Top 5 Presidents Day Deals for 2019

– What are the biggest deals and sales this Presidents’ Day 2019? I have you covered as we celebrate the long holiday weekend of savings. (cash register ringing)
(digital music) Happy Presidents’ Day, when it comes to some
serious price drops no, I don’t get out much, and yes, I was born in Toronto
which means I’m Canadian, which means I that I don’t
have a Presidents’ Day and I can’t vote, why
am I even so excited? Am I an idiot? Possibly. But I’m also a very dedicated deal hunter. A reminder if you’ve never seen me before, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite, I hunt down deals that you might have seen on your local TV stations, I work for ABC, NBC, CBS and Amazon Live, and the only reason I tell you that at the
beginning of the videos, sometimes people leave
comments and they’ll say “Oh wait, he works for
Amazon, he’s biased.” I don’t, I host a show for them. Just an independent contractor. (clapping) Okay. By the way, if you wanna learn how to save additional money on Amazon with inside savings secrets, I did a video of that not too long ago. Thank you. All right, so the top five deals this week all which you can find, I don’t think any of them are actually at Amazon, so there’s my internal bias right there. Expand the video description
box right underneath and you’re gonna find these deals that are flying off shelves. If you are looking for
CBD, Marijuana, Cannabis, or ways to alleviate pain, I have a very interesting video
that you may not expect it, may not be expecting to come
out in the next week or so. So stay subscribed for that. All right. So, opening up my little
spreadsheet of deals right here, again I used an algorithm
to chart price drops and we’re going to begin first, let’s go to power banks. I got eight charges from
this for an iPhone 10, nine charges for an iPhone 8 and five charges for a Galaxy S8, in fact, this let’s you charge two
devices simultaneously. It charged the iPad Pro
faster than a wall outlet and it features one of the
most powerful batteries on the market that you
would typically see tied to a laptop or a tablet. And unlike countless other
power banks on the market, this features over
charging, over discharging and short circuit protection. Once you’ve given your smart
phone the boost it deserves, by the way that link located
right under this video screen, you can find my next favorite
deal which every time I talk about weighted blankets, I’m not actually a big
fan of weighted blankets, but everyone else is. I prefer not to sleep with one, but I can attest to the
fact they do help me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, so let me show you this deal. A reminder, not all weighted
blankets are created equal in fact, most don’t even have
the correct weight balance to help you fall asleep
faster and stay asleep longer. Clinically proven and
guaranteed to help anyone living with any type of anxiety-stress
disorder, PTSD, ADHD, you throw one of these on your bed and I’m telling you right now you will not only sleep more soundly but this has been used to
help people sleep for decades. The difference between the deal I found and a lot of the knockoffs, the
weighted blanket I found has the most even weight distribution, it is the most breathable, and the one I have is not only used in sleep disorder clinics, but
it is also doctor approved. The next item I’m gonna
show you right now, is one of my favorite
Presidents’ Day deals or Presidents’ Day sales that’s
tied to a carbon fiber pen. Awesome gift. A great way to find something
a little bit less likely on sale, that is
essentially a legacy piece with you for the years to come. It’s the difference between driving a low end car and a Ferrari. You’ll notice the
performance is different. A carbon fiber pen is super lightweight, extremely strong, and has that high luster and then the pen that I
found on sale for $40 off is real carbon fiber, it just feels differently in your hands. Would I spend $80 on a pen? Absolutely not. Would I buy a pen for $40? Probably not, but I would certainly buy this as a gift for someone. It is a gorgeous legacy
piece, as I mentioned that’ll be with your for years to come, very strong, ultra lightweight, great for a businessman or businesswoman, and I’m telling you, if you spent a little bit
of extra money on a car or that really nice leather jacket, this is an essential or an accessory that you can pair with that. You can find that deal by
clicking the link below. Now as we continue to
celebrate Presidents’ Day, obviously the top categories
for additional savings, furniture, home
furnishings and mattresses. Some of the best furniture deals and sales that I’ve seen in a long time
actually tied to Wayfair, surprisingly enough, I don’t
do a ton of shopping with them, but I’ve been really
impressed by the deals that I’ve seen pop up there. And Overstock, the Overstock
Presidents’ Day sale blow out is absolutely phenomenal and will cut your costs
significantly on mattresses. Now, there are few items
I would not buy right now. First, mattress toppers,
those deals will actually drop after Presidents’ Day they
always do, so if you can wait I will have that as
part of my deal roundups I’m just looking down
to see what other items I could tell you about that
I would not buy right now. I wouldn’t buy teeth whitening, I wouldn’t buy small bluetooth speakers, I wouldn’t buy macadamia nut oil, and I wouldn’t buy pillows. Those are all better deals
in the weeks to come. And of course, I will feature those items for you. So, what are your plans
this Presidents’ Day? Anyone going anywhere good? If you are watching in Canada,
it’s Family Day long weekend so maybe you’re doing something too. Maybe we could meet up
’cause I have no plans, ’cause I’m lonely. Anyhow, thank you for
watching, leave me a comment, let me know what else you’re looking for. Thank you so much for
spending this time with me. Go enjoy the rest of the
time with your family and your friends and I am very jealous. Thank you. I’m gonna spend it with my daughter, so don’t worry, I actually have plans. Okay, if you’re not
subscribed to this channel this is what you can do. Click on my head right here, that will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, click there, and the last big roundup of deals I did. right over here.

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