Undergraduate Business Information Session (Extended)

Okay so let’s get started here welcome to the information session for the business
management, marketing and organizational leadership programs these
are all offered online so you’ll be learning all about them and I want to
thank you all for taking the day the time of your day to attend. My name is
Julio Garcia i’m the admissions counselor for all these programs and
joining me in the presentation today is Kathy Modin
she’s an assistant professor and management chair in program, of the management
department actually, so we’ll start by sharing some information about the
college and then talk about the program we’ll finish by going over the
application process and then at the very end we will go over the question and
answer session. Okay so The College of St. Scholastica is a private liberal arts college it was
founded in 1912 by a group of pioneering Benedictine Nuns
we offer bachelor’s degrees in an online format as well as on ground. We offer
bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as a couple of doctoral degree
programs. Duluth, Minnesota is where our main campus is located but we do also
have a couple extended site campuses in Saint Paul and St. Cloud, Minnesota. The College of St. Scholastica is
regionally accredited through the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central
Association here you can see the Minnesota cities were extended site
campuses are located and we do also have a few offices, a few more offices located
throughout the state, so this includes Brainerd, Austin, Grand Rapids and
Inver Grove Heights. Values is one of the biggest things we
have here at St. Scholastica the Washington Post describes St.
Scholastica as a hidden gem and lists us in the top 100 schools to consider we
have a unique culture at the college and the sisters who founded it wanted a college
where service and community were not merely words but were also woven into
the culture and the curriculum of college. So all the programs intertwine
the Benedictine values, ethics and social responsibility into the curriculum so
here you can see the values that we uphold at the college. Community,
Hospitality, Respect, Stewardship and Love of Learning. Community’s probably the
biggest one that we uphold. Whether you’re an online student or on campus
you will see that throughout the program. We do also offer Student Support Services
for our online programs so as an online student you would have a program advisor
that would work with you throughout the duration of the program they help you
create a personalized program plan. So you would work with them they would help
you with your schedule and so that you can complete it as soon as possible or
take the time that you desire with your program. You do have an on staff
librarian as well so you can go to them for any resources that you might need
for writing papers. Going along with that we also have the Warner Writing Center so
if you need feedback tutoring skills with any of your papers or assignments
you can go with them, go to them and they can help you out with that as well, and
once you’re nearing the end of graduation if you’re looking for a new
job or a new career you can go to the Career Services Center they have support
through online as well as on the phone they can help you with resume, building
the resume, giving you feedback, they also have a list of current job openings so
you can check with them from time to time to see if they have any new, if
there are any new openings in the area or across the state of Minnesota. We
offer online tutoring 24 hour service, 24/7 hour service available through a
company called Smart Thinking and we also have IT Help Desk available 24/7.
With that being said I will turn it over to Kathy Modin now she will talk about
the programs that we offer through the Stender School of Business and Technology.
