Titan Missile Museum: Work Platforms

Hi everybody, hi again. We’re down here at Level 2 of the silo. It’s where all the tours end up. If you take a tour you get to go over to the windows over here and kind of look out and look at the missile. But I wanted to talk about how the work platforms work today. We get a lot of questions about this. Work platforms are these platforms right here. And you can lower these down so you can get out there. They make a floor all the way around the missile, so that you can get out there and actually work on the missile. These are in the down position. If you look right over there, there are a couple that are still in the up position locked against the the silo wall. So if you want to lower the platforms, you use this control panel right here. And all it is, is a matter of pressing the appropriate buttons. And then the platforms don’t go down immediately. What you have to do, is then press the button and then take the little fob here, then press it, and you can actually stand here and watch the platforms go up or down. Typically, there is not enough hydraulic power to raise or lower all the platforms at once. There are
eight of them out there. So, usually what they did is it they lowered two at a time.
So you just press the buttons, click the fob, watch them come down, you’re good to go. Now, once you’ve got all the platforms down, you need to go out there and do your work. You have to close the door, and that’s because it’s like a refrigerator out there – you never leave the refrigerator door open. So, people who are out there, if you’re out here you might not know that somebody’s in there doing some work. So, just so there are no accidents, you take this high-tech sign and put it right down here. And that’ll warn people that they shouldn’t raise the platforms, if they, they’re not sure there’s somebody out there. Oh, one more thing. All the platforms are referenced with
with letters A, B, C, D, and so forth. And just so that you know which platforms you’re talking about, there’s a reference on each access door. You see the letters right there. So that you can reference the letters there with the letters on the control panel. And the convention is that the one that’s at the bottom,
like the six o’clock position, in this case it’s B, the convention is that letter is the one that’s right in front of the access doors. So you know which way way you’re talking about. So, there you go, a little quick introduction to the work platforms. Thanks for watching.

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