UT Physicians – April 2019 Employee of the Month

Hi, I’m Andrew Casas and we are here
today at the UT Professional Building in the Texas Medical Center. We’re here to
celebrate and award the April 2019 Employee of the Month. It’s a really
special appointment this time because we have a patient who has come in just to
be here for this award as well as the employee has been nominated multiple
times. The employees been here a year and a half and has been nominated at least four times that I know of, and so every time the employee is nominated because, and you’ll hear in a little bit why we kept pushing it out, we finally decided you know what
this employee is exceptional and it’s time to really celebrate the employee
the month for April 2019 so let’s go in. I’m gonna go around back and sneak up
behind him and see if we can’t surprise him because he does work at the front
desk and that’s often time very difficult to do so let’s see what we can do. Good morning. How’s it going Zach? How you doing? Did I surprise you? We’re here for a little surprise this morning stand up so don’t be shocked
okay; don’t faint on us. I’ll try not to. So Zach you you’ve been here about a year
and a half right? Almost just about. And I gotta tell ya you know you’ve been
nominated since I think after the first or second month you’ve been nominated
for employee of the month. The first couple of times you were nominated, because of who you are and your relationship to other people in this
practice I had to shut it down and say no people are gonna think that there’s
favoritism going on here. At this point being nominated multiple times I finally
said okay I think it’s time to give Zach employee of the month. Well thank you. So we’re here today to celebrate and to award you with employee of the month for April 2019. Oh my god. And we have a couple of really cool surprises for you. Okay. One we have one
of the patients who nominated you multiple times who is Mary Ann Cash. Hi. How are you? And so she wanted to come in and just
talk a little bit about some of the some of the wonderful service you’ve given
her. Mary Ann come up here. Okay, well Zach the first time I moved
here in February. Yeah, I do remember that. Okay well from the moment I walked off of the
elevator you stop what you’re doing attended to me and I was new. I really
didn’t want to come downtown. Yeah, I understand. I remember you telling me that. We had a full blown conversation. Yeah well you made me feel
so comfortable that first time and I watched you repeat that with everybody
that walked through the doors; I sat in the waiting room. The second time I came in there was a little glitch with time but you attend I was so impressed with
the way you attended to everybody that came in and then you got back to me
because there was something with scheduling. Yes ma’am. The third time I came in here I did not realize how a certain test work and it was not scheduled and
you said would you be willing to wait here because I know the tech and I’m
gonna ask her if she would stay and do your tests so you don’t have to come
back. Yes ma’am. You saved me hours. Yeah, I remember because you were coming in from out of town. I’ve never seen anything like that before in a young person. Thank you so much. I’m sold
I don’t go anywhere else for our medical care. That’s good to know yeah. Thank you so much for coming in to tell us stories, I mean that that is wonderful. So Zack
the other thing I did want to mention and I said it a little bit earlier that
I started pushed down the idea of you have an employee of the month because, so your mom and your grandmother work here okay and so I
don’t want anybody thinking that was favoritism but between the three of you
you realize you have over 55 years of service for UT Physicians and their
patients between the three of you. That is that is phenomenal so thank you for
introducing us to Zack thank you for allowing him to come work with us. Thank
y’all for giving me the opportunity. And so congratulations and I’m gonna give
you a couple of really cool things not just my signature but we’re gonna
give you a check for $500 okay don’t spend it all in one place nuts and
then a nice plaque for you to take. Thank you very much. Remember the award, and Zach I really appreciate everything you do. Thank you for the opportunity. Susan Bell, I wanted to bring her up
here as well. Susan Bell’s been your manager the
whole time. She gave you a shot a year and a half ago and you have just
blown us away by the service. She gave me a shot during my internship as well.That’s
right I forgot about that. She’s the best manager I’ve had. Susan, any comments?You know I got that phone call from somebody that said
would I take on an intern a young kid and I thought to myself oh my gosh what am I gonna do and he came on board and he was just already like jumping jelly bean
to work and and I just pushed him and pushed him and pushed him, and I treated
him like he was my kid. I wanted him to be successful and he was. He came to work every day he treated people with respect he treated the patients with respect and
he finished his internship and then so many about a year later I get a phone
call and from his mother and said do you have any open positions and I said well who had it before and because I am very picky, I want the customer service
and she said my son is looking for a job and I said I will
hire him hands down. And I have not regretted that decision ever since. He is
an exceptional employee, he can’t cook, but. I’m still learning, I’m still learning. He’s very responsible and most important
he treats everybody with the respect and dignity that they deserve
and he has compassion and that you cannot teach. Thank you very much. Good job good job. Thank you thank you so much. Thanks again. Appreciate it man. Not a problem, Andrew. Thank you, thank you.

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