Trump Addresses The Nation On Coronavirus From Oval Office | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

100 thoughts on “Trump Addresses The Nation On Coronavirus From Oval Office | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

  1. God help us, we have a racist, weirdo, gameshow host and what we need is a president.

  2. We claim to be so strong. But look how easily we can be wiped out. And sadly, how easily we can be controlled by fear.

    This is just the beginning of what's to come as more and more turn their backs on God.

  3. Two weeks ago just 15 cases?????? He got it, breathing too heavy to be so healthy!

  4. 9:18 is where people say you can see the guy in a hazmat suit in the reflection to the right of trumps head(zoom in). A lot of people believe trump already has the virus and is hiding it.

  5. Lesson LEARNED…

  6. NBC: You are disrespected by an increasingly large swath of America.

  7. to funny, Trump's had access to the virus and isn't getting tested as he puts all the big BILLIONAIRES on a stage claiming they are here to save the day as they pocket all the aid funding in their own bank accounts- the good news is they have all had access to this virus, let mother nature handle their greed problems

  8. this guy this guy this guy has got to be the most arrogant pompous man on this planet! gee thanks for saving our lives mr. president with your fast acting on the virus. he turns something in my stomach every time i hear him speak.

  9. How would you like to see Trump uncensored before the address started, and after. He was not aware the cameras were rolling. I can't post the link because my comment would be deleted by the system, but type in: Trump's Corona Virus Address, Blooper Reel Included The Daily Show.

  10. Our numbers are way better than other country's! One huge reason to vote Donald J. Trump in 2020!

  11. Something ive not heard yet with the live coverages…what about the schools and what are students to do if schools are closed temporarily like til end of march now when schools are due to to return from spring break? Will they need to make it up during summer or just pick back up where left off before spring break or will they implement ways for school districts to conduct their classes online with their students?

    And what about jobs? Bills piling up etc with the wide spread of this disease…is there going to be relief from electric…water companies ect?

  12. Trump announced an increased number of respirators. This is from his connection with the novelty industry from which he has purchased life-size inflatables of himself (parts hyperbolized) to distribute to his coterie of fart-catchers, turd polishers, and sycophants. The respirators will be repurposed whoopee cushions.

  13. I’m honestly not that concerned for the virus. What I’m terrified about is the people who are panicking and buying out the whole grocery store. Leaving the rest of people without. I’m afraid that grocery stores will collapse, then what? Right now I live in North Dakota and I can’t buy meat anywhere.. this is absolutely ridiculous. Once there’s no food who knows what people will be doing

  14. The leftist Media and Democratic hate Trump more than Coronavirus. They like stir up drama and exaggerate news bla bla bla….to panic Americans😐 . There are more than 10000 people died with Swine flu 😷 under Obama administration, but the media didn’t want to report it. Americans should not panic and worry too much since just treated them like another flu. We need to use common sense and don’t let the devil leftist media brainwash and mind control us. Thanks 🙏

  15. He can't help bragging about himself. He may be sick he's so orange.

  16. 1 – The virus is not imported, the Seattle cases are homemade
    2 – You are the one who did not react when you should because you said it was a hoax, now the US is in state of emergency fool!!!.

  17. Am i the only one who is realizing how he is breathing? Sounds like his respitory system has been effected by the virus. Of course they wont tell us that he is effected. Smdh

  18. I am so embarrased as an american. , this mentally unstable , lying grifter does not represent me or the majority of americans! REMOVE HIM , LOCK HIM UP !

  19. It sounds like he's just reading the words for the first time and doesn't understand the gravity of the message he is delivering. And instead of offering sincere reassurance and comfort he (as usual) has to highlight HIS actions.

  20. Way to go President Trump!!!!! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OUT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Let me pay 3000 plus American dollars cause I have a cough 😷 lol not

  22. Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands, clean often used surfaces, don't pee on each other 😂😂😂


    WE NEED TO DRING HOT THINGS THE CORONAVIRUS DOES NOT LIKE IT. Exam: Ginger, cinnamon stick, cloves. put to a boil Or drink just the Ginger (hot). That you will be able to tolorate( do not get burn) that you will be able to drink. It is a tea!.ALSO BOIL HOT WATER AND SQUEEZE ONE YELLOW LEMON IN 2 CUPS OF WATER(a big mug)
    You have to get the little bug before it damages your lungs and kidneys. Soup! ect DRINK HOT! HOT! when you arrive home take your clothes right away and put in the waher with detergent and hot water. or a bucket and hot water with deterget. Wash your hands and also very important under the NAILS. DO NOT take COLD DRINKS or ice.
    Follow what our President gives as block of instructionsl.
    Thank you! President Donald Trump. Thank you! to all the leader's that are working hard and the people of the Land, America USA. AMEN!🙏AMEN!🙏 AMEN!🙏📖🌴⏰🙋

  24. Scientists recently took two ice cores from a melting glacier in the Tibetan Plateau of China, revealing the existence of 28 ancient never-before-seen virus groups.

