They Were Kids. And Hospital Employees Beat Them

– When you think of Hill
Crest what do you think of? – I think of hell. (dark, ominous music) – Hayden Vice was 14 when he arrived at Hill
Crest Behavioral Health, a psychiatric hospital
in Birmingham, Alabama While he was there, a staff
member tackled and beat him. Some of the incident was captured by internal cameras at Hill Crest. I received leaked footage of the incident. Here’s Hayden walking into the hallway. After a few steps, he
pauses on his crutches. At the other end is a man in scrubs. That’s Isaac Doughty, a
staff member at Hill Crest. He walks towards Hayden
with his finger raised, and then grabs him and
shoves him against the wall. Isaac and another staff member then drag Hayden into
a room with no cameras. About four minutes later,
Hayden walks out of the room. He has blood on his face and on his shirt. He picks up his crutches and
starts to swing them at Isaac. Isaac charges at Hayden and
pulls him back into the room. This time, Hayden is
inside for 33 minutes. What was happening in the room when you were in there for a long time? – He kept on slamming
my foot on the ground. Taking it and slamming it
on the ground like that. – Hill Crest is part of the largest psychiatric hospital chain in America, Universal Health Services, or UHS. The company owns more than
200 mental health facilities, which made about $8 billion
in revenue last year. I’ve been investigating UHS for two years and more than 100 employees have told me how patients are sometimes
held against their will to maximize insurance payments even when they don’t need treatment. – The nurse called and said that they had
took Hayden to the ER. Hayden fell, bumped his head, and had to have stitches. And Hayden said, “No, Mom, I didn’t fall.” He said, “Mama, Isaac beat me.” And I go to Birmingham. When they finally bring Hayden in, my heart dropped, my eyes
teared up, and I started crying. – Photos show Hayden with bruises, scratches, and a gash above his eye. How did you feel afterwards? – Kind of felt like a nobody. It just made me feel like I
didn’t want to live no more. – The incident with Hayden
occurred in April 2015, but Isaac told me he continued
to work at Hill Crest until just a few months ago when he quit to focus on nursing school. I spoke to former teen patients about what their time
at Hill Crest was like. So, after first, when you got
there, what were you thinking? – I’m gonna find some
way to get through this without being too depressed and then about half way through, I’m like, this has eradicated
every ounce of happiness that I’ve ever had. – How did the staff treat you? – Like we were an opposing football team. Like, we hate these guys and we have beat them every way we can. – [Rosalind] Another surveillance
video shows a staff worker tackling an adult patient to the ground. And here’s one where two men
pinned a teenager face down and then dragged her across the floor. Adriana was 16 when
this video was captured. This is how she described the incident. – They’re not allowed to have cameras in your rooms or in your bathrooms and they take advantage of that. – How would they take advantage of it? – I mean, they’d go way
too far with the restraints and to the point where
it’s physical abuse. – And how often are you guys
seeing stuff like that happen? – Oh, this is all the time. – All the time. – Most of the kids that I talked to said they felt over
medicated at Hill Crest. – I went from taking no
pills to taking eight pills. – As soon as got down there, 13 medicines. 13 different medicines they had him on. – I was so doped up on medicine that you wouldn’t even
know I would be alive. I’d be literally walking
around with my eyes shut. – The state of Alabama sends
about 200 foster kids a year to Hill Crest’s adolescence units. – They could not find me a
foster place that would take me because of what was on my
juvenile record at the time and so they had to put me there. My social worker tried to
get me out of Hill Crest a few times and she couldn’t because it took almost two and half years for a doctor to release me. – And I really honestly
think they’re trying to get all the money they can
from the state of Alabama. It was a fight to get
my son out of the place where he was being harmed. – They told me I can’t take him. I said, no, he’s coming home with me or I’m calling the police. I said, get his stuff
ready, I’m taking him home. They said, “You can’t do that.” I said, no, get his stuff
and get it right damn now.

