100 thoughts on “Trump 2020 aide: US is booming despite Dems’ ‘historic obstruction’

  1. "these people are sick", "sick people" "CRAZED LUNATICS"

    Donald J. Trump President of The United States of America


  3. do something about it… do not wait for the polls… democrat corruption ideologically, power abuse, social abuse, abuse of the people's will…typical example of what the people of the US can expect of a radical socialist governing body top down imposition

  4. How many .in this chat chose the red pill.arou d 2009'12.&been targeted
    By the left with ur own tax dlrs

  5. Real Americans being targeted it worked .Dems it will work on Trump ?your tax dlrs

  6. Japanese corruption politics and companies🤮🇯🇵&🇺🇸fakin Toramp

  7. Registered Independent
    never given to a political party
    but this year 3x's to Trump
    and 2 or 3x's to RNC (GOP)

  8. Japanese corruption politics and companies abe &toramp. Fakin. Japanese corruption politics and companies abe &toramp 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  9. Oh yeah 🙅🏻
    They were thinking these humanoids are beautiful and gorgeous. And when they said they broke the roof and escaped. Audience did not believe and when asked where are they on stage? Their faces turned pale. No science fiction. It's pure robotics politics and I AM gonna break their steel nerves and remove their steel skulls-spine's out of their humanoids. You wanna see that fight?

  10. The only obvious abuse of power and obstruction has been from the democrat scumbag lying traitors in the house.

  11. I'd like to know who the guy is that sits next to Nadler and tells him what to do

  12. Democrats don’t like what our president says well it’s a free country, freedom of speech, if you don’t like it then deport yourselves over to communist China so someone can finally force a gag over your lying mouths you f**king losers.

  13. Yesterdays hearing was a Joke, the Dems kept saying "we the people" for everything and i don't support impeachment, and as "We The People" over 63 million of us put him in there we are still standing with him Trump 2020

  14. Look for the trojan horse in USMCA! The dems are using it to circumvent our immigration laws. This should be pointed out because Pelosi and her fellow CA politicians are using it to legalize "hundreds of thousands " of illegal aliens ALREADY IN THEIR STATE! Remove them under current law. Then the house should consider real immigration law review.

  15. The same principle.==== If my son is an A Student, star ball player, class president, shelter volunteer, church goer, partime job, all around shirt off his back kid. Then once gets called in the principals office for shoving the bully of his brother. Do you think he would be expelled? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I think americans cans see exactly this in what the dems are and have done. This country is doing Great because of trump.

  16. Biden does the crime, Trump gets the blame. TRUMP does not need Dirt to win. He has kept his promises, that's what voters want and finally get.

  17. If the Democrats would only work with President Trump so many wonderful things could happen. But when you have democrats that are socialist it's difficult. Trump is winning despite the crazed democrats.

  18. Republicans will say or do anything to support this orange buffoon. The economy has zero to do with his abuse of power. Stop gaslighting.

  19. Republicans should now get a sock with a bar of soap and start cleaning house.
    Know what I mean? 😁

  20. Nadler is proud of what he should be ashamed of. Fake Impeachment is the lowest of low roads for these Luciferian Lib elitists to follow. Keep America Great and Safe. Trump2020.

  21. President Trump/Vice President Pence WILL PREVAIL IN 2020. Biden is damaged goods…corrupt..Thank You worthless spoiled baby maker Hunter. Go Trump.

  22. Millions of people from the United States of America voted for President Trump do not wanna see impeachment, we are going to vote again in 2020 you will see President Trump will serve another four years. I hope once that comes the Democrats each and everyone of them put up on charges, all of the things they have done all wrong.

  23. I am positive the United States will go on without the Democrats. It would run much smoother without them in the way.

  24. Looks like the best part of the Democrats ran down the back side and ended up a b///n s///n on the mat;;;s.

  25. Stuart Varney is my favorite Brit these days. I wonder if he's related to Jim Varney (Ernest P. Worrell).

  26. Trump did break one of his promises, he said we will get tire of winning. I'm not tire yet.

  27. Styer’s climate bull crap needs to stop! You can not change the climate, I’m guessing it’s all about the money they want to steal from us!!!!!!

  28. "LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!"   Democrats do not understand that the Trump Train is coming and a fake impeachment is not going to slow it down!

  29. God will also impeach Nadler before the entire world even larger than he did to Mr Trump, just wait and behold it before your very eyes. No evil deed goes unpunished from the Courts of heaven.

  30. He is doing so awesome right now, imagine how great America would be if a third of America that has been hypnotized to hate america, was actually hearing the truth from the media and the leftist deep state(the democrats), we would be hurdling over problems in leaps and bounds. Wait till he abolishes the central bank, can you say USMCA!!!!! WE DON'T NEED THE EU ANYMORE!!!!!!

  31. The media instead of attacking this (dems are for recession), are not doing anything about it,,,,,,,,, it is amazing, they are silently admiting they are for recession ,,,, how can you as an american be with them, knowing they want you out of work?

