Top 5- Ways to be Happier at Work | McCombs School of Business

Hi, I’m Raj Raghunathan. I am the Zale Centennial Professor of Business at the McCombs School of Business at the
University of Texas at Austin and here are my top five tips for being happier
at work. Tip number one is to prioritize happiness at work. Most employees don’t
think that happiness is useful at work and they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s
very important to be happier at work because happier people are more
productive, they earn more money and they also make their co-workers happier. Tip
number two is to measure happiness and productivity at work. If you don’t
measure happiness you’re not going to be able to enhance it, it just makes sense.
Tip number three is to identify the reasons why employees are not as happy
as they could be and there are five determinants of happiness at work: basic
needs need to be fulfilled, employees need to feel a sense of autonomy, they
need to feel a sense of progress towards mastery, they need to feel a sense of
belonging with their co-workers, and finally, they need to feel that they are
surrounded by a sense of abundance – I call it abundance orientation or
abundance culture. Together they make up The BAMBA model, B-A-M-B-A. My tip number four is to take action to improve employee happiness. You can talk about
happiness until the cows come home and that’s not going to move the needle on
employee happiness. You need to take action, and in particular, you need to
take those action items that are easy, low-hanging fruit – easy items to do that have a big effect on employee happiness. My tip number five
final tip is to adopt what I call an abundance mindset. People with an
abundance mindset operate out of the belief that all of us can win. People
with the opposite a scarcity mindset believe that life is a zero-sum game – for
me to win somebody else has to lose. If you adopt an abundance mindset and you
encourage your employees to adopt an abundance mindset you’re going to have a win, win, win culture.

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