100 thoughts on “They Were Kids. And Hospital Employees Beat Them

  1. I wonder what he did to them to make them so pissed off. Not that what they did was ok at all, what so ever.

  2. I spent less than a week there four years ago as of today. Just four days thank god. I was on a unit of all adolescent girls who were there for suicidal ideation and self harm. all but two of us were open about the fact that we had been sexually assaulted, a few of us were there as a direct result of it including a 15 year old girl who had just been rescued after her grandmother sold her to a 63 year old man. They have a ward for adolescent boys who’ve been given court ordered psych treatment when they were charged with various sexual crimes. their day room was on out hallway. they would stare at us and sneer. the staff would call us sluts, whores, tell us our parents should be ashamed. they would play movies in the hall at night while we were asleep. movies like rise of the planet of the apes and military movies, and they’d crank them up loud because the screaming and gunshots and loud noises sent us all into a panic. they’d yell at us, throw things at us, refuse to let us use the bathroom, make us leave the cafeteria just minutes after sitting down to eat. i was there for four days and i left on three more medications than i came in on. they were giving me a sedative medication three times a day and i was never conscious. they didn’t inform my dad of the med change until two days after it happened- they’re supposed to notify guardians beforehand. i watched girls get dragged down the hallway by their hair. they stole our belongings. the broke us down like it was a game. i still have nightmares about it. four day in. four years ago as of today. i still remember it vividly. i still have nightmares. i’ve been hospitalized three times since and was lucky enough to pick my hospitals. if you’re in alabama and you have e a say, send your kids to UAB or Children’s. I loved UAB the best, they turned me around at a time when i was too traumatized to function, on all the wrong meds, and having a horrendous depressive episode (i’m bipolar). Children’s is a good program too. Never ever ever send your kids or yourself to hill crest if you have a choice.

  3. Nope not my baby dude would've had to catch these hands!!! Bless these babies and I'm sorry that trash did those things to u guys

  4. I've was a patient here years ago for a brief time. It's truly a horrible place.

  5. Torture far worse exists, torture is legal in the United States, but not for patients. Do a story of orphan treatment, jails and prisons. Monsters, real ones even in private schools at one time existed.

  6. I was beat up by like 4 nurses and as soon as we got were everyone was the stopped and made it seem like I was just crazy

  7. CNA here. In some states it is not required for the staff to be certified and sometimes background checks do not get taken. CNA persons make $9/hr generally. Its a 3 month course at around $400. Its a extremely hard job. Its the hardest for little pay job I have ever had. Ive worked in entertainment, hospitality, event marketing, and health care. The whole thing needs to be overhauled and rebuilt. The Baby Boomers are here and now. They will need more and more housing and 24 hour care. The CNA industry is a blot on the work force. They need restabilization.

  8. I've had an experience almost exactly like this at the Watsonville Community Hospital in Watsonville, CA. I was strapped down and tortured for 9 hours straight, they didn't let me use the bathroom or have any food or water. They did this all because of assumptions they made about me.

  9. And to think we have to pay out the ass for this?! Fucking bullshit. I hate this damn country

  10. Why are people letting this happen omg come on is this a joke people nurses actually do this ? Why even work there to me this is trash

  11. WOWS! Shame that they're still open for business! They should be under investigation!

  12. I went to one of these hospitals when I was 8 years old. One day I saw a boy getting slapped by the nurses so when my mom came to visit me I told her about it. When I got back to the day room I got yelled at by a teacher that I needed to mind my own business.

    Also, before I got admitted, my mom stepped out to talk to someone and I was being annoying and someone who worked there said he would beat me with his shoe and then when I told my mom he lied and said that he didn't ever say that. Luckily I didn't get hit though. But that's a horrible thing to say to someone you're supposed to be helping.

    The reason I was there in the first place? Well:

    I was a really happy kid who didn't have any mental health problems. One night after I had a bad day at school or some minor shit, I said I wanted to kill myself. But I didn't. I also joked and put my hands on my mouth pretending to be suffocating. At that age I didn't realize the severity of what I was saying and that suicide was NOT a joke. I would never say something like that now and I understand how seriously that can be taken. But understandably, my mom got really scared because she didn't want me to kill myself so the next morning she and my grandma took me to the hospital. That was too quick if you asked me, they never even talked to me about what I said because I had basically forgotten about it by the morning. Because I didn't want to die. But anyway: we were in the car and they told me where they were taking me and why. I begged them not to but they took me to the emergency room and I was taken to a room. There were no open rooms in the inpatient hospital so later that day I got put in an ambulance and transferred to a hillcrest hospital. Upon arrival, my mom didn't know that she wouldn't get to stay with me but there was no going back. When the staff were asking her questions, they took out of context everything she said about me, and eventually convinced her that admitting me would be the best thing. I was taken to a room with a bunch of other kids. There was a chalkboard where you wrote your name and they ranked your behavior by Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Plastic. I started out on bronze. There was also a really messed up thing where they "ranked your comfort". The worst behaving kid had to sit in a hard school desk for the whole day and the best behaving kid got to sit on a soft couch. Everyone in between had a leather bench to sit on. Also, they never really engaged with you and there wasn't really any actual therapy. They just sat you in front of a tv all day. That night I got taken to my room that I shared with a 7 year old girl, she was pretty cool. I got given medicine right off the bat which I didn't think anything of. But it made me feel unbearably tired and caused me to throw up.

