Hello welcome back to Littlehope Channel Oke, now I will review the many requested commander Remy 2 star To be honest. Remy 2 star now it’s rather difficult than before Remy 2 star strong in early game but not so strong in late game because Remy 2 star is rarely used when it’s late game as I said before if the aggressive ones are only our own. It will be hard Because many eva users will be very strong in late games if we are late for our 3 star hero, we will be difficult in late games What is “Remy 2 star”? When its normal , every time we have 10 gold it will get 2 income if 20 will get 4 income When we use remy 2 star , 10 gold will get 3 income (+1) and 20 gold will get 4 income ( +0 ) because many have requested So i use remy 2 star for push my rank. Total 6 win and 6 lose πŸ™ The best game play for Remy 2 in my opinion is You have to find a synergy that people don’t use in your game You have to check the enemy line up often in my game, assassin and empire still nobody uses why do we have to look for the unused? because we have to fight over the hero pool with them We need 3 star hero in early game After that we will level up I’ve tried several gameplay for example , I use what hero comes out I’m very strong in early game , but in the late game I lost to 2 star eva because I was too focused on the level And in the end, i only get 2nd place I tried other game play I take a hero that many people use For example , if many people use MM , i use MM as well in the hope that I will win the hero pool with them we can win against 1-2 people but we will lose to others so in my opinion the safest game play is to look for empty synergies As you can see, many of my heroes are already 2 stars our advantage is using a 2 star remy, we can hold gold at 10 because the difference between income 10 and 20 is only 1 gold when we get one of the 3 star heroes, we can focus on late game So now i have 3 assassin and 4 empires why do we have to look for heroes that are not used ? because in this game there is such a thing as a hero pool if we fight over the hero pool will be reduced because it has been taken by the opponent and if we are late aggressive it will be difficult in mid and late games no one uses harith, so mine can be a 3 star Thans for support. And i will improve my english and editing skill πŸ™‚ I move my item to kagura I lose my win streak because I was wrongly positioned Like i said before, odette with meta item need good positioning because with 6 empire, odette can use ultimate twice very quickly KECRET KECRETTTTT So we fight againts MM for last round 6 MM + 2 star eva I check where the item is placed I tried to pursue Claude, but the damage was not good enough and I was completely defeated So i change my position again I put my odette to middle So maybe this is the last video about remy 2 star in meta now because there aren’t many aggressive players in chess chess yet so it’s the best game play game using remy 2 star in my opinion. Thanks for watching . Don’t forget to subscribe , like and comment.


  1. Op o y skin e msoh ng tk ku gtau metu? Op hpku kentang πŸ™„ tolong jawab lur 😁

  2. Ini yg w tunggu2, user The King EmpireπŸ’ͺ
    Bang giveaway board magic chess nya kapan nih?😁😁😁😁

  3. Gg la bg. Selalu bagi2 ilmuπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ makasihπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. Sekarang bnyk pasang combo tank…baxia,tigreal,jhonson+guardian.. trus pake Cristal dragon…parah tembok besi

  5. Bang kok gue kalau main hayabusa GK bisa ngulti itu kenapa bang sumpah pusing gue

  6. littlehope push berjam jam + menuhin request viewer + mabar viewer + biar tetep jadi 1 global, eh top 2 nya gb..
    semangat littlehope πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Counter 6marksman apa cukk, banyak bgt sekarang yg main meta 6mm

  8. Sekarang banyak yang kuatΒ² karena banyak nonton video lu bang hehehe

  9. Bang itu gimana caranya biar gak ada heronya.saya coba gak bisa2.malah otomatis masuk sendiri.yg tau bantu jwbnya

  10. klo aku sih mending kaguranya full item walaupun lock 1 hero πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you know laa

  11. Tigrel harith lancelot gusion baxia wanwan chang e hayabusa kagura, itu andalanku

  12. Bang, itu king bisa masuk mage 6 juga tapi tanpa kagura karna lagur tanpa haya atau hanabi jelek skillnya

  13. bang bud inpo biar lebih gg wkwk :p jadi setelah stage selesai itu kan kita dapet gold nah biar gak ganggu income atau interest jgn diambil dulu hero dishop yg kita butuhkan, jadi nunggu dulu kita dapet gold itu lo yang nanti keluar bentuknya persegi panjang ditengah layar setelah selesai stage nah kemudian baru diambil hero, aku liat sejauh ini main nya gitu diambil dulu heronya jadinya ganggu interest nya

  14. Mas budi 2 tank man, 3 guardian, 4 cyborg, pengen liat sinergi itu!, nyobak sendiri gak pernah berhasil!

  15. mantep ah ni gara gara ni ni chanel gua jadi tau item sama rol yang bagus thx bang

  16. Anjay di video kemarin request lasung dibuatin. Thanks bang little 🀣🀣 anjay bang little dong.

  17. Baru kemarin saya request, eh udah dikasih gameplay, The Little Hope emang the best
    Semoga cepat 100k subs

  18. Combo yg mantap bg

    Mampir ke chanel gw bg..
    Ada combo2 gila magic chess

  19. Bang aku mau jual akun ML .. niat buat bantu rumah tahfidz harga 50 juta .. laku ga ya bang ..?
    Biar kaya petrick yg harganya 1M ..
    Kalo andai laku ,, semoga bisa jadi ladang pahala..mohon doa gaez

  20. empire ama 6 MM menang siapa ya? secara rata2 mm gak ngaruh mana… apalagi si miya gak ada mananya jadi gak bakal ngaruh ama synergy empire yg ngurangin mana hingga gak bisa ngeluarin skill..

  21. Apa cuma aku seng ga paham opo maksud e remy bintang 2?

    Aku biasa pake remy, tapi ga paham bintang 2 maksud e gmn.
    Apa bintang 2 heroΒ² nya?

  22. Saya sering pakek empire dengan cara agresiv…tapi di let game gue kasih gatot….tapi semua tergantung item….

  23. Pake remy wajib pke combo euruditio . Claude wajib . Slot 7/8 roll trs jdiin claude *3 full item

  24. Bang mau tanya nih.. Aku pakke ABE..bagusnya gimana combo terbaik??

  25. Yg maen agresif dikit om Bud??? Bgke gr gr video luu jdi bnyak yg maen agresif skrng tp bnyak yg gk jls juga maen agresif nya

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