Unlocking the Advantage to Improve Your Business’ Payments | J.P. Morgan

[MUSIC PLAYING] Our people are strategic
partners with our clients. The payment expertise
of the people that we employ at
JP Morgan is really original in the industry. We truly become an
end-to-end solution provider. Over the past four
or five years, our partner JP Morgan has
helped us grow tremendously with our payments. They’ve made sure that we are
on the cutting edge where we can be with payments in our stores. One thing we’ve talked
a lot with our clients about is that wholesale
payment space. And everything from
the APIs and just the digital transformations
that are happening will help us better serve
our clients in the future. Analytics done the
right way can really help you transform data into
actionable insights, which is what you need to actually
meet the merchants’ goals. Optimizing payment in
our business priority is significantly important. We want to meet the customer
in all form of payment. There have been many
changes in the industry. And trying to
understand and dissect the impacts of those changes
has required a partnership. JP Morgan has been
really instrumental. International expansion
is something we talk about with almost every client. And as we’re talking about
our expansion and our growth, where we’re targeting in
terms of new locations, this is something
that the clients want to talk about
in terms of what is their long-term strategy. I would say the top
challenge is fraud. How do they mitigate fraud? What tools do they use? What investments do they make? And that just
continues to grow as we move into this digital world. We work with our
merchants to understand how to protect their own
business, how to stop fraud, and how to make their
own ecosystem better. I think, like a
lot of merchants, I’ve experienced a huge
shift from our present fraud to online fraud. We’re no different
in that regard. The greatest challenge
is, again, it’s identifying those good
customers versus the bad ones and trying to keep
the bad ones out. So the investment that we
have in our people really goes beyond just the
training and the onboarding, but it really is
around the diversity and the inclusive
culture that we create. Everybody has their own story
and their own perspective on things. And while it’s great
for me internally to have a diverse team
that I get to work with, but they bring that
to the customers as well because our customers
are diverse in nature as well, and it lends itself perfectly. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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