    They were basically just trying to keep every kid here for as long as possible and milking them for money. Luckily, I only stayed there for about 2 weeks but I know that a few kids had been there for months. I went home and continued to go to outpatient appointments for about 2 years, taking medicine that I didn't need. Eventually we just stoppef going to them end fortunately, my mom let me stop taking meds. I felt so much better.

    I don't blame my family at all for putting me there. I understand how worrying it can be if your child states that they want to die. But just my word of advice: actually get to understand why they would say that before putting them in a psych ward. especially if they are a normal, happy kid. Because once they leave one of those prisons, they most likely won't be.

  13. Just what a mentally ill person needs. Abuse. How in God's name did this happen?

  14. I have mental issues and I don’t trust anti-depressants and mental hospitals, I know that sometimes I act radically and psychopath like and how people might not tolerate it. I just want to live and not feel worse than I am, or only have happiness for a short time, I already have momentary happiness.

  15. Humans are Vile creatures. No one deserves to go heaven.And we wonder why God never "anwsers " us.

  16. Healthcare isn't supposed to make a profit. It's an expense. The system will eventually breed this if left unchecked and if the point behind the system isn't actual healthcare.

  17. I myself can say this is true, I've been to a couple of mental hospitals and it's true, we have the right to leave and sign our selves out and we have to be released within 5 hours, but the nurses and technicians ignore us for insurance money, we often want to leave because they really don't help when we are having an episode or have pain, they usually strap us down and give us a shot to put us to sleep and throw us in a freezing room, I've even heard for myself one employee telling the other to look busy because the head DR was coming in, I've filled out many complaints, cause we are not crazy we just have episodes once and again and like I said, we are denied help when we feel one coming on,my friend was denied socks cause the nurses had all ignored him saying oh just tell him yes" he's crazy he's not aware if he's wearing any socks, I gave him a pair of mine and told the nurses that I was going to call home and tell my partner to call in and tell the head Dr how we were being treated, I pointed to the camera and told them that I'd tell them to review the cameras if my call was denied!!

  18. This right here is why I will never go for inpatient treatment for my mental health. I know way too many people personally not just online that have had experiences like this. I mean seriously I want to get help, not make my mental health deteriorate even more.

  19. What disturbs me more is that the vids had to be leaked in order for the truth to be shown…

  20. So much for Black Communities obsession with forcing "diversity" down the throats of every citizen and organization.

  21. What was the root of this particular problem? Why is this culture allowed to continue??? What kind of initial and routine training does the staff go through? I can ask a hundred more questions.

  22. How awful and sick for these individuals to abuse these CHILDREN, by misusing their position as caregivers. This is so not RIGHT for what these CHILDREN, Adults had to ENDURE !!!! Why are none of these people arrested and this company SHUT DOWN??????
    And Why? at 00.16 of the video there's a red/black poster picture with NWO- New World Order written on bottom of the frame as this young man is standing in front of it in the room? Is this mocking the tragedies of these children? Father Most High Father Yaweah Please keep these children in sound mind, protection and guidance over them please Family in YASHUAH' s mighty name Amen

  23. When you're physically abused, you must remember, you're not cattle. You must use everything at your disposal to defend yourself. Fight back hard

  24. They Were Kids. And Hospital Employees Beat Them
    It's very hard to talk about these horrible things when I'm looking at a man pretending to be a woman, It's just really tough to focus on what your saying when you look like a freak' Did you not know that Jesus Loved you just the way he created you and you went and broke his rules to suit yourself and you can pray this away for it it a life time it's not like asking for forgiveness for something and never doing it again' Now you are up there with all the other Abominations in Hollywood' sports' tv shows' The Trans AGENDA is going to send you straight to hell' God allows for people that are deformed, But not those that deform

    Themselves' into satan's little androgynous Baphomets' You make me sick

  25. I worked at a UHS facility in Florida and they are so unethical. It Why left. My place didn't have this violence but had the insurance fraud.