Great thank you Julio and welcome everybody it is so nice to have you here
with us today and I’ll try to answer give you a brief preview of all of our
programs in the management department in the undergrad and then if you have
questions at the end I’ll be glad to take those, or at any time. So the
business management degree is our largest degree that we offer it’s
probably the most popular and I would probably guess because of its wide
variety of places that you could actually use this degree it’s pretty
versatile for it going into any type of business you can see it
requires 68 credits and then really prepares you for any managerial position
in a large or small corporation. We do give you skills we emphasize
entrepreneurship so skills to run your own business and it’s a great foundation
in case you decide to go on for your graduate degree as well. Some of the
characteristics of successful managers I’ll kind of go into these with all the
different degrees here too but with the strategic thinking skills
effective communication creative solutions to complex business problems
and ethical decision-making are four of the top skills that businesses have
given us feedback on and what they’re looking for in grads in the business
world so you can see the courses that we have to offer there and I can answer any
questions about those later too regarding the foundation and the core
courses and then the advanced ones with along with the three electives that you
would need to choose for this degree. And we offer a Healthcare Administration
concentration with that degree for an extra 15 credits for those who are
interested in in hospital administration this program will help you master some
of those business skills that are in the healthcare field so we we have worked
real closely with our HIM department Health Information Management to come up
with courses that would give you a nice concentration for that type of
background and you can see the courses that are listed on here that would be an
extra 15 credits and again you could use some of your electives in order to reach
this requirement too so we’re excited about that area. Marketing is our second
probably most popular and we’ve been told that according to the Bureau of
Labor Statistics that this is one of the fastest growing careers in the next
eight years so we’re excited about this one. Marketing graduates you can see are
prepared for a lot of different industries and businesses in advertising
public health, sorry public relations, healthcare, banking, I’ll give you the, I’ll
let you read the list, but a lot of areas you can go into with marketing we
actually have an intentional focus on digital marketing so we have our
e-commerce and our marketing on the Internet
we’re partnering with our art department now to try to get a concentration in
graphic design so we’re excited about this program. Again some of the
characteristics that advertising agencies are looking for effective
communication of course, written and oral. Problem solving and again ethics, we
embed ethics and all of our curriculum, and try to help students with their
ethical decision making and also specialized marketing skills in personal
selling and non personal selling and I mentioned the digital marketing areas
here too so it’s an exciting field if that’s what you’re interested in and we
have a great degree that sixty-eight credits for that one two and our third
one for the undergrad program is the organizational leadership which is an
exciting field I think to think about. It’s an interdisciplinary study of human
aspects of management it is not as much business oriented as the business
management that requires the accounting econ and then we added the legal aspects
of management for the business degree this degree focuses more on the human
behavior within an organization so some of the disciplinary areas that you could
go into it obviously would be Human Resources, coaching, mentoring, managing,
training and development programs for organizations and it also is a strong
foundation for graduate school moving right into our master’s in our MBA in
organization. I’m sorry masters business MBA there we go I will get it
Julio sorry in leadership and change there we go so it’s organizational
leadership and it is a nice direct route for that
again some of the characteristics for leaders in this field interpersonal
communication and relationship skills more on the behavioral aspect of it
negotiating and transactions for the HR piece a lot of different initiatives
working in them in the managerial field and working with teams and decision
making you’re actually working with trying to figure out what people are
doing and how they work individually in groups and then again as organization as
a whole. This degree requires 52 credits so
you there’s a lot of leeway for doing a double major a lot of students will
double major in either marketing they’ll maybe double major in psychology this is
more psychology based degree so there’s a lot of room for being creative with
this this degree a lot of places you can go with it it’s exciting and our newest
addition this spring we are launching our human resource management minor
which is a minor that can be paired with any just about any major within
the College of St. Scholastica so focusing on the human resource
management which is also a growing field it’s it’s places of business are always
going to need people in HR so we feel this is a nice way to go with this one
it includes the essential elements that align with the business trends that
we’ve we’ve done market studies on they’re looking for people with critical
decision-making skills interpersonal and leadership skills organizational skills
applying theory to practice and competency and diversity and inclusive
excellence. HR is a broad broad field that this type of concentration would be
good for anyone interested in working with hospital administration’s, local
governments, employee services and you can see some of the positions that we
feel someone with this kind of background could move into the
compensation and benefits administrative position, staff coordinator, labor
relations specialists, job analysts and then being able to move on
up in in those corporations into the managerial field so this obviously would
be a great minor with the management major or with the organization
leadership major and even the marketing you’re always going to need HR people to
get your business going and keep it going so exciting field this will be
launched this spring and we’re we’re very excited about that so I think
that’s are you next Julio are you gonna talk about this? Yeah I can go over this, thanks Kathy
sure and all of our programs are offered in both formats via online and
traditional so yeah thank you. Alright so for these ones specifically though they
are offered 100% online you never have to go anywhere.
