The Unexplained Murder Of Mobster Bugsy Siegel

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  2. I think I missed something: How are the Aliens not involved in this? Aren't there always Aliens. I feel like we should be capitalizing "Aliens."

  3. I get excited every time I hear the intro to these videos it’s like crack

  4. Yeah, the west coast isn't where organized crime originates because you're too busy pumpin out serial killers!😏

  5. Why the military vet makes sense: if the mob killed him directly, they wouldn't have killed him from the window at night as it was too risky a shot. They would most likely do it with the killer in the back of a car so they wouldn't miss and only use one shot. Taking 9 shots appears a tad bit excessive. The reason why only 4 out of 9 shots actually hit Bugsy could be due to another man, Bugsy's friend and the hotel's inspector, being on the couch next to him. The shooter could have also wanted to kill him as there were bullet holes in his jacket after the shooting. Seems a bit strange given the amount of gunfire, and while I think the killer was definitely not part of the mob, they were most likely hired by someone in the mob.

  6. Sorry pal going to the funeral and going to give a inspiring speech about the time you battered the goat man for the ownership of Shane's bridge.

  7. The body of Elisa Lam, also known by her Cantonese name, Lam Ho Yi, a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, was recovered from a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on February 19, 2013. She had been reported missing at the beginning of the month. This one needs to be done if not done yet.

  8. we have no idea how many murders bugsy himself carried out and they went unsolved lol the iron E

  9. There are so many comments because everyone isn't on fullscreen. On fulscreen you can't type comments

  10. This is just wonderful.
    Here I am, on my bed, covered in blankets, suffering a terrible cold, sipping my lemon tea, whilst listening to 2 guys talking about dying mobsters.

  11. I love Shane already, but to know he’s a fellow Chicagoan born under The Bean 🤤

  12. So I did the math on the 400 slide presentation. Let’s just say it took the man about a minute to go through one slide, the presentation would be 5 hours long. Hope you brought a couple bags of popcorn cause that might be the longest 5 hours of your life

  13. My grandparents recently went to Vegas and while my grandpa playing blackjack, my grandma was sitting with other older women and they said that Vegas was much nicer when the mob was running it.

  14. God, as someone with long family roots in central Illinois hearing Shane go on and on about Chicago makes me roll my eyes.
    Get over yourself Chicago boy

  15. has anyone translated the latin of the newspaper at circa 4:50 ? id be interested in knowing what it means

  16. Back in the day? Lmao California is still ran by the Mob. They're called Leftists.

  17. so… when you're part of the mob and you're dying I guess you have to confess to unsolved murders to cover your pals, huh?

  18. Bugsy Siegel is my best friend’s great grandpa ! But surprisingly she’s nothing like him !

  19. The army guy one seems like more of a possibility than y’all are making it out to be

  20. What if thirty cats is a code word. And syrum is code for alcohol (was this during Prohibition?) or something like that.

  21. "Well, look, I'm not embarrassed to not know much about the Mob." I think that's the best commentary that's been said on this show LOL

  22. I don't think it was McDonald became it stated he fired like 7 time (I think) McDonald would have been a better shot.

  23. Ok, saying that people always had to bring crime over to the west coast is very inaccurate. Most of the more prominent 'gangs' that exist in New York City today originated in L.A. in like the 80s and 90s, so yeah. That's not true.

  24. Lucky Luciano taking becoming head of the mafia: You know I had to do it to em

  25. okay but moe and bee sound like they had a healthier relationship than most people nowadays

  26. I heard another theory that Bugsy Siegel was killed by the mob for incompetence. He was supposedly running their casino operations into the ground.

  27. 9shots to have 4 hit him…. Not an expert unless expert is 44% accuracy with a lightweight, easy to use, .30 carbine semi-automatic

  28. Right as Ryan started talking about not murdering Shane at 7:30 the Universal theme started playing from somewhere else in my house and I thought it was coming from the video and I was like, "what"

  29. This is weird cause my last name is Siegel so when they just say “Siegel” i feel like they are talking about me a little bit

  30. *hears lucky luciano*
    *has a fit trying to figure out where the hell i've heard that before*
    *realizes it's the you know i had to do it to 'em meme*

  31. 10:40
    Ryan: "His time made him a marksman with a 30 caliber carbine"
    shows an 8-shot 30-06 M1 garand

  32. Nothing crime-related ever started on the west coast? Bloods and Crips sound at all familiar to you guys?

  33. “Too distracted by the sunshine”

    Am I wrong or did both the Bloods and the Crips originate in LA? Also Ryan is definitely a murderer and Shane is for sure the demon on his shoulder so gtfoh

  34. Did anyone else think the car speeding off was just a random person who got scared of the gunshots and fucked off out of there?

  35. Not a question but the Russian Mafia used to dump bodies of the bridge in our town into New Melones Lake

  36. I love when Ryan's voiceover voice gets all gravelly on vowels, especially when he says "mob".

  37. Can we just appreciate how much research Ryan does for these cases? That's dedication

  38. Weird that both Bee and Moe knew about each other’s affairs with other people while they were married. Although points for honesty…

  39. i swear the person explaining the video is the same annoying voice from another mystery channel

  40. One thing I don’t see many people talking about is the murder weapon, now it’s said in the video that 9 shots were fired, but if the murder weapon was the famous M1 Garand that would be impossible, since the M1 only has 8 shots, furthermore, the M1’s most famous trait is that of its reload, besides the audible ping that rings once it’s done, the M1 flings our its clip, which means that if the M1 was the murder weapon it would have left the clip on the ground

  41. What west coast never created a criminal organization? So the bloods and crips and ms13 and Mexican mafia doesnt count

  42. They didn't mention inflation regarding the $250k number. In 1947 dollars, that would be just under $2.9 million today.

  43. Uugghh the gun showed was not a 30 caliber carbine, it was a 30 caliber rifle, the m1 garand, the m1 carbine is a different gun

  44. I’m late to the party, but the mafia doesn’t use emotion when hits are called on members. Mob bosses will kill their kids, cousins, uncles etc without any emotion involved. When you’re in the mob you answer to the mob, if they tell you to kill someone you do it, no questions asked.

  45. You showed a M1 Garand as the murder weapon when they were a rifle while you said the gun was a carbine, and also has a 8 round clip even though you said he fired 9 shots

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