  26. Before I came to know the lord I was there for 2 weeks, extremely abusive and racist and I never got any physical abuse but it was hell on earth

  27. As a nurse this makes me furious!! I hope that animal is NOT A NURSE and was sued and jailed!! This is disgusting and these families need to take Alabama to court on a class action suit!!

  28. I've been diagnosed with depression and everytime I confess to something my family calls it complete bullshit. They said if I keep this up then I'm coming here, and now I don't even know what to do at this point.

  29. Need to investigate mountain view hospital in Gadsden Alabama

  30. You never know what they screaming to eachothers! But fight is wrong nurse male agressivity!

  31. Nursing school I like to see that prick in a dress,,,
    Toughty black man,,always big black people,very big

  32. i was just discharged from hill crest and when i tell you that these people do not give a shit about there jobs and they seem to hire who ever. i am covered in bruises and they’ve been on my for a week because a nurse couldn’t find my vein and just shoved a needle in. the walls are disgusting and they rarely clean. they don’t give meds like they’re supposed to they don’t give the needed treatment period

  33. sometimes u can catch the smartest people in mental hospitals I used a flying kick on a staff member jajaja

  34. i am glad that the mental hospital i went to were not like this. In Fayetteville, Vantage Point and Springwoods are very good places. Only physical contact was when you were hurt, they were protecting you or restraining you.

  35. This is a very common occurrence. When i was forcefully put in the psych as a teen i was starved, beaten, raped and isolated. This happens in all of them. I was in too many. I will never ovecome the damage done but i will fight it

  36. Black on white crime is what went on in Birmingham AL! The racists say "Alabama is racist"… yes, it's the Black on White crime!

  37. This shit is edited. You dont show what the patient did to cause this .

  38. I just recently got out of Minneapolis hospital for bipolar mania. I was out on new medications and was retrained to bruising and tore out my own IV's.. I was in there for 15 days, 7 days in the ICU. the rest in the mental ward/ Fortunately, the nurses were nice to me when I finally remembered who I was, but before that I felt like a doll that they played with.  I couldn't stand without the help of 2 nurses, I had a nice looking room and was helped with everything to my recovery. Fortunately not all mental wards are as horrendous as these…If not for the niceness of the nurses, I'd be dead right now.

  39. Wow!! You hospital staff must me so bored in your jobs! Have to assault someone because you're so fucking bored. Don't let me end up in any of your mental hospitals… lay a hand on me and you will end up with a bloody nose.

  40. This shit still happens, Im a survivor of hospital abuse.

  41. They have contracts with the State of Michigan (State) and with the Prison system to keep their beds full, it's an Industrial complex like the Prison or any other and a money making complex for sure. I have been the victim of and SEEN awful abuses of all aid agencies like this or places like AFC or retired home facilites. Especially large ones or chains, they are abusive they don't care about the patients its about the money they provide and especially poor black guards and orderlies because they lack training and education and often come from unregulated environments or operate in them, arre quite abusive, young and old.

  42. Yeah, and all the departments and courts, the DHS and courts, law social workers they all stick together and ignore patient health, They don't care at all, I saw elederly neglect and abuse, I saw self urination and falling repeatedly, breaking hips I saw all kinds of shit. That I REPORTED TO PROTECTIVE SERVICES. They WILL ONLY COVER THEIR ASSES if they can BE SUED, otherwise they sweep it under the rug or they will overmedicate the patients even the elederly to ensure they are in a stupor and passive, so they are easy to handle.

  43. They aren't isolated they are the norm.

    I asked once in a psyche appeal before court, in 10 years how many patients were sent home that fought a psyche petition?

    I had my lawyer research it, know how many? NOT ONE IN OVER TEN YEARS.

    The Judges are complicit and the doctors LIE and seek to actively entrap their patients, the longer they stay, the more insurance and money they are paid. It's NORMAL for them to amp and exxagerate claims, in fact it's POLICY-it's a racket and its horribly abusive, I had illegal nude searches several times, they purposefully antagonized me, lied outrightly and exaggerated my behavior-

    -they said that taking 2 bags of chips to my room was considered abusive self harm, and this from a nurse who had had bariatric surgery-for example they also refused me food as a diabetic claiming then I refused to eat, they said and DID anything they could, they played little head games with you and abused their authority all the time and everyone is complicit it was the norm.

