Trump says markets are ‘going to be just fine’ as Dow slides 2,000+ points

100 thoughts on “Trump says markets are ‘going to be just fine’ as Dow slides 2,000+ points

  1. The United States still hasnโ€™t even been doing test properly or aggressively at all, we donโ€™t even know how many people we have!

  2. What goes up.must come down and they go back up look 2008 look Obama did nothong over 12000 died 60 million got the swine flu . look back idiots

  3. Trump says the same thing my financial advisor has been saying to me for 30 years: The markets will be fine. It's not "fake news" BTW. The Dow Jones started at 0 and it has been a roller coaster ever since and it's now over 21000 because of this hysteria around the coronavirus after having peeked at 29000 or so a couple of weeks ago. That being said, something must done to avoid total panic. Something's not right with this thing. Will cooler heads prevail? I have my doubts.

  4. Nothing worse then having Presidents of the world to tell people to wash their hands. Democrats have truly FAILED educatIng our children. But Bringing back Gold Standers…love it. No longer slave to the feds. No longer depending on SA. Bringing back our jobs from communists China. Which democrats sold them our industries knowledge. Get away from TAXES. Local taxes ok but we need check n balances. Rich people need to use their own money. Stay away from ours. Now for arrest!!!! God Bless the white hats all over the world. WWG1WGA. Good people united and saving the world. No more doom and gloom…no more chaos. Our future is going to be bright for us and the children. Peace on Earth!

  5. the fake news networks kept looking for something that would put trump on the ropes and ended up putting us all in a panic for something that happens all the time. Russia did not work, ukrain did not work, impeachment did not work and now its corona virus!

  6. Stock market was started off slavery.Trump will get rid of all your wealth .your coins will be worthless just like the money you red devils are looking to this horrible liar named trump.amerikka has fallen and will not get up. Only thing that will rise in amerikkka is suicide rates for red people who are the same color as trump.truth

  7. Still, the USA and Trump are the best investment in any times, troubled or not. When the markets come back, some new millionaires will be made among those who buy stocks at bargain low prices.

  8. he talks like con man i feel like i have just been ripped off by a deranged con man

  9. Soviet-style coronavirus propaganda is used to turn people's attention from government corruption and Trump election.

  10. heโ€™s looking more like a one term president and i was a trump supporters..

  11. Either way, the markets should at least stabilize in a month. The question is, where will they stabilize? Down, or significantly down.

  12. The Stock Market is not the same as "markets" — Markets have existed for thousands of years, and will continue long after the stock market goes bust… I believe markets will do much better once the stock market is gone…

  13. And the Democrats want open borders and let anyone and everyone into our country!!!

  14. Just change your call sign to CNN already you frauds ! You will pay the price for your lies soon , as your ratings drop ! You suck you phonies ! FO !!!!

  15. Iatrogenics is far more deadly than Carona, Ebola and Swine flu combined.

  16. I love the optimism of the president Trump!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

  17. Fake Media tools you are seditious and have sown panic through your broadcasting their is no pandemic you are liars undermining this country you are the enemy!!!

  18. Markets have a have a habit of bouncing back so I am not going into sell off mode.

  19. God Bless you President Trump, you are in our prayers! After what the media has put you through including FOX! We the people know this is BS, yes the virus is there but more people have died of the flu in this country than this virus! In a matter of weeks this will be gone but the media will promote as much fear as they can, to crash the economy! THANKS FOX FOR YOUR PART IN THIS! We know what your trying to do media FU! Nothing will stop what is coming, so bring it on, this is the year of the boomerang!!!

  20. He's right, the market will rebound without a doubt. IMO, within two months.

  21. FED printed and pumped over 1 trillion dollars into the market the past few days in an attempt to stimulate it. The 1trillion is fresh out of the oven from yours truly. Thats when you know our market is going to hit the fan.

  22. People are buying crap and entertainment right now, in mass… The economy is booming. You have to be out of your mind to not see the insane amount of spending right now. The markets will come roaring back and set records… Democrat politicians pretending this will last until the general are shooting themselves in the foot. Find stock in grocery stores that lost big, invest now because when they release their MASSIVE earrings that stock will boom.


    TRUMP 2020=======

  24. average American you suck, this country is for the rich๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Trump 2020

  25. Only the MSM could drum up this much hysteria over a cold virus. It won't work and they'll have failed to stop Trump again. The demwit party should focus on 2024, because 2020 is out of the realm of possibilities. Unless Trump does a FDR and runs again in 2024. He probably should be allowed another 4 year term, since the petulant children in the demwit party obstructed and prevaricated all during his first term.

  26. and today.. the very next day, the dow slid back up 1985 points by your own reports.


