The value of fun at work

– Let’s talk about the
value of fun at work. I have seen fun at work get results in as little as three to four months. Hi, I’m Missy Day,
corporate impact expert. You know, it’s important
to a company’s bottom line to increase percentages when
it comes to productivity, and save dollars when it comes to FTE. And I’d like to share, in our department when we implemented Fun Friday, which is just taking
15 minutes every Friday for employee engagement and team building, we saw our productivity
raise from 50% to 85%. Which is a big jump actually, in just a short period of time. What would something like that
mean to your organization? Where you could actually save costs, increase your productivity, and actually save one or two FTE. I’ve seen fun be the
catalyst for other people, organizations, and companies
to realize the success. If you’d like to have ten tips on how fun in the workplace
can change your organization, please visit

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