    I was forced to take medications I was severely allergic to and the Judge ordered it and backed hospital employees regardless-they are all in the same racket. They exaggerated any behavior they could make an argument of psychosis, they yelled at patients and said demeaning things, they let the elderly sit in their own defecation and urine without showering them, left them naked with the door open for everyone to see, they'd fall and they'd leave them on the floor-if you complain they threaten you or threaten to put you in isolation, they have a tremendous amount of power and you have NONE no rights, there is a civil rights recipient but they ignore you and back the other staff.

    I've had civil rights violated, I was threatened to be put in isolation with restraints for refusing an injection which legally they could not force without a court order or warrant, on an all male felon floor after I was brutally sexually assaulted, they accused me of hallucinating a sexual assault and rape, which I did not, and I have NEVER heard of that behaviro before, if someone makes an allegation of sexual assualt, it has to be taken seriously, not used as a pretense for psychosis, (in the 17th century maybe?)

    that's also when they insisted on a nude inspection in my shower, I had males checking on me in my room and they can come in while you are naked no problem, and I did nothing to deserve it, I asked repeatedly for female staff only in my room during dress and showers, they didnlt care. There were perverts there that would force you in a small room while forcing you to wear a paper robe that was completely open in the back with no ties and was see through and vert short. You have no idea. They are a racket. It is like a prison with abuses no different.

  44. how did you get ahold of this footage. excellent exposing this. I pray they are brought to justice!

  45. I want to know why these kids were foster kids to begin with. Let’s start with that messed up situation. A lot of these kids are doomed from birth because of selfish people being irresponsible and wanting to have their fun without a care in the world except for themselves. It is rampant today more than ever. How many times I hear mom’s cursing at their kids and giving commands like they are dogs, it’s ridiculous. Of course the company and employees need to be held accountable for their heinous actions, but a lot of these parents failed their kids in the first place or the kids wouldn’t be in these facilities to begin with. It makes me sick.

  46. If it’s like this they should be shut down what the actual fuck

    This place is to make you feel better not worse. Why the fuck would you punch a kid and beat them up for no reason. I’m extremely PISSED OFF

  47. If I saw that man then I will kill the living shit out him tell he’s knock out

  48. Back in the mid 1985 in Louisiana South East state hospital in Mandeville. They experimenting on juvenile patients. Louisiana does the same to their foster children.

  49. I thought their purpose was to cure depression and other illnesses, not to make it so crippling people want to die even more :/

  50. Lord surrender them ALL TO THEIR GRAVE IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE🙏⚡⚡⚡⚡💀😠🚀😒

  51. I was a patient there. I remember Bernie. My girlfriend was haley crimeans. My name is Channing Booth. They used me as a lab rat. I was in long term unit. My girlfriend was in c team

  52. I've never been to a mental hospital but I can tell that they are very abusive and that is not ok.

  53. I know I need to do more research on this topic, but a broad question I'd like to ask is: Why would you want to send your loved one to a place like this? Locking them up like they are some misfit animals who needed to be re-programmed or something? Drugging them up and making them zombie-like beings. That's disgusting and I'm sad him, any many unreported others, have to go through this. Evil principalities working through high organizations such as health.

  54. They are supposed to feel safe here!! This is child abuse!! Unacceptable behaviour!! Hayden was in crutches!! That's so stupid! I am annoyed!

  55. i went to the same place never again am i going and i heard the story but never seen the video till today

  56. I do recall countless facility's like this drugging me and screwing with my mind, I used to be great a math (9th) now I can only do 3rd grade. They did shit to me, that I don't remember.

  57. Fire all the charge staff. Next sew company. And the bull doze all UHS the buildings.

  58. I was a patient at Hillcrest in Birmingham Alabama. The boss was named Bernie . They used us as lab rats. I saw the staff do these things

  59. When you watch so many videos about this kind of violence in hospitals, you can be sure that there is something really dark, frightening, violent and twisted happen behind closed doors. Plus, I don't really know why those people focus always their attention on children or teenagers. I find this extremely bizarre, and really suspicious if you ask me.

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