  28. Trump: it's a Democrat hoax nothing burger ok to go to work sick
    Two weeks later: declares national emergency travel ban then claims he never said any of that
    Republicans: your fake news your fake news

  29. Americas gone be just fine no other countries wealthy enough to shut down….

  30. As of today, Friday the 13th, hereโ€™s where the market stands @ 23,185.62 +1,985.00 (9.36%)
    Mar 13, 6:29 PM EDT ยท Disclaimer

  31. President Trump is a lot smarter than people think. Even as this infection China Democrat disease has entered America the president already has a game plan to minimize and counteract this situation

  32. Trump the criminal is stealing tax payer money and putting it into his bank account. Trump will be indicted,convicted and sentenced to prison for Money Laundering,Bank Fraud,Tax Fraud,Racketeering and Campaign Fraud.

  33. Trump is standing TALL again. Whatever he do is all about Winning ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

  34. No other person on this planet could take on the role that President Trump is doing Right now, it's like he has the World on his broad capable shoulder s ,
    It's like he is orchestrating two delicate musical plays,.
    The other is trying to keep an alarmed public at ease, while this Deep State round up takes place without anyone noticing what the hell is going on, ( The pandemic is the cover for the action behind the scenes, to keep the public occupied, there is no other way to rid the world of this centuries old nasty Deep State control on humanity,
    This is where the Thousand years of bliss will be ushered in on humanity, this is history being created right in front of you, trust the Plan, together we are strong

  35. This is like, FiRST time, Trump has ever worn a green tie. A green lizzie tie.

  36. Verunka is the shame of Ireland , he does not value the Irish people at all , 10,000 native irish are dying on the streets this gombeen cares not a flying fig about them , he is a disgrace , a globalist happy to see the irish people wiped out , feck to this traitor grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  37. Again the stock market fluctuates and again there is panic. Relax a market drop is always followed by a market rise.

  38. This stock market falling is good news for investors. Buy low, sell high! Lots of cheap stocks out there. The key here is patience.

  39. Watch the Dan Bongino interview with a Doctor about the CV. The Doctor said the the virus will die as soon as it gets warm just like the Flu viruses that die when the weather warms up. This CV is temporary . That is why the CV is going down in China and South Korea.

  40. In 2009-2010 Flu season 61 million Americans got the Swine flu(HN1) and 12,000 Americans died. And Obama never did a travel ban from China and only declared an emergency in October 2009 , which was 6 months after it began in April 2009. The MSM Fake News did NOT attack Obama like they are attacking Trump. Trump is doing a GREAT JOB PREVENTING DEATHS.

  41. Sue every fake news Media corporation for libel. After this is over, every person they tried to ruin should sue them for everything they have!

  42. Who really believes anything this corrupt liar says? Only the brainless cult members!

  43. And heโ€™s right. Duh. Thank God it was as strong as it was (wait that wasnโ€™t God that was Trump and the American people). Thank god anyway.

  44. There is not a man I'd rather see in charge during a time like this than this man! Thank God for President Trump.

  45. … old 'NEWS'
    – UK and Ireland are now travel-ban-ditos as of Monday…

  46. Wait… Trump is in Ireland? He banned flights from there… so he has to stay?

  47. Hey stupid people at Fox move over . Q+ is speaking . Your little media outlet except for a few Patriotic presenters has become a joke like CNN.

  48. Funny how Fox B on TV is better then Fox yet on YT it's complete garbage! LOL

  49. maybe we should be listening to Fox… cause… you know… ALL of them got advanced degrees in economics from prestigious Ivy League schools like Wharton… oh, no wait, that's just TRUMP! I understand your derangement syndrome makes you dislike the man personally, but when a billionaire talks about money, you might want to listen.

  50. He talked so much about Obama bailing out the financial sector during his tenure, but offers no solutions other than more bailout money for the undeserving. The shale oil industry was a farce. Now the money helicopters are warming up. What a lying fake person he is.

  51. Every comment is good ! poeple are great, people are amazing ! most people are definitely good people , productive seeking happiness, were all the same, everyone wants happiness.

  52. things are fine and will be fine, trump is good guy, very secure guy
    the globalists are the ones that want destruction of the system.

    why, then they can try for the mark of the beast.

    they know, and they want , everyone in a bad desperate state, then

    they can force people into more enslavement systems.

    they love enslavement. Americans DONT

    Trump knows ALL this , he knows. hes a very great guy and we want everyone to pray for him and like him and his companies, America Freedom Companies ! based on free market capitalism . NOT communism,

  53. The only problems are YOU LIARS! Up to no good again you evil lizards! There is no pandemic!!

  54. You cannot even sound sincere!?! Bad bad acting…see right through you.

  55. So full of crap! WAKE UP PLEASE PEOPLE ๐Ÿ™! How can you believe this crap?

  56. Everyone is being tested here in Texas who wants to be tested so they need to stop with the lies!,,

  57. Iโ€™m glad dumb rich people are tanking the DOW. Thanks for giving me money!

  58. Thank You Mr President For ALL You do For Our enhancement of d Quality of Life๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒปโค๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  59. Makes me laugh that so many people afraid to catch Coronavirus yet they will group together by the hundreds in malls ect to buy toilet paper.

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