This Empire at War mod gave Luke a CAPITAL SHIP?!

All right, Finn is in an e wing Read to Luke Calamari cruisers so after ray renamed herself to Skywalker Like I’ll share a name with her fuck that kylo go there maybe check out body sounds shit He’s got a star fighter squadron with the Sith interceptor at the front, this is a no Yeah, like you know how the net mean every wannabe is pretty cool what ahead for them to go there for Fuck I’m doing if I’m on it. I’m like sir. Should we make it into a PNG? No, the JPEG with a white background He looks like Tron from Tron free shrine from oh Wait, oh these are bombs doing here. Yeah, these are Does this help this is how babby is formed? Well, this looks like a bunch of sperm every wait up Why is that? How is babby formed he’s playing? man, I can build a ginger man from the film the ginger man from the film which was eating missiles that are doing damage to every fucking this game doesn’t My name is Stephen Hawking And I have combed 47 times the science Population human Annihilated Does that voice show you my donation message on X channel court, that’s just rude. Does that voice? Hey you got Dana to fall in love with you No, I think that’s the first time Oh, I’m POE Poe Dameron cancel this X way Yes, I’m gonna get Finn Again Starkiller base. All right, I like where this is going Oh God, yo, dude. Mod is the Charlie of eaw montsum Hmm. Thanks. Not sure what the pretend are donation Yoda and mod is the Charlie IV aw mods. That is correct. I Built that for you thanks. I was too busy with the chat interactions, you know, yeah Punch it I like of it that You can you hear him screeching or is that just no, I Can’t hear I think that’s just for you. All right. Finn is in an e wing I love how PO Like they they use sound effects from the movie but like not even a good copy of the movie like not even like a DVD Release like they use it from like a camera It’s pronounced camera I can fly anything. I don’t even know if PO said that probably maybe when they’re escaping Got this guy know what the goods alright? Oh, yeah. He’s only bloody kylo Ren a knee Can you upgrade Corey you can build walk further. Yes, by the way. Oh, right They already gotten story bliss. And yeah, I was wondering that I’m impressed I’ll upgrade the station Danny you might hear some right Skywalker spoilers, so Should I make the Nebulon Widowmaker the nebula Moreno Is the Widowmaker the one from last chat I Think so I’ll get the remainder you can get Widowmaker, okay? I’m pretty sure one. Okay, I’ll get what I make a sure pretty sure. One of them is completely insane Only way never fucking upgrade. Kylo go there may check that out Goti sounds shit My god Alright, okay, so the icon is not in any way accurate for no. I know it’s the for It’s the Nebulon force Where is it? top middle Yeah, yeah, yeah nice car those I’m gonna go this is a No Yeah, like you know how the nebula be is pretty cool I’ll tend for them to go there for Like a lot of the expanded nebula designs we got but I’m pretty sure mine is aligned a model and texture style is Okay, why would I ever make one mine? They’re the same price, but mine only has two things Sort of for know your says don’t know that’s just – yeah Yeah, the fuck it looked like one of the struts was a another one like Oh run it is the same thing 30 Mm. How close is our upgrade quarry? It is at 96 guys. I’m just gonna rush the next level because I’m get to these I’m pretty sure Princess Leia has a vacant Wedge antilles. Oh Michael what the fuck is that? Where’s my column and oh, sorry Corey’s getting sorry, what does suit Lise – what is it? Kylo Ren flying? Okay, he’s he’s forming star destroyers. I know he’s gonna He’s got a star fighter squadron with the sith interceptor at the front which to be fair does look kind of like you know something I Don’t know why he doesn’t have finalizar. You can get – don’t worry I’m Poe Dameron. Alright wedge antilles, which of course he is famous for flying the MC 30 C For the day and Lando has a The same one you had we don’t make her gonna Pay 200 less credits to get two more strikes Keith says if I wanted to join your team to talk on a Mac, how’d I do that? You mean the voice chat? Unfortunately, we got to kind of limit that or else it gets a little crazy But if you just mean to watch the stream, just same way it is on PC You’ve done I’m /x – social life. Thanks the donation We also got a donation From I don’t know. Let’s say Bill. Whoa. We got a donation from Bilbo on PayPal so thank you very much, dude. Oh, yeah. Sorry, it’s hard to keep track of the donations Yeah, when there’s lots of strategy to be happy. Yeah Fuck I’m doing if I’m on it. I’m like Corey and I like we’re we clearly Was right Nate. Sorry, go ahead Zuri doesn’t have any kind of new mall or anything and She had to be added so fast that it looks like he just didn’t bother doing the Alpha Channel on the icon. Oh Yeah They like she sir should we make it into a PNG no of JPEG with a