You can do it from the comfort of your own home, a cafe, coffee shop somewhere else so
these are also offered in accelerated eight-week terms we have six terms per
year so we have programs start every eight weeks pretty much this is nice for
those who want to complete the program really quickly so if you have no
transfer credits for example you can complete it in as few as three years if
you do have transfer credits if you’re transferring an associate’s degree or a
lot of credits you can completed in as few as few as two years if you’re
enrolled full-time because that includes summer terms as well. 100% online we don’t really have like I mentioned before you don’t have
to be online at a certain time but there are going to be deadlines for
assignments and there are specific times where you’ll have to be taking exams as
well they’re not proctored but you do have a specific time line
your exams are timed so you have a specific time to to complete them Now… if you’re ready to apply we’ll go
over the application process it’s fairly simple here so for eligibility in order
to be eligible to apply for the program you need at least a high school diploma
or a GED if you have taken 12 or more college credits we don’t require high
school transcripts but we do require all of your college transcripts so we do
have a minimum GPA for acceptance into the college its 2.0 and for acceptance
into the program it’s 2.7. There are no application fees and if you are
interested we can do a unofficial transcript evaluation before you apply
it’s a rough estimate but it’ll only include the courses in the major not the
general education courses. So you can complete your application online I can
send you the link if you’re interested or you can just find it on our website
as well. This is the address where you can send all your official transcripts
to and if you’re interested in applying for financial aid you can also go on the
FAFSA website our school code here is 002343. So here’s the breakdown of the cost for
the academic year 19/20. Tuition is currently 395 credit and books if you’re
looking at books you can estimate about $100 on average about $100 per
course and we do have a technology fee of eighty dollars per semester as well. I’m in admission so I don’t work directly with financial aid part of
things if you are interested in helping and you have financial aid questions you
can always contact someone from our one-stop office here’s our contact
information you can just take photo of it and contact them if you have any
questions related to FAFSA or financing the program as well. Here are the application deadlines as we
mentioned earlier we do have six separate start dates per year so two in
each semester two in the fall to the summer two in the spring
so our next start here is actually coming up on October 30th but that the
deadline to apply for that has already passed so the next one where you can
apply and start would be in spring and then the deadline to apply for that
would be December 15. Okay so that was pretty much the
application process it’s pretty simple the way we do it is you just complete
the online application which is free the part that takes the longest is usually
just waiting to receive the official transcript so the sooner you can do that
the sooner we can get things moving. We review applications on a very quick on
a very quick time frame so as soon as we get that last transcript you will review
it as soon as possible and then you’ll get your decision as
soon as possible too. So we’re coming to the end of the presentation here but I
did want to provide everyone with our contact information here you can contact
me via email or phone, same with Kathy. If you have any questions about the
application process however She’ll just refer you back to me so anything
application related just let me know even stuff about the program you can
come to me, but anything more in depth such as transcript evaluations you can
send those to me and I will actually send to a program coordinator who will
work with Kathy to do the unofficial evaluation on that so now it’s time to
hear from all of you if you have any questions now’s the best time to ask
otherwise like I mentioned before you can always just email us or give us a
call. We must have done a great job if you
don’t have any questions. Oh yeah, feel free to unmute yourself if you
do have any questions. We do have a chat area too if you have any questions you
can write them in the chat area. Alright uh so you gotta… Oh! Who is the best person to contact if we want
to know how our credit transferred from the transcript? Yeah so you… Like what we are looking at for a plan. Yeah definitely so you can actually contact me if you want you could just send me an
email right away and attach a copy of your official transcripts and then
once I have that information I send them over to the program coordinator and
she takes a look at them she does the unofficial evaluation and works with
Kathy and some of those courses as well to complete the unofficial evaluation.