  25. Forget nation…at first we all Human being …and slave of God 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏jay guru Sankar 🙏🙏…from India

  26. This is all a f**** hoax and a joke, more are dying from the regular flu around the world then this thing oh, this is just political b*****

  27. It's the flu, Democrats and China are using it as a farce, so anyone who gets the flu… during flu season will think they are going to die and hate Trump. Just in time for election day.

  28. AND drunk nancy tried to include an abortion clause IN the covid-19 bill …think about that !! WASH YOUR HAND'S PEOPLE …THINK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Didn't mind trumps speech but hated how they immediately started focusing on the bad of what he said.

  30. Let me get this straight: Derps Orange gets down with the sickness, now his heart is two sizes too big?

    Or are these just pie-in-the-sky fibs to placate people convinced the world is ending?

  31. Denmark, Norway and Sweden have about the same number of infected as the US. Only one person has died because of the virus in Sweden, while 36 has died in the US. Really nice heathcare system you guys got rolling there huh?

  32. 🌐 More people will be glued to their television sets as schools and sporting events are being canceled, along with legions of people now being told to work from home. As such, more potential eyeballs could venture into the twisted realms of MSNBC and CNN who are just thirsting for the Wuhan virus death toll to increase and markets to collapse to better the Democrats’ chances of booting Trump from office in 2020. It’s predictable. It’s grotesque. They’ve earned their new title with gusto: enemies of the people. Shame on the liberal angry Trump hating fake news people we know who you are.

  33. Thank god we have trump for this, Obama didn’t declare a state of emergency till after over 1,000 people had died from h1n1. I appreciate the fast response even tho it might make him look bad. Thank you 🙏 🇺🇸

  34. Out of breath ; -) !!!! Nervous ; -))) !!! And he did not get tested ???? Yeah right !

  35. Wait! Wasn't this all invented by the Democrats??? Coronavirus is a real virus? Isn't it a hoax anymore? 🙄

  36. NBC reporter: I do not like you as a reporter. You are mean and uneducated. Rude and uncivilized…

  37. Corona virus: 9 दिनों तक ज़िंदा रह सकते हैं

  38. Most stupid president ever who did everything that the US didn't prepare for the disease. Only the falling stock market changed his mind.

    And still he is stupid enough to shake hands while knowing that he had direct contact to a person with corona.

    The world was lucky that nothing more serious than Corona happened during his presidency so far.

  39. I love how everybody is so against Trump have you seen the gas prices I live in fort Worth Texas gas is a dollar 76 the unemployment rate is the lowest it's ever been in the history of the United Statesand Trump made it to where nobody from Europe Africa Australia or China can come into the United States I love that that's awesome and nobody from the United States can go to those places for 30 days this is a move for him to stay in power forever

  40. I just appreciate the fact that President Trump has really worked hard to keep Americans safe. We’ll all get through this together in Jesus name’ amen! Thank you Mr President! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  41. I just now watched this. It's a complete shitshow. And others wonder why we have zero confidence or trust in this government? He can't even get his own travel restrictions straight. No wonder the Dow Jones went into a meltdown the next day…..

  42. For I am a American. And I pray that this cornavirus goes away. Because we don't deserve this. I have Copd and dibeatic. And my mom and aunt is heart patients. Thank God for our president.

  43. I just saw the deleted scenes of the address and it was absolutely hilarious 😂!

  44. My impression: This is a sick man fearing he might die any day now.

    I got blind linked here, and I always avoid Trump talking because it's just the word salad and lies, but I've never seen him like this before.

  45. Trump has American blood on his hands.

    No one is talking about having 10 Billion test kits for the world. We are only talking about America here. That’s 350 million people. We are not saying we should have 350 million test kits either, but South Korea has been able to test 10,000 people a day since the outbreak began and has tested 260,000 people so far and has been able to diagnose and quarantine 7.9k that tested positive and only have had 70 deaths, their population size is 50 million. In Orange County in Florida, the entire county has 50 tests in hand right now with only 5 new tests coming a day and we are 3 months into the virus being a threat. This is the problem.

    The amount of people who will die here in America because of this virus 🦠is horrible. Many deaths could have been avoided if we had started testing earlier, but President Trump believed that the hype behind this virus was a democratic hoax, which he announced at his rally on February 28th. The so called ‘ chosen one ‘ of the evangelical cult is going to be responsible for many deaths that could have been avoided here in America with earlier testing and supply preparations which are low already. Trump also fired the CDC pandemic response team in 2018 which is why they were even less prepared to handle this. He’s more worried about the economy and the stock market, but most importantly his re-election over the lives of the American people.


  46. Any one notice the video glitch at 6:30/^:31? happened there?

  47. "we are the best, I'm the greatest, believe me we will build a wall to stop the spread. Nobody else have done this coz I'm the greatest."

  48. Ok, I’m a gamer. And I am curious if anyone has any info if maybe the Xbox servers. Or any servers be shutting down due to the coronavirus. Thx

  49. Seems extremely nervous. Trouble catching his breath as the lies spew out and truth is withheld ( applies to all politicians,the left too).

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