33 thoughts on “U.S. Senate: Impeachment Trial (Day 2)

  1. Republican senators took an oath to conduct a fair trial, yet they block all evidence and witnesses. This is due to the fact that they weren't brought up in the hearings, but that is only because trump blocked the subpoenas! Why can the president block evidence in his own trial?

    It is impossible to come to a just and accurate decision if they disregard all of the evidence! They are afraid of showing the public the truth. Corruption runs deep in the Republican party and they don't want to incriminate themselves. This is a sham trial by the GOP. The truth will come out eventually, and it likely goes deeper than we expect. #GOPCoverup

  2. If you don't vote in November, you have no right to complain, regardless of party.

  3. If YOU do nothing DEMS would put half as much time & energy into homelessness as u do our President u all would get somewhere

  4. Shame on you, Mitt & Susan! I used to be proud of you. There are NO John McCain's in this Republican Senate. The truth will come out into the mainstream public eventually, no matter the outcome here. Also, it's possible that the idiot will end up in jail after he's out of office because he's committed crimes as per the Mueller Report & it's confirmed that him withholding the funds was illegal.

  5. Republicans recognize that Trump is their last hoorah, after losing the civil war(they never got over it)……Therefore, once we say goodbye to this last battle…..republicans will cease to exist as we know it. #Bernie2020…..However am so grateful for being able to witness the choices made for America daily at the federal level…….thank you C-SPAN for the service

    Edit: Substitute the word Republican for "White Supremacists"

  6. Republicans are making themselves look like idiots bringing no witnesses to the impeachment trial. They don’t want evidence because they know that there are plenty of evidence waiting to be reviled. Shame on these corrupt conservative! Stop daydreaming republicans!

  7. That must be a Trump supporter yelling he must have been drinking since 3 AM.

  8. HONEST men fear neither the light nor the dark.
    From now on, if I’m ever called to serve on a jury, I will declare that I intend to follow the Republicans example and acquit the defendant without taking into consideration any evidence presented by the prosecution.

  9. Trump 2020 ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ Love from Norway

  10. Throw the kill switch!!! The SENATE does not do the Houses JOB! Try the articles delivered. House Libtards should have done its job!

  11. Democrats so concerned about Ukraine's national security but wont secure the US southern border. These people are sick!

  12. No phones huh! Try looking harder!! Its called a phone watch around the wrist…🀭

  13. RepubliKKKunts sealed the fate of death to their party , Jesus is a fairytale.

  14. Before the real United States citizens on here start going for each others throats let's make sure none of the comments are made by russian bots

  15. Too bad most Americans won’t be able to watch this, why have it run so late into the night when nobody can see it.

  16. Jibberish. Squeezing nothing out of nothing yields NOTHING. Schiff is a traitor. The democratic party is and has been corrupt since POTUS took office. Eternally scratching for traction relying on the brainwashing and media exposure. The trial will ultimately end with NO IMPEACHMENT.

  17. How the hell do people belive the falsehood that is spewed from sciff's mouth! This man lies as bad as Elizabeth warren.

  18. Did judge administer otah to trump for 2021 already if not than how is that abuse of power and whom is the whistle blower amendment 6

  19. My tax money goes to make more money what the fuck i care about Ukraine another country that is trying to create war against the USA

  20. The house is limited they do not have unlimited power! Seriously the house is making a massive mokery of the impeachment process.

  21. So, we have Republicans calling on the Democrat line and professing they are Democrats, but then they take on the Republican talking points. Hmm. Not very convincing.

  22. Senate Impeachment Trial, Day 3.

    Adam (The Worm) Schiff and Jerry (The Slug) Nadler wastes US Tax dollars trying to divert attention away from the real crime committed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2016. Someone either has something on Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler or they are bought. No one would act so desperately on so insignificant matter as "quit pro quo" which did not happen; and even if it did, was a often used US tactic with foreign nations and not a issue. It is clear something is amiss as these people show every sign of being desperate.

    American Patriot Party

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