Okay so I’ve already transferred, I’ve already sent my transcripts and already
been accepted so you already have all of that information. I am just
wondering and I’m not planning on starting until next fall because I’m
just kind of wondering what the plan looks like. Okay yeah so um so the next
part is since you’ve been accepted the Registrar’s Office and the Department
will have done official transcript evaluations and there now if you’ve
worked with the program the next step would then be for the program advisor to
contact you and then start working on our program plan with you. Thank you. Yeah. Ashley is
asking what is the date of spring start? So spring starts on January 13th that’s
why the deadline for for applying is usually a month before the start date so
December 15th that’s why that’s set as the deadline for for applying to the
program for spring term. See, another question Where it’d be fun to hear from all of
you where are you from and what are you interested in. I’m from International
Falls capital gamma area and I am interested in the business degree with a
health care focus. Great great nice to have you with us.
Thank you. Molly or Ashley? Nope you don’t want to tell us. Hahaha. That’s okay too. Oh here we go.
Yeah. We do have one from student from Duluth here interested in… Oh Ashley, yep, good! Nice to have you Ashley. It’s nice to have you to Molly
you contact us anytime if you’re interested in something so nice to meet
all of you today. Yeah all right well well I’m this like I
mentioned you do have our contact information and I will be sending out
the recording information session as well. So just contact us anytime you have
any questions about anything all right. I’m sorry about my last minute
question. No go for it. So regarding the accelerated accelerated program I have um I think
I’m like maybe like 40 credits or whatnot from a different college and I’m
looking into transferring all of that when I do apply to St. Scholastica, but I was wondering and if the classes are structured differently then the
regular online courses and how its structured or is it just per instructor?
Do you understand my question? Yeah Kathy would you like to answer this one? Yeah if I can if I do understand it correctly
so the way are I don’t know what you’re what you’re used to but the way our
online courses are structured are usually an eight-week units and we we
open the units week by week it’s not a self-study it’s
is we progress through them as a class and in each unit we have learning
objectives but each week there’ll be discussion posts where there’s a
triggered question for you to answer and then reply to your classmates about that
that could be either video form via voice-thread or just the discussion board
itself and then there are lectures there are recorded PowerPoint lectures in them
and then the assignments are within the each unit as well and usually the
assignments are due by the Sunday night the the weeks go Monday through Sunday
and usually assignments are due Monday night. The discussions can vary between
instructors some like to have you post by Thursday night Wednesday or Thursday
night on the first your initial response so that there’s plenty of time to
respond to students your other classmates by Saturday or Sunday. Now
there are some that are moving into doing three posts which would be your
initial post and then your response to a couple of other people by maybe Friday
night and then by Sunday night to respond to those who reply to you so
that there really is some communication going on within the online environment,
but that is totally up to the instructor. Does that answer your question or do you
have did I can I explain it more? Yep yep nope that answers my question so just to
follow up on that and if so if the week is structure to that way for the
accelerated courses are the workload going to double the amount of the
regular classes? Hehehe. That that’s a good question we do cover two weeks worth of
material in one week in the accelerated program so oftentimes
there are a couple of assignments that are due or the big assignments are due
within a week rather than two weeks. We do move very quickly. The thing that’s
not that we aren’t able to do online that we are able to do in the classroom
is more hands-on activities and more application of the concepts so you’re
you’re missing out on that piece of it but the workload the assignments and
pieces are going to be pretty much yep accelerated. Does that help? Okay, yes, and then just one last question sorry. If I’m already working in the field, and taking these
courses to pursue a degree or whatnot, Can – is there like an
assessment or a test that I can take to test me out of a specific class? Yeah, I’m
going to let Julio talk about the CLEP and all of those, but let me just tell
you that I would be willing – and the one that would probably work with you on the
prior learning assessment where we would go through what you learned on the job
that I would have taught you in class that’s called our PLA assessment and
though that’s a really good question and that’s something that we work
individually with each person to see what kind of experience they had
and then what they learned on the job that pertained to a certain class so
