Via Austria’s Home Office Makeover // Tropical Minimalist Design // by Elle Uy

Rachel: One, two, three… open your eyes [Excited] Oh My God! Hi! This is Elle ^^^ and welcome to another makeover. I’m here at the office-slash- -vanity-slash- -studio-slash- guest room of Mommy Via Austria Come here. Mommy Via Austria: HI!!! [Muffled applause] So what’s our plan for your room? I want it to make it something that can be a guestroom Elle: Yes, it’ll have a lot of functions. Mommy Via Austria: Like, no matter where I go here I can film. But I’m not one of those (INAUDIBLE) that, girl. Elle: No, but I mean, if you’re going to crouch for pics… Mommy Via Austria: A Q & A so our viewers won’t get bored Elle: Also, so it’ll be inspiring When you come in [Mommy V prepares to pose] Elle: Just fresh While you’re walking out, just like- [Laughter] Just like that. Then, the style you’re going for… Mommy Via Austria: Minimalist and kinda industrial- Elle: Slight industrial Mommy Via Austria: A bit more on… White, Black, and… Elle: Green- Mommy V: Green. Elle: ‘Cuz that’s accent color. Mommy V: Yeah, actually, there’s been a lot of… requests that we could have… you know, when we were still moving back then… [Fans] “Mommy V, get Ms. Elle to fix your… house – like that. Mommy V: So that’s when I searched her. That’s where I found her- I said, “Huh, I used to be really into watching- I was still in high school back then or college- Extreme makeovers, things like that. Elle: Me too. I used to watch them back then. Mommy V: I was just blow away by how good she was. Elle: [Flattered/Embarrassed Laughter] Mommy V: I just have a habit of slowing down because I like to- Both: Organize! Elle: That’s where you’re really good at that. Mommy V: Yeah, but when it comes to decor it’s kind of a bust. Everything’s all plain. Elle: It’s the same on my end. In DMs, in some comments, things like that- [Fans] “Fix Mommy V’s place.” Mommy V: (Laughter) Elle: A lot of stuff like that. But I said, “It’s not like she contacted me…” [Shared Laughter] Mommy V: I was feeling embarrassed… Elle: (XD) It’s not like I could just present Mommy V: (Making an Elle impression): “Do you need me, Mommy V?” Elle: Are you needing me? Do you need me and my services? So there, she contacted me, and here we are. Mommy V: Yay! Elle: We’re gonna start it up now, so… I’m excited. Stay tuned to see what we’ll do with the room- We’ll go shopping. We’ll paint. We’re gonna do just a little bit of everything here. Before we get started, please subscribe to my