Thrifting With Rebecca Wallace of Kitschy Business [Stuck in Vermont 606]

And I find something like this and I’m like… this is what I’m meant to do, this is my purpose, this is what I’m here for. ♪ Kevin MacLeod, “Bummin on Tremelo” ♪ We’re here in Burlington at
Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace and we’re getting a tour of Kitschy Business. ♪ ♪ The current iteration of Kitschy Business. Being able to reach out and touch a memory
and I do hear that a lot, “Oh my grandmother had this, oh
this was in my Nana’s kitchen.” Hello, Kitschy Business! And I’ve been doing this for
about five years now. Kitschy. Business. So I am Rebecca Wallace and this is my space. They’re a multi dealer marketplace,
there’s almost 50 of us in here. When you come in here, we want you to see things that you haven’t seen before, that you won’t see at your local stores. What’s neat about this space is
it was built in the late 1800s. It was originally built by the Lumière family, they made film and there was a
couple of fires here during that time. So now I’m the largest vendor here, I have
over a hundred square feet. Always buying and hunting and
adding new amazing stuff. Let there be light! I’d say my favorite stuff is kids stuff, vintage children’s toys, books, ephemera, decor. My goal with stuff is to be
the curator of the good stuff and the nostalgia bringer and the, you know,
administrator of good happy memory feelings. Sometimes I get that ugly
feeling, you know, it’s like, “Eww, that is just the most terrible…
I need that!” When something is really garish
and overdone and sentimental. It says vintage, old, tacky, ugly. My collection of swung vases. Flasher faces and they are
little holographic faces that change. I go pittypat big time for
vintage wastebaskets. The markets out there and
the internet has created the market for the reusable and the old stuff in a huge
way where it just didn’t exist 20-30 years ago. This is something that I can’t
believe is still here. Excited by Americana. Encourage reuse and
appreciation for function and aesthetic. This is about the most hideous thing that
I’ve seen in a long time and it belongs in my booth. I think there’s always going
to be a vibrant need and want for reusable vintage stuff, whether it’s
utilitarian or just completely decorative, it doesn’t matter. People want
those things from their history, from their pasts in their lives and
with good reason ’cause, I mean, sometimes it feels like present day is a
crazy place to be. ♪ Kevin MacLeod, “Eighties Action” ♪ Originally I grew up in Barre – Barre,
Vermont but once I settled here in Burlington, I started collecting. My
husband Paul and I produce a few different items that we make at our home
here in Burlington and we make removable stickers to mid-century-ify your
living spaces in your home. Meow. I drew these actually myself. These are
vinyl cut earrings that we produce. I’m a very big fan of hairy, strange things. That’s the fun part for me is going out and sourcing all of these wonderful things. So hi, today we are at ReSOURCE Burlington. They recently opened the
household goods store here but they also do a lot of architectural salvage. We also have just an ever-changing inventory. Sooooo…where do we begin? Our mission is three parts so
we’re environmental stewards, we are big on job skills training, poverty relief is a big one as well just being
able to help save people money, help divert as much as we can from the landfill. I don’t know what that is, this is old though. So I always like to go right to the dishes first. And I’m just looking like for colors really. This kind of thing will catch my eye
across the room for sure. This is a nice big one. I like this cat…a lot. This is handmade, that’s adorable. Oooh, so also a big local history buff. Very 60s, love these colors. Vintage paper ephemera. [sniffs] It stinks good. Yeah, it’s more comfortable than it looks. And who is he? He has a little fez on. Once you start looking… [sigh] …treasures everywhere. This could be my childhood desk. Things were more well made back
then. Absolutely because they had to last and if it broke you fixed it yourself. Especially with the old furniture, the antique stuff where it’s the solid wood, it’s just built to last. Ohhhh. It’s a dollar! This is just a nice little bit of history. Well it’s great we’re reusing all these old things but what about the decluttering
movement and minimalism? You’re mislead if you just purge everything from your
life and don’t appreciate what you had around you when you were becoming the
person that you are today, you know, and how it actually helped to shape you. It
shaped me hugely, so much so that I… it’s all I want to do…now. My Kitsch Kraft wallet. They love me here! And look at this, I even found something to take home and we will get stuck in Vermont
with you again real soon. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. Sign up for our weekly email alerts. I’d like to point out this is not just decoration, it’s a door stopper, it keeps
the cold air out from your home! And get a little poop of joy from it
every time you walk by… [glass breaks] Oh God!

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  2. I go to this shop all the time! And I always end up in this booth! And I even grew up in Barre, VT as did the booth owner! Great video love it. I gotta look for her business card the next time I'm in there.

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