14 thoughts on “UAW-GM strike day 26: New pressure for deal

  1. Vote no. no more giving up what we work for they keep taking from us
    The stock holders pressured her to meet with the uaw

  2. Lol ,if they dont close the deal by mid month I bet GM says , let it go till after Christmas

  3. Food , razors, and diapers lol. Look the longer this goes on is more proof that you don’t need higher wages because of the cost of living. You’re only getting $250 a week and apparently doing just fine. Which is far less than your normal check so what’s the issue?

  4. Well, they could sell it to someone, like to Carlos Tavares… He bought Opel and turned it immediately prosperous. There has to be some reason for that!

  5. Gm didn’t take the strike seriously but now is staring to panic and cry for it to stop. I guess they should have thought of that 2 years ago when they were abusing temps or 2 months ago when they knew a strike would happen and made no effort to prevent it.

  6. The world, nor GM, owes these people ANYTHING — including a certain wage, any particular level of healthcare benefits, or other benefits. I'm not sure where this sense of entitlement comes from. If you want to be in a position of to demand a certain level of benefits you must make yourself valuable within the free market — where employers will compete for your skill and labor — not cry like a baby that you're owed things just because you're a union worker employed at GM. Those days are OVER. It's what bankrupted GM the first time around.

  7. So, they were making alot of money per week (more than anyone in Michigan even makes) and now they are going to get $250 a week. That's not enough to pay their bills, buy food or take care of their family. They really must be a special kind of stupid.

  8. Send all auto jobs to mexico that includes the southern plants as well sick of autos made in USA make them in mexico !

  9. UAW workers will never go back to work, GM is going to close down those plants for good. GM doesn't have to pay unemployment and when the union runs out of cash they'll walk away too.

  10. GM should move all of there plants to TX, GA, MX and get rid of the UAW. These UAW bums are the reason GM products are so expensive and so crappy. They can't pay all of this unskilled labor the outrageous money and benefits they get.

  11. Whelp more expensive cars are coming thanks you selfish pricks. You people disgust me. If you don’t like your job then move and find another line of air conditioned bolt turning.

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