white background That wouldn’t be pretty epic Rodon think it really the one dollar donation much. Appreciate ya leg spike when I dragged this This shipping as well. Yeah, please don’t do that. That’s gonna cause a crash Well, I thought it would be something epic Although I do like it, but just a tiny thing As I say the fact that you’re dragging ships that make the game lag does have me excited It was nothing But not to me. What is this? Victory destroyer mark 3 yeah So that what’s it called has that as well the New Jedi Order mod, but they call it a chess one All right. What does Luke Skywalker’s go? I’m gonna buy the next upgrade and Dec read It Luke Luke calamari Cruiser is that So after ray renamed herself to Skywalker like I share name with her like that I Imagine Luke like I haven’t seen anyone here in a long time. What’s your name Luke? Luke what it looks All right, I got a rejuvenator I’m gonna rejuvenate our chances in this game Less than me I have 15,000 are you guys are fucked then we might need to bump that up for an extra. Yeah. Oh My god Because I forgot to upgrade the asteroids. Oops All right. Okay, so we got to bump up the human the human plate. Oh, wait, do you see the stair fortress? It’s so fucking funny Wait till we see what the star fortress Is that we you said your building? Yeah. Yeah Oh What the fuck but the star fortress is still building in the background. Oh my fucking god. What? Is this Matt? Oh My god that pole line is just I’m POE Poe Dameron yelling in the middle of a can yeah. What is this nebula? Looks terrifying the nebula looks scary Keith says plays the umpiring at the Imperium ultra Star Destroyer. I wouldn’t even be surprised Thank you for the donation buddy The ultra Star Destroyer you completed the mission. Well, there’s two back there. Hey, Corey Oh Okay boat oh my god, why is he screaming at me? Fuck this guy. I’m sending him to die. I Love how defended these rear asteroids are they’ve got a 12 defense stations around them All right, Charlie if you could be a bro and just kill PO for me Which PO you mean you mean PO Johnson or PO Space stations are kind of cool. Okay, I’m gonna build up everything in the middle here a Breed has been okay. I’ll get the next one. I don’t quite enough money. I’m building every defense satellite I can in the middle cuz I guarantee that that’s that’s talked to your stress. Yeah, cuz I guarantee this thing can make YouTube classes Ships if we upgrade it enough. So what is a YouTube class ship? I’m glad you asked they’re the most dominant vessels in Star Wars Yoda in lore They’re basically unbeatable, I had one YouTube class ship alone just decimate my mega star destroyer last time I played this What does a YouTube class ship look like? Basically exactly like you’d expect it to also can you upgrade? I got no money. I Upgrade Okay, I can do it no I got can you upgrade their minds? Yep. Oh Yeah, edge grab finish building the rest of these at defenses here I’ve only got ten so far No, that’s Top priority who the fuck is this guy Wow? Carians That’s not what the carrying spike. Looks like. He called Charlie a rancid little fuck actually Frances little fraud Charlie you are a rancid little frog Oh frog Someone message me on discord last Yeah yesterday. I think that was yesterday We might have been today, but with the know it would have been this isn’t the important part of story with. Uh, They took the scene and revenge’ That’s it that I performed it. I saw Sorry, whatever I thought it might’ve been before you got here today anyway and Just put Bill Clinton and Kermit’s faces over Palpatine and Anakin and it was fantastic this brought everything to another level I think Charlie’s getting an animes up in the middle. Yeah, yeah That’s why I’ve been done 60 minutes living and defending it so hard because that’s where we get our YouTube class starships But someone’s here and these defense satellites actually in fact to literally nothing so And they’ve kept yours Star Wars legends character that got cloned would be called Corey or Korea or Caray. I Don’t know Corey Liu What on earth is this shit why it’s like a green fucking ship It’s not easy Good timing Since when did my a I get that much There’s no there’s no even footing in no middle ground to be happy look at this green ship I don’t know what of these where’s the green ship? I’ll put it into the Sun dropped into the center. Oh It’s uh It’s a pirate goes on T. Type. I think a sea rock. Yeah, see wrong Fucking clue and it fucked our base No, they’d captured it a while. Yeah Okay, fuck their base Can you share that video? uh Thanks from I don’t think I can the person who made a set it to private so I don’t yeah If it’s on their channel, I don’t want that. We’re don’t worry. We’re getting an animation made. Oh Yeah, yeah Don’t you worry? I’ve actually already spoken to true front about it. He started it just like no not yet. Like just a very short animatic like That was you that did the kurma thoughts do