TikTok for Business: Who, What, and Why for Marketers

– So you’ve heard the buzz
about this new platform TikTok, but you might be feeling
a little bit skeptical. How am I going to leverage this platform for business growth? Stick around to find out. (upbeat music) The app downloads of TikTok
surpassed 1.5 billion in 2019, making it the
second most downloaded app. Which I think is kind of mind-blowing. And in fact their estimates
that by the end of Q2 2020, TikTok will be the number one social media app, crazy right? We’re gonna dive into
some of the demographics and unpack the behind the scenes of TikTok and where and when and
why and how businesses can and should leverage this
platform for growth. I know the fear that you
may have, you may say, there’s no way my audience is on TikTok, let’s talk a little bit about demographics and you can decide for yourself. Is this the right platform
for you and your business? Now one of the things
that really surprises most business owners to
learn is that nearly 30% of TikTok users are over the age of 30. 30% of one billion is a lot. There are currently a 150
different countries represented on TikTok, 65% of TikTok users are female. But when I spoke with
TikTok Corporate recently they actually said that they’re
working to get that balance as close to 50/50 as possible. So you may see a real surge
of athletes in an attempt to win over the males that are
still hanging out on Twitter. TikTok is actually learning your interest and until you’ve followed
quite a few profiles and engaged with people,
it’s gonna be difficult for TikTok to know what to serve you. However if you keep engaging
with content that you like and skipping the content that you don’t, you will quickly discovered that you have an entirely different experience. In recent years there’s been
a surge of consumers begging for a real look at the
authentic behind the scenes of brands, celebrities, businesses. We found that consumers were
falling in love with brands all over again, instead of the
perfect photo like Instagram, suddenly you’re able to show
the culture behind the scenes. Maybe you’re super fun,
maybe you’re super snarky or skeptical, that can show on TikTok, it allows your consumers to
say yep, I always knew I liked that brand and now I understand why. Now quite possibly one of the
coolest reasons to use TikTok is that unlike any other
platform right now, there is unlimited
untapped viral potential. In fact stars are being
made literally overnight and businesses are blowing up. For me the first signs of
potential virality was this time when I had about 60 followers on TikTok and I put up a video an
overnight it reached 9000 views, it opened my eyes to the
potential for virality for any business. And I wanted to test it in my industry and see how it could work. So I created another video that was breaking down false beliefs in the marketing industry,
what was so crazy is literally that video went viral
in the course of a week reaching nearly a million views and generating more YouTube
subscribers than we had ever had before, website
traffic and actual sales, rivaling these sales that we generate from our Facebook Ad
spend every single month. Now if you’re feeling
skeptical, head on over to the TikTok app right now
and go type in the hashtag for your industry, maybe
it’s hashtag plumbing, maybe it’s hashtag lead generation, maybe it’s hashtag entrepreneurs
or hashtag life insurance and check it out because
if your hashtag is there, there’s viability for
your business on TikTok. Now the beautiful thing with TikTok is because it is a closed ecosystem, you can link your profile to
your YouTube, drive people to your website, drive
them to lead magnets. And another opportunity that
is just emerging is TikTok Ads. Let me tell you I’ve had a
sneak peek behind the scenes and the CPMs are juicy,
the reach is incredible and the targeting is
improving every single day. Now a question we hear
a lot about TikTok is, what is the point of being on TikTok? There are four E’s that
I look at every time that we’re diving into a TikTok strategy; Education, Entertainment,
Engagement and Emotion. If you can tap into these
four Es, you’re gonna have your loyal customers saying, yes, yes, yes and your new markets an
audience reached on TikTok saying yes, yes, yes. The first step with
education is that you’re able to actually educate your
consumers on this platform. For example, I’ve seen these
videos that say, here is what a properly laid floor looks like. And they show examples of a great floor versus the shoddy work from
one of their competitors. It’s beautiful and businesses
are able to educate their consumers on what
they should be looking for. And in fact that leaves consumers feeling incredibly empowered and trusting
you as the right solution for whatever it is they need to buy. Number two entertainment. Look you like to be entertained, right? You go to movies, perhaps even
Netflix binge each evening, listen there’s no shame. But your customers are the same way, who doesn’t love watching
a great series or a movie that keeps them on the edge of their seat? TikTok is no different, in
