(Lunar) Funneh! Look at me! I’m so, i’m so ANGRY! (Funneh) You guys, i love working here!(Rainbow) I know! (Funneh) We don’t need to do anything, and Gold still pays us.(Draco) It’s so easy. (Gold) Where is everybody? Do i have to do everything all by myself here? There’s nobody in the Delivery Station! Okay, so I think she’s just oh wait she might see us! lets just duck All right lets troll gold and drop some pizza in her truc lets pull a prank on her. l Who dropped pizza in my truck hi gold we heard you at yelling from the top. We were totally doing work btw You were hiding the whole time how do you expect to get your dream home if you’re not working? Okay, fine assign us to something. I don’t think we’re very good cooks. I mean we lit the kitchen on fire in the last video your jobs easy all you have to do is deliver the Stuff okay, just go on the truck and go deliver the packages Easy . Can’t everyone get on the truck Go like this job is very easy. Okay. Gold. Are you gonna follow us yeah, I’m gonna drive behind you with this Lunar truck okay, you get in the back. Oh, it doesn’t work. You need a car guys I am sorry you have to go grab your own car at the warehouse Okay, gold going into this warehouse with my giant truck What’s wrong with you Draco stuck cannot move gold what do we do to this situation right here? I’m gonna have to ask you oh he went out of the truck. Okay doesn’t matter He broke our trust in a holy truck. Okay. You know what you guys this is very dangerous You could hit somebody with that car well Let’s fill it up with some good supplies all right, so what do we need go tell any manager wild box is a mountain Dew? Okay, how much people are drinking Mountain Dews alright two three four now new coming out guys yeah Let’s just step on all of the What’s what’s a boxes? Oh those are pizza boxes step but a boom but a Bing there? Go you know just step you gotta put it in the back Out of all the toppings now, what is your favorite tell me tell me a lunar sausage? I? you sure that cheese cheese While we are going to load this place up with cheese, but I have one question Can we make a box for it in this game? Because always you know doing your job isn’t that fun, but what happens if you make a box for? Better idea, let’s actually build the box for it in front of my house. Let’s fill This truck up with goods guys come on. I love Dogs do you approve of this That’s pretty fun She approves okay. I think we need more trucks for this. I think you fill your rocks All right, okay, get another truck. This one is pretty full. I’m gonna start driving it out. Okay guys look at this truck It’s so fall. Okay. Let’s go fill it up then. That’s No one saw that okay, let’s just continue to drive all the way over here Oh, that could be my future car, but it’s not my house is right over there We will be stopping by guys to the best box for in history. What are you building to the mailbox? Shh Bruder follow me follow me lunar. We gotta go carefully. I have a problem. I don’t know where my house is We’re gonna just have to go to Luna’s house lunar. I’m stopping by okay. Here’s the truck All the boxes well, we’ve ruined the server good job Let’s start making the box for the guy Let’s drag everything in front of Luna’s house lunar after this your house is gonna be like so cute Everyone’s gonna be like did that girl literally use boxes to decorate your houses. You could be like yes. Yes, I did Beautiful five stars do you think someone else would want this do we troll someone? I feel like we should tell someone yeah Okay, let’s go let’s go Let’s back up our giant shipping truck throw it back into The shipping house fill it up with tons of stuff and let’s go pile it around ah ooh. The house is pink It’s pretty big pretty beautiful I ran over rainbows mailbox rainbow. Don’t yell at me, okay? Oh Yes, of course you didn’t need it. Let’s drive this all the way to the warehouse Actually, let’s drive it to the front of the store Don’t mind me don’t mind me Let’s just derive this and it’s really hard to drive. Okay. I’m my car stuck Fine you created a road block You guys, I’m good. I’m good here look. I’m giving the boxes to all the people there Luna. Go deliver it into the shop All right, could you just Park it in the garage, so we’ll have an easier firm no We’re trying out the box for challenge we just made this up and that pizza letters don’t do this So we are going to place some boxes around the door. Oh I I think it just got done cuz it says stop guys You know we’re actually don’t like them because there’s like a zombie invasion, so we’re like there. Yeah, oh Maybe we should scream. There’s zombies outside. That’d be funny. Okay. I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I’ll