  32. I just heard those Dems who voted impeachment will lose their districts. They cared more for their party vs their voters.
    Independents will vote for Trump.
    It's the economy. He's delivered his agenda to all Americas.
    He's taken out the special interests out of trade and other stuff.
    188 people have been recruited by the GOP. That's a record.
    Plus, look at the donations. Unbelievable!
    Record war chest from Americans donating 2000 or less!
    The fascist pigs are done.

  33. The message to the 31 democrats isnt that that will lose their jobs. The message is that they AREN'T doing their jobs.

    The House of Representatives members are elected to REPRESENT the Will of The People in their political district -not themselves, their feelings or their political party.

    The need to take their job SERIOUSLY and do it. What do most people in their districts think?

  34. Every time the democrats have taken a step towards impeaching President Trump, it's only strengthened his popularity and rallied his base.

  35. historic obstruction after the way the republicans obstructed obama? are these faggots serious?

  36. GOD our Father in heaven please stand with our President against the wicked left in our white house in Jesus name we pray amen and amen… Look up " and we know" and view all you can and join the great awakening …

  37. When Kim Clement prophesized in 2007 (check Youtube t"Trump prophesy) about Trump becoming a President "they" also added that they will cry out impeach! !, impeach !! but "NAY" it will not happen. Trump was chosen by God to drain the swamp ironically the swamp is being drained and we are beginning to see what lies at the bottom, that is corrupt Democrats including Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, etc. The swamp will be drained and expose the rotten politicians.

  38. I love how a Britt has more patriotism towards America than Americans like Cavuto.

  39. AN IMPEACHMENT HOAX INDEED, that’s what it is.

    Where is the whistleblower?
    Why the Dems on House of Congress and others like Schiff’s, Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine and many others are afraid of DJT?

    We support DJT

    🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

  40. if he doesn't win 20/20 it is rigged. He wins in 2016 amid of lies and with all the walk aways and the size of his crowds there is no way logically he would lose.

  41. Ok great, I will see most of you on the unemployment line, maybe tomorrow or 5 years from now but after his disastrous tax policy is inevitable. The bubble will burst.

  42. Praying for President Trump. God is helping America because Trump believes in God, brought the Lord back and Christmas if finally back at this time of year. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  43. Yep the US is booming just like Bolton said it would. And who is checking up on Giuliani's further misdeeds in Ukraine? Just sayin'

  44. intelligent people will take the names, in the senate votes. And ensure all know who is a traitor. its time for the con's to go the way of the dodo bird. SFYL  nature rules !!

  45. President Trump deserves another term of office for all the obstruction the dems have thrown in the way, 3 YEARS.

  46. I want the dems to all vote for impeachment so we can clear them out in November and give the house back to Trump,

  47. Every house have something to say about anfierness in Our Life 🤔☹️ What President Trump 🇺🇸 go through since he declared for presidency, is unfair! This shows how human being became wicked beyond emagination to the highest level 🙃🤔

  48. The saddest aspect of this impeachment proceedings are the Democrats who don't want impeachment but will still vote for it because they are all under Pelosi's control. Spineless entities and they don't deserve to be called lawmakers as they are showing they are not following the law. The Democrats are either stupid or they must hate themselves to go ahead with this ridiculous impeachment and exposing them to ridicule.

  49. Trump is simply the Greatest of all time .No other comes close to his ability.

  50. For all you who are still in denial: The dim-o-crat party is your enemy! They only care about themselves. It has been more obvious than at anytime in history. Pres. Trump is working relentlessly for the benefit of the country, while the obstructive and destructive left continue with their false accusations and narratives.wasting time and our hard earned tax money. Wake up people!

  51. The left radical Dems are currently doign exactly the same for Trump as have the radical left socialist Labour party in the UK have just done for Johnson and the conservative party… ensured a massive win for the Republicans in 2020. The Dems will be slaughtered in a massivley bigger landslide victory for Trump. Its so lip smackingly delicious to watch it unfold. Ive just watched the collective jaws drop by all the UK remainers and PC culture left rads…..Im still smiling to see them suffer humble pie…..cannot wait to watch all the lefty fems and pc colledge idiots and antifa and the deep state all crying their eyes out when they see the results come pouring in, for the Republicans in 2020.

  52. I can’t hear Nancy Pelosi with my left ear, but it’s ok; my other ear is always right.

  53. Call Red area Democrats and let them know how you feel. Congerssional switchboard is 202 224 3121.

  54. I Honestly wish. More Democrats would wake up a lot of are not bad people and want to do some good things

  55. It's Christmas time folks , and the people are too busy spending their money.
    Impeachment is the last thing on their mind.
    Go President Trump go 😂😂😂

  56. Nadler said, "We must impeach the president because we can't trust the voters to take him out in 2020." Wow! Nadler just doesn't understand that the Representatives work for us, the voters! T2020!

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