fact the average TikTok user is spending 61 minutes per
day on the app sound up, which hello is unheard of,
and 75% that time is spent on the For You page searching
for new content, new profiles to follow and that could
be your businesses content that they’re binging in tonight. Number three engagement. Everybody loves to find people
who are similar to them. So when people are scrolling
on TikTok and they find content that makes them say oh, I
thought I was the only one, they’re so excited to engage
because suddenly you’ve given them permission to say,
I feel the same way or I’m excited to learn about this. You can create literal
engagement bait on TikTok and TikTok audiences are eating it up. And the fourth E and
this is in my opinion, the most powerful is Emotion. When you can start to tap into stories, maybe it’s the stories
of some of your customers whose lives have been
changed by your products, maybe it’s a before-and-after
that leaves someone feeling incredibly inspired,
maybe it was that mission that your team took to another
country to impact the world and you’re able to tell the story making people feel good,
making them feel happy, making them feel hopeful. When you can touch on emotion on TikTok, you’ll be amazed to see how
audiences spring to life. People love to cry, they love
to laugh, they love to even as crazy as it sounds,
get angry especially when something goes against their values. And this is the perfect place to connect with them emotionally. Now there are certain types of businesses that are most prime for
TikTok and those are anything that is B2C, especially
E-commerce, physical products, apparel anything you’re
selling directly to a consumer is prime for TikTok, anything that has a beautiful aesthetic. Beauty, food blogging, luxury
real estate that is ready for the TikTok market. And any business that naturally has a hero or a spokesperson for the
brand, it makes a lot of sense for them to be on TikTok. Now as promised, I’m gonna blow your mind with several examples of big
businesses and small businesses that are absolutely crushing it on TikTok. First up we have Chipotle who
launched a campaign on TikTok all about avocados. It Increased their Guac
sales for the following week after their campaign by over 63%. Next up, we have Calvin Klein. Years ago Calvin Klein launched a massive traditional media
campaign featuring Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein underwear. When they launched their
very first TikTok campaign within 24 hours, they
surpassed the total number of engagements of that entire
traditional media campaign with just their TikTok engagements alone. We’ve all heard the song,
Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, ♪ I’m gonna take my horse
to the old town road, ♪ ♪ I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more. ♪ That song hit peak popularity
100% thanks to TikTok. Before that song’s release
Lil Nas X was unheard of in the music industry, and
through marketing on TikTok that song became the number
one most streamed single of all time. But let’s take it a little more practical because that’s a really extreme example of what TikTok marketing can do. Next up I’m gonna show you, The Bentist who is the famous dentist
from Westrock Ortho. And he grew from one location to three with just TikTok marketing alone. Now there’s a hidden gem in
TikTok and that is sponsorships. Many of the influencers on TikTok have never been influencers before, and there’s not a going
rate for sponsorship. In fact, just the other day
I spoke to an influencer who is a popular blogger,
she had 160,000 followers on TikTok with millions of views. And I asked her what her going
rate was for a sponsored post and she said $25 per sponsored post. So the ability to partner
with influencers in a way that’s A, more easily tracked,
B, more cost effective and C, ultimately potentially
able to even go viral is honestly unmatched
by any other platform. Now I’m gonna share with
you guys a quick tip in how you can find and secure
sponsorships with influencers even if you’re not on the
TikTok platform yourself or as a business. So step one you’re going
to search for a hashtag that your ideal audience might use. And you’re gonna find the influencers that are putting out top
content within that hashtag. Now here’s the beautiful
thing, you can go straight to their profile, click
through to their Instagram and send them a message
on Instagram asking them for their rates. The beautiful thing is, you’re gonna find, you may just have better
results reach, engagement and ultimately sales than you ever did on any other platform. We actually created an entire video all about how you can monetize
TikTok through sponsorships finding your dream influencers and you can actually check
it out right over there. Now one of the best ways
for you to decide if TikTok is a good investment for
you and your business is to spend some time on
the app, give it a go, test it out, shoot some videos. But if you want a little more
support, the step by step, the walkthrough of how it all works, check out this video right here. I’ll see you over there.

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