UT Physicians – August 2019 Employee of the Month

Denise Laird is a clinic coordinator
here at EP Heart. She’s transferred over from Advanced Heart Failure and been
promoted. I collaborated with her previous
manager to receive the promotion to come here because I was looking for somebody
to be a lead in our clinic and I thought Denise would be great for our group. I’m
new here to EP Heart, which is a very good opportunity. My favorite part of the
job is working with patients. I love our patients very much. I think that we
should always treat our patients like they’re part of our family, our mothers,
our fathers, our sisters, anybody that how we would want to be treated or we would
when our family treated and so that’s what I do. I try to do every day. We’re
here to surprise you with Employee of the Month. You were nominated and we’re here
to award you with Employee of the Month as part of EP Heart. So stand up, come on.
We’re gonna give you a check for $500 and a plaque, also for Employee of the
Month August 2019. I think when you do a job that you should try to do it to the
best of your ability, you know. I think that you’ll go very far if you do that.

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