Varney: Don’t panic, stock market is not in a freefall

24 thoughts on “Varney: Don’t panic, stock market is not in a freefall

  1. What a downfall, had to stop the free fall so they turned off the market at 7% why lie? It was in a free fall so they had to pull the switch to turn the market off and save it after 7% straight losses. Why lie? He knows he lied per orders from the top, just lie, lie, lie. Hoax virus ruined our bull market. What a hoax and there is no free fall. It's all a democratic hoax folks. Vote for us, i mean them or the money or whatever, get the money, money, and don't forget the money.

  2. Here it come Bagdad Bob from fox news to tell Trump voters we have the 28 division on the Russian front.

  3. Any financial/ life decision made in fear is always the wrong one. Don’t bet against the US Economy & Worker!

  4. I thought the Saudis and the Russians were our friends?. And all of you talking heads at Fox have been saying that for the past 3 years. And have been demonizing the Democrats for daring to go against the dear leader in criticizing Russia and the Saudi's actions. You all call it a hoax invented by the Democrats. The Saudis tried bankrupting US oil producers in 2015 leading to millions of Americans loosing their jobs. In Texas and around the oil patch, thousands of families lost their income, and with it a lot lost their homes.
    I hope you people at Fox learn your lessons. Or will you continue defending the real enemies?

  5. Nobody needs to panic. Trump will be blaming Obama, or Bill Clinton, or Jimmy Carter, or LBJ, or JFK for this drop in the market, and the true beauty is that his low-IQ base supporters will believe him!!!! All will be good.

  6. I cannot wait to see Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney, Larry Kudlow all stop smiling when DOW hits 18000. Hahahaha……Warren Buffett and I will start cleaning house even harder when that happens. He and I will keep cleaning until both of us lying on the floor with corona virus.

  7. Everybody knows China and USA are joined at the hip, even though both hate each other. One goes down the drain, the other one goes down too.

  8. The only gains the market's seen in the past week is when Biden won Super Tuesday. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck… it's a duck!

  9. I'm here after the market is heading to reccesion.. 2,000 points by the end of the week it can be under 20,000 lol

  10. there's been a glut of oil on the Market going on 15 years, what are they going to do, double glut, silly and becoming sillier.

  11. These sectors need the government's help or we'll have another 2008 recession: banks, oil, insurance.

  12. This reminds me of the 2008 housing market crash, they kept saying it is not a crash then all of the sudden it crashed.

  13. Didn't know they had started doing comedy 🤣 The Onion can't even write this well!
    Stay safe everyone! ✌❤😷

  14. Never voting for another Republican again. History has shown they suck at economics.

  15. The market may actually rally tomorrow, BUT the free fall will continues over the coming days and weeks. The markets are not even at correction levels yet, and that's BEFORE factory the massive economic impacts of Covid 19. Its not the media's job to "pump" the market, what is going on here?

  16. Democrats celebrating the stock market fall. Democrats celebrating the possibility of a recession. Yet their beloved leader Obama was claiming in a series of tweets a couple of weeks that Trump's economy was his economy. I guess now that Obama will conveniently say that his tweet was a joke. Maybe Obama already deleted the tweet just to make sure that everybody forgets his tweet.

  17. Kind of tragic watching Trump's followers buy into every drop only to get destroyed for it over and over again as he shamelessly tries to boost stocks from the WH during a real major crisis. Many of these buyers are older retirees who will not be able to wait out a long position if the market stays in recession and will suffer materially for it. They think because he was able to talk his way out of his own manufactured crises of philandering and abuse of power he can somehow talk himself out of a pandemic virus and a massive oil crash? Doesn't work that way.

  18. Well look at that…wall street begging for the government to bail them out to protect their million dollar paydays.
    They dont want to lose their money …they want to lose yours.

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