Tour Red Hat’s new Boston office

-The Boston office – how exciting is this? It is our opportunity to bring together
three fantastic functions within Red Hat. Engineering, the Executive Briefing
Center, and the Red Hat Open Innovation labs. Just walking in the door you really
do get this this sense of vibrancy and excitement and you can feel that
something cool is happening here. -The goal is really to foster the
collaboration in a sense where people just come together naturally as they
walk throughout the space. -I think Red Hat has done a very, very
good job at really creating a comfortable space, but one that
facilitates interaction and connections and collaboration. -This place makes a
statement for us of how serious of a player we are in the commercial world;
and in turn because everything we do is based on open source of how serious a
player open source is in the commercial world. The Executive Briefing Center is
the place where we bring our most valued customers and partners to engage with
our product leads, product managers, executives to talk about future of
technology and how Red Hat can solve their business problems using the Red Hat portfolio. -Another key component is the Open Innovation Lab and that’s more
hands-on so that’s where we can really get with our customers. -We can put up the
right people in front of our customers that can tell them everything they want
to know in more about how our products can help them. -It’s very immersive, it’s a
residency style engagement you can collaborate with the engineers when you
come in because we’re all co-located here together. -This is a place where
we’re building some great relationships with our customers, relationships with
the local tech industry, there’s a ton of universities here – a lot of great
students coming out of school. It’s just a great way for us to create the kind of
collaborative atmosphere across industry and university that we hope to create.
-Our biggest asset is our people and so integrating into that community is so
important. -To see an entity like Red Hat come here to Boston into this space, I
think it will continue that effect of attracting even more investment and even
more activity to the area.

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  1. wow, mature people being successful after 50´s… I´m 44 and being productive

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