we would do that class by class and individual by individual. But yes, that is
totally available. And then Julio has some other ways you can I think. Yeah
definitely thanks Kathy. So that’s probably the most common is for students to try and to want to do the PLA, the prior learning assessment, when they come in when they
enroll at St. Scholastica, but other things you could do is you can take a
CLEP exam and you can test out of certain material. So for example if
you’re in algebra and you feel like you know sufficient enough algebra, you can
take a CLEP exam for that and you can test out of it. I believe they’re
somewhere between 50 to 100 dollars for the exams – I can’t remember
the exact number it’s not it’s not that much. But yeah if
you once you pass that you can transfer or you can use that credit or to
transfer out of specific course that you did so that’s not a course-by-course
basis and again going back to the PLA the prior learning assessment you can
you can do that for specific courses in our program so it doesn’t apply to all
the courses but there are specific ones. Any other questions? The PLA assessment is that something that we would talk to our program advisor about then also. Yes, so once you’re accepted,
once your official evaluation has been completed, then you would work with your
program advisor and the program coordinator to help determine how your
experience will transfer and for the prior learning assessment. Okay I have
another question. Yeah. So if I’m currently going to a different institution
with a lower course rate, can I complete that at my current institution
while still taking like the major courses there? Yeah definitely so… Can I be enrolled at 2 institutions? Yes, you could. I am not sure how the financial aid
side of that works, but so the first thing I always ask students is it is it an accredited college? I you know you gotta if you do you gotta do well because uh
classes will transfer over if students recieve a C or higher in those and
then third is if you have a syllabus from that college, you could get me a
copy and then I can have either Kathy or one of the other faculty members look at
it because then they’ll be able to determine if that matches the course
that we offer so that I can fully transfer over. Yep and can I just add
real quickly here? If you’re taking like a general ed class at another college,
there is a consortium agreement that you’d have to go through financial aid
to work out to take a class from there as well as start here. I believe I’m
correct on that, Julio. Is that they need to get that consortium agreement if
they’re going to do both, but like Julio said you would need to make sure
that that course will transfer in for you. Any other questions? Yep just to follow up on that so is that
something that I should be talking to my advisor about at my current institution? It depends on where do you… For the financial aid? Yeah it depends on which college you want to, if it depends on what
your intentions are if you want to just take a few classes here and then
transfer them over to your other institution or if you want to take those
courses at that institution and then transfer them here so that you can
graduate from here because then the ultimate, ultimately the
the best person to talk with about that is one of our program faculty members or
Kathy or our program coordinator to see how the courses would transfer over. Okay that’s helpful thank you. Yeah one thing I wanted to bring up is
um a lot of times students want to complete the program as soon as possible
so a common question would be “how many courses can I take at a time?” so if we’re
talking about terms here the most we want students who are take during, at the
same time is 2. 2 maximum because you know that’s 8 credits per term and
then if you’re looking at semester overall at 16 credits which is a full
load and most students are you know have families or working full time so to take
on a full credit load would be a lot and that’s why we usually try to have a 2
course maximum per term. You know the other thing I was just
gonna say, Molly, I think that was you that was talking. Remember that you need
to take 32 credits residency with The College of St. Scholastica in order to
have the degree come from The College of St. Scholastica so even if you’re taking
other courses at another institution with that consortium agreement your last
32 need to be with The College of St. Scholastica which is pretty easy to do
if you’re taking all of your core courses with us. And the PLA classes do
not count towards the residency so keep that in mind as well. Hopefully that
makes sense. Thanks for bringing that up. Yes a term is defined as 8 weeks so
summer terms I believe are a little shorter they might be 7 weeks long
just because you know summer the summer semester is shorter but in the fall and
spring they are 8 weeks long. Good questions. Yeah definitely. Yeah anything else? Well it was a pleasure meeting all of
you if you need to ask me anything later please feel free to contact me. Oh go
ahead Molly sorry. Yeah thanks everyone thanks for taking time out of your day and feel free to contact us whenever! Have a great day! Thank you. Thank you.

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