finally negotiated on peace after killing million innocent Afghan civilians.

  38. Talibans are not tired of fighting USA is exhausted and now begging for no more spanking

  39. Congratulations Taliban U.S. and Pakistan others stockholders
    Peace in Afghanistan

  40. Afghanistan….graveyard of empires….true even in 21st century.

  41. The best part is yet to come. The Americans agreed to withdraw its troops and release 5,000 Taliban prisoners that are prisoners and held by the Afghan government just in exchange for talks !!! Sure the Afghan Government already declared that no release of prisoners will take place before a deal is broken something that is almost impossible…
    By giving everything in exchange just for talks, the US assured that the failure will be complete and absolute.
    The important part is not peace, but the reelection of the American president… And a photo-op with the terrorists is already in the works !!!
    Of course a Nobel Prize would also help the reelection efforts 🙂
    Its beyond comprehension

  42. This is good hope it brings peace to the region. There will be people who might try to sabotage this deal hope cool minds prevail at that time. Due credit should be given to Pakistan for its role in bringing both the parties together. Pakistan has lost close to 80,000/- lives and almost 200 billion dollars lost to the economy. We were involved in a conflict which was never ours and became victims of circumstances. Hope due credit will be given to Pakistan for its role. Also remember our President Of Pakistan then Yahya Khan helped in stopping Vietnam war and facilitated Henry Kissinger’s secret visit to China. Henry flew to Pakistan in an American plane and then went to China in PIA, Pakistan airline. We are partners in peace and hopefully will not involve ourselves in any conflict in the future.

  43. Hahaha peace agreement with terrorists us quotes we don’t negotiate with terrorists. How many people and solders died there and for what reasons

  44. What a waste of 2 trillion dollars (56,000$ per Afghani) and countless lives. The neo-cons and neo-liberal chicken hawks that keep getting us into these wars need to be run out of the country-preferably into a country they have devastated. These same people have been in charge for around the last 50 years and have made our nation less secure instead of more secure. All while making them and their friends richer and richer. We could have just given every Afghani 10,000 dollars and a gun and they would have taken out every last member of the Taliban for us. The people in charge of our foreign policy need to go they act like they have an unlimited credit card and American lives mean nothing to them. Most of them dodged the war in Vietnam but they have no problem sending troops all over the world for missions which they cannot even define.

  45. Never think that we are like Israel who take refuge in USA

    We are Taliban who take refugee in none other than "Allah"

    لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا ٱللَّٰهُ وَأَشْهَدُ أَنَّ مُحَمَّدًا رَسُولُ ٱللَّٰهِ

    There is none worthy of worship but Allah, Muhammad PBUH is the messenger of Allah

  46. US should go back and prepare themselves well, against China and Russia

  47. Let’s All pray for peace
    No more innocent killings
    Killing afghans or American troops it’s huge loss
    Let’s come together and give peace a chance to Make this world peaceful

  48. No one is leaving (or living) calm down keyboarders. Lot of life saving drugs grow here (cash cow). This is just MKT 101 to keep everything the same.

  49. Absolutely disgusted by the lack of understand the Taliban, they are worse than Nazi, would you negotiate with NAZI? They are no one first of! they are few uneducated religious, knowing nothing outside of the world which the Pakistan Gov supports to have control in Afg. It makes me sick to write about this. No one is telling the basic truth.

  50. Looks like a false flag op. President Trump with this slick propaganda can boost his votes like crazy. I think this is in Nebraska. Smh

  51. Hahahaha America loser America lose war against taliban and then America accept I leave Afghanistan first Russia lose and then America lose 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  52. More than a decade, trillions of dollars, tens of thousands of casualties, and finally a surrender deal. Well done American.

  53. More proof that republicans are a joke. Start unnecessary war, waste trillions of dollars, get thousands of soldiers blown up for nothing and now signing a peace treaty with terrorists after accomplishing ….nothing. Morons. But you all keep voting for them.

  54. US should be take lesson by the Afgan Taliban the prime minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan trying to said for last 20 years that war is not solution of any problem only negotiation is best so after 20 years America felt defeated and ready to negotiate.

  55. Wow..as in Vietnam and Iraq, they lost against people wearing slippers, fighting with old guns and without air support..next time instead of spending billions every year just give to soldiers flip-flops and AK-47

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