Three Things: Finding Happiness at Work

What can you do to increase
the good in the world so that both you and the
people around you are happier? First, be generous with others,
whether it means giving money to charity, treating a
stranger in a coffee line, or buying a gift for a friend. Such altruistic behaviors
will benefit the recipient and will also make you happier. For example, research
showed that when employees were asked to spend their
bonuses by giving gifts to one another, they gave items
such as a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. One even bought a pinata which
the giver and the recipient bashed together. Most importantly, when
these bonuses were shared, employees were
happier at their jobs, and they performed better. So remember, how you spend your
money is as important as how much you spend. Second, share your social
and professional resources. Play matchmaker. Whether the match you make
is romantic or platonic, matchmaking has many upsides,
including bringing communities together. So if you have two friends
who don’t yet know each other, perhaps it’s time to
make an introduction. Matchmaking also spreads
resources, assets, and access. You probably know two
people in your workplace that are unacquainted. Even if they don’t become
instant business partners, they might collaborate
on a future project. Plus, matchmaking
also benefits you. Research shows that creating
successful and thoughtful matches for others
makes us happier, similar to other
acts of kindness. And finally, be
generous with yourself. When people are willing to
share sensitive information about themselves,
those revelations increase their
connections with others. In the workplace, simply sharing
a piece of personal information can increase creativity,
performance, and teamwork, and improve interactions
with others. So be generous with
your financial, social, and professional resources,
as well as with yourself. The more generous you are,
the happier everyone will be. As Churchill said, we make
a living by what we get, but we make a life
by what we give. Give fearlessly.

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