that for the rest of this tree I Feel like my career is just gonna become that Thanks for the 400 views rate. Why you guys watch this but not use our home stuff Froze at 2:23 for me on your end so nice. It’s 2:45 here He’s like, he looks like Tron from Tron free Tron from I’m bow-bow, Dameron Like how the mod is just supposed to be like a massive ships fighting each other But it’s its key to the strategic integrity of the game that ships not be allowed to jump in anywhere near anything happen Yeah, and I also love how they limit you to a 30 build cap Not gonna build this ship anymore cuz it’s I’m just not building anything I’m saving. Oh my god. Yeah. I’m saving up for that Yeah, we should see if there’s just one ship in particular that crashes the game maybe No, seriously, it could happen. Oh My god, so next time I crashes pay attention and see what you did I Don’t I don’t know that I’m ever gonna be able to pay attention to see what it did anymore in my life Yeah, these satellites really do nothing Dino Oh Well, they took out the Poe Dameron they took out the shield on your pirate Cruiser Satellite around the fucking asteroids I’m gonna build a star fortress and should I build the Luke calamari? Cuz I’m oh, let’s just build like ten star fortresses, I think I’m building them. This is this is better not disappointing This Star Destroyer inkay free and why is this like spinning on it? Alright I got Daenerys okay, this is a Quarry, can we rendezvous our star fortresses right over? I mean they’re starved for scissors right here. Oh my god Funny what is that particle? Okay the bomb, okay That’s a hideous model it’s literally an upscale or not the ORAC the gala yeah Alright Way to 500 I told the chat if we get to 600 years to it, I’ll buy Charlie a new toaster Oh wait, these are bombs going here. Is that what that supposed? Yeah, these are Is this how is how babby is formed? Okay, I’m gonna get a drink after this fuck sakes yeah When do I get my ultimate Star Destroyer what are all these bombs like Jesus? Well, it’s clearly just their ups up size and missiles. I’m aiming for the shields bombing run begun Use the barrage ability. Yeah. Oh, okay. Cool You like attacking? Wait, is that oh my god, that’s your shit. I Swear to God if this is the most viewed stream I’ve ever had a little berry upset with myself Okay shield generators top Nothing’s happening just like in the last Jedi it’s just like in the movies well, this looks like a bunch of sperm every So I said how is babby form? Oh Dude, we should get their shield generator down to 46. What do you mean? We’re not doing anything. Okay, I I Underestimated when they were oh my god, we don’t want to end the game yet because we still haven’t gotten it. I know Yeah, please please. I’m at 65% on the last Yeah Yeah. Oh my god Luke’s okay if you thought that like Luke’s our sorry Pose line was bad and echoey Luke’s is like that but recorded again, it’s like somebody called you put the speaker up next to the phone There next to the computer speakers and then you recorded that that’s what Luke sounds like. Oh My god, I can’t if I was getting fucked that’s no this guy is named wanton 10d, which I think is uh, You just want some chicken Stream really appreciate it. What’s that big purple ship in the middle? I Love how Charlie’s rating our asteroids as if that’s Well, I mean not Wales for I’ve got a hundred thousand credits I don’t build I’m just waiting for the next tech level to see what we can get Amelia kind of exciting. Oh My fucking god I got so much shit And remember everyone you can see both sides of this nonsense action by watching both streams simultaneously Oh, by the way, Luke. Luke can actually build asteroid facilities Of course he can why wouldn’t he be? I can build a ginger man from the film the ginger man from the film which one The spy the spy he says I spy. Oh Okay, I’m gonna get a hold Oh What does holdover have Probably like a superstar destroy Cheeto Akbar. Okay. I’m getting hold o an act. I’m gonna get I’m gonna get a rake calamari Cruiser of course. Oh shit She just followed the Ray Ray calamari Cruiser. Don’t worry. I’m gonna drop a battle platform right here Of course more heroes for more build space Just in case. Yeah, there’s definitely more. Oh All right. So so what we’re looking at here this is this weapons platform is actually a model They just took from the sins of a solar engine. Yeah, I was gonna say isn’t this like what? Like a Tsar what cool though? Yeah. All right. Ray calamari Cruiser. Okay. Just do them slowly maneuver. I can’t drag anymore in Holder with the bike out. Oh my god. What is that instead bike hunters that the Rattus that’s if I can It’s just a tiny one. It’s dead already. You’re sure you’re big boys ships dead already Oh for fucks sakes Just eating missiles that are doing damage to every fucking cars game does Let’s see the real the real ray calamari cruiser was the friends we made along the way Sorry heck are you still in the game? You can take a charge ID quit, sorry Guys we’re nearly we’re nearly getting to 600 There’s a name, I don’t want to show oh wait till you have Okay I Hang on. I’m just loading up the mod again. Come on. Try final wars. That one sounds pretty cool final wars There’s like eros for what each faction can build Yeah, or is it just the same? Yeah, it’s it’s different stuff on every Thank you, hold on Faction Oh to all planets, of course. Let’s see. I’m gonna play on are you seeing are you starting a game? Charlie’s biggest famine $5 donation. Hey Charlie. Can I show you my lego Starfighter? Absolutely mate send it over Right Charlie and just okay what it’s mark joining? No, it’s just it keeps defaulting to that name for some reason. Yeah Why here we go we’re going in wait Yeah, can you do a goofy voice Yahoo, what’s it no, I can t just Imio Stephen Hawking no Charlie that’s it’s weird My name is Stephen Hawking And I have combed 47 times Oh Resistances Are these supposed to be the size tunes? He’s this Was actually kind of epic guys you know like Lando is leading Anna we got This is basically they get that whole fleet back and then me and Charlie got it Doing other stuff ok I’ll leave the battle who’s read who’s read and he already owned the the asteroid You automatically own it, okay, I’ll build it. All right. I know it’s a pirate station You just you just own it by being proximate to it. Okay ray calamari Cruiser Luke Master Skywalker you know what Charlie III think you’re being rude to the I’m gonna on ironically say this is a better space battle than what we got an episode No All right, I’m gonna drop my mediator. Oh my god, they are properly scale existence Don’t build hold up by the way guys remember yeah Don’t build what sorry hold up. Oh, I guess the super laser works then I Don’t know why they didn’t give general pride the purple With the also improperly cutout icon I’m gonna try to get this the hut station. Oh my god, I can build the errand venture from Leia’s Mediator the Leia home one SSD it’s called. Is it the base gay – team huddle? Yes, I think so. I can build Finn I Mean, yeah, I don’t know if it’s gonna help For some reason Leia can build booster Taric. Oh my god, we can build mandator destructor. Hold on Mandated destructor. Yes I think it’s a mandator with a super laser. Oh I should should I build the okay. So slice build the MC 104 super Krewe Maybe we don’t play that map. Yeah, like a good new map. It’s gonna be chefs kiss. Okay chef I believe in you you gotta aid me through this. I Don’t know what the hell I’m doing Can we get Charlie to say a hit of rancid little egg Charlie say that What’s what we just say? Hey, just like what? Yeah sure. I ate a ranted little egg I ate a rant little egg All right, welcome to egg hunts letter O Is the Empire this these three teams so it’s your three player maps I didn’t realize Let’s do Republic versus C is I don’t see how that could be anything other than what we’re expecting Okay, so let’s do Charlie the AI team to me and Corey team one Okay. All right. I can’t tell if you guys change it because just doesn’t show it. I I tried to and it doesn’t show properly Rebellion now. Okay, I’m good. No rebellion. Team one. I Click team two and then it changed me to team one. Yeah you show us team to yet change your faction What faction empire? Yeah Empire team to? All right, and now I’ve got it, correct. Yeah. All right, we can’t see Probably there’s some team one Are you serious? Yeah, I click team two and it changed me to team one. I guess We can hit 250 viewers then I’m gonna convert the channel It’s the three of us versus the air I think is it It showed up this way before because he’s Empire still. Oh, yeah, you’re right We can build Yoda, but it’s oh gee areata and I don’t see any upgrades Class well, I think we need to get some of the heroes off the Patriot mace Windu. Okay mace windu mandator. I Buy that not gonna lie I can Boba Fett’s called slave Captain so very well. The ships called slave one, but reply Avenger We have six different vendor heroes I’m Paul. Yeah, I don’t know what I want to do. I’ll just save us some time Dooku Justice Count Dooku predicted Dooku knew the horrors of the oncoming war the upcoming war You guys don’t even know where all the best ships are in this game why is the why with famous size of the vendor Wait, really? Almost like looking. Oh shit. Yeah And I realized that it’s slightly closer to the camera but still but yeah, this is not a father Ted situation This is just what father Ted situation we should have watched farmer Ted together Pretty much Atari already With the $5 donation Would you guys ever do a Battlefront 2005 stream probably that we are we have before This I did this and we’re doing Marty, but I know Rampaging Rider with a hundred and thirty dollar donation Shazam boy once I got the mod and I’m checking out It’s interesting to say me. Well, I think I’m having a stroke Coria you see that we have the tarifold pray tour destroy her I did now Oh Like weird sounds keep playing when I click people Can you ask a queer the name a car’s ladder came from I believe that’s actually a video that Cars ladder, it doesn’t come from anything. That was just made up Called. Whoa eckhart, you didn’t make up and ladders. You didn’t make up or did I? Know you didn’t it hearing there’s carrots about how its profile pictures so small Build it so we can see profile picture. It’s kind no Facebook friends, and it’s really quite sad Right, uh, they build fast I know some of them cake All right, I have 36 vendors in the middle of the map right now. Okay. I’m gonna call them the tarifold class praetor Okay, here we go. This is a Oh, I think this is emoji eyes precursor model. Yeah Bakara precursor All right, I found is a tog thing. Not a praetor Uh, oh Kelsey just texted me and said some come do something with this cat So I’m probably about to go upstairs and get the cat Sounds like a good idea. We made our way through any heroes here or what like Right. Okay. Watch watch my heroes. Look. Look how small her profile picture is Hang on. I’m trying to drop it How far do I need to be out the nebula? Then mind I’ll just build it here So small what it’s a souca can it fly, why does it sound like she’s in a meat grinder? All right, I gotta go Oh make sure Cory you check all your units to see if they can build something That’s a good point. I’m gonna go get the calorie book. I can build a I can build a saddle I can build a hub a Remote sensor pod. All right Commander Cody can just build my entire space roster Uh, that’s fair. That’s It’s what you expect Thank you again for rampaging Rhino for that amazing donation. Very very lovely. Thank you Oh My god, I don’t understand any of this. Let me so I’m I’ve built a pod to stay I don’t know how the fuck I’ve built it Where did it go? I’ve got it here. I can just drop it Oh, oh my god. That was amazing Fuck is that them? What can I build there? How do I build it? The options gone I had the options now, they’re all gone Explain it Commander Wolffe Star Destroyer This I’m not even all the shock value is starting to wear off Oh my god, I can build asteroids and just plug them down You knew this already? No, I just assume you can do everything. Yeah, I can my sturgeon of interest is that oh I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all Look now I’ve built an asteroid All right, Captain Rex is really just getting erect Commander Wolffe started for sure. Okay. So it’s a republic Star Destroyer which fits because we’re playing the Republic so If you if you build wool you get a republic Star Destroyer Okay, you can build older public stuff Zenith Cruiser Sometimes you can build inform sometimes your heroes can build entirely new space stations and then they themselves will have new tech trees I Can build unlimited asteroids Tarfful is just going for it. Yeah, I’m building the mace windu class mandator Darth duck, welcome from Xtreme to quarry strange. We’re gonna see all Yoda and body or Santa Clara obviously almost all seas Like now you destroyed my thing Okay, watch it. Look at my space station. Mm-hmm, right? We’re I’m nearly done building this thing What’s your satellite appear out of nowhere watch look next to your big ship. Mm-hmm. Now it’s there You see it? No, yeah The laser there. Yeah, you should be able to see it. Yep. Just popped up. Wait, where are low goes small now? Because they didn’t rescale their icons when they made them And also the mandator one of the hard points isn’t targetable. It’s up in the top left corner if you hover over it Oh really? So it’s invincible. Uh and you lead to how much I think and kill it the same way that Whole dough was able to die from three shots same with the mediator Well, wait, let me build another round asteroid right you watch sin. No please No Don’t look build another asteroid in our works We mean I’ve never seen this before it’s blowing my fucking mind a bottom. I’m building count dooku for the third time Why are you ruining my fun? Fun is wrong If he Odin’s wrong, I don’t want to be right I Kind of not gonna like I like this design of the Republic interdictor. It’s kind of cool At the Republic what it’s like a republic interdictor up here. It’s not like the design they oh, yeah, let’s go get him Duke While all the heroes deep-fried, um, it’s like a recording that someone made I’m like a calculator of like a of like a screener or mean of a cam version of the film Look, I got this guy that look. Oh, these are the sound designers a guy named, Texas Instruments I’m sure Texas Instruments could do a phenomenal job What is this model that over a thing is in It looks like some 2006 shit I’ve lost And history no, he’s still going we’re so going he just Pull my side he was away from my toaster Yeah, actually on my own were 20 viewers if we get to 600 viewers, I’m buying Charlie. I totally Want to try ground battle, yeah

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