do it Luna. What are you doing? Supposed to stay in Look how ridiculous that looks you guys I think all the players gonna start screaming at us That’s it we need to pull it together. We actually have to play this game properly, okay Okay golf you’re a very great manager thank you for letting us have the funnest times of our lives, but it’s time to be all serious, and we have to make a meat pizza come on guys oh Oh, no. Oh, we were doing So in the front right here’s this doll where’s my doll white? The brown one no. It’s the brown one the way, No Yeah Are you still shocked from dissipation? Yeah, I I’m still like your face never changes I’m delivering this white crate into the back. It looks like the suppliers weren’t doing jobs properly well It’s pretty far funny. What isn’t the warehouse? Why these arrows pointing me to go like all the way over there I don’t know dragoo, but we do need dough is that dough oh, no chances Oh, oh, oh, yeah, this dough we have we have three pizzas. We have two dough’s okay Let’s go back to the kitchen and make up pizza. Oh Employee of the day That could be me they’re gold do you think you’ll give it to me since I’m your best friend ever Only if you work super hard and No burning any pizzas. You got to make five five orders, and you get to be employee of the day Are you later ELISA? What are you talking about make sausage sausage? Yeah, what but no cheese is it hey? Decco are you crazy? What does that look like? What’s that looks what’s that look like like not cheese. We are almost out of dough again oops I shouldn’t be stepping on the pizzas gold will you gold stop looking? Is my job manager? Pizza one done, and we throw it in here well done bunny faster. They’re hustlers are getting impatient Gold you need to look at Lunas face. I think she needs us some help she looks Mad with you And now you can’t even take orders, and I mean I’m sorry, but we only serve chili Yeah, chili groans. I hate this place. What funny you like Me I blank we’re overworked. I think we need a party gulps we are over where knock oh, no, I’m I pressed yes, Jocko. Oh my gosh. You guys know you’re not causing any trouble, buddy We who vote kicked you Jacka someone in here here know someone who is gold only gold he’ll do that And let’s deliver all of the pizzas we have this one Another sausage who’s guessing hurry? Hurry, okay, okay? Hurry you go You go you go, dude. I Have some more vomiting now boxes I need to carry this Pizza all the way to be 200 Gold, you don’t want to look out here someone crashed all the cars is that me I think the pizza places in ruins all because of Theirs oh look at all of these trees collapsed around I think that was my fault wait that’s not my fault person on the loose no no no easier than I thought this actually a person where there’s a Student that’s doing everything on purpose oh I got a pop news I gonna stop them a Stop, I’m in the car. Hey stop why I have the car with them rainbow I don’t know. I should probably get out. They look crazy Okay, we need to deliver this pizza to Gold’s house Gold. I didn’t know you’re ordering a pizza. Yeah. Have a pizza gods pizza Gold: WoW This looks delicious. Thank you. funneh: Yeah, we placed it on the ground before whatever Balls I have bad news We are really bad news for you, so I think um You’re not a very good manager as you can see everyone around is being a crazy and that was like stop But they were also the one driving around like a crazy person that was beautiful absolutely beautiful We worked so hard, and I finally built a hundred and ninety dollars with the caption then finally by Myself get ready guys up dream Pizza bed, I’m gonna see this no wait wait Looks like a toy been my dream Pizza, but it’s so squishy in my house. I guess I should have worked harder, but it’s too late now Pizza bed I’m going to slide you right in here There’s at any one if you want to sleep over and here is my gorgeous pizza fest look at it It makes me sleep beautifully. Okay girls. We finished all of our Chrysler. How did we do? Are we hired at the pizza place? Yeah? No you’re fine. Oh? What? Runny someone oh right the place and all the boys go mad I tell you I know we don’t deserve it, but I’m also so Emo so creepy look at this guy well guys It’s a place I know we did mess around I’m sorry that you didn’t get a CSV Pro pizza makers But if you would love to see more make sure to smash the like button down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to join the crew and thank you so much for watching, and we will see you guys all on the next one bye guys ah Because this person is dancing with us we appreciate our dance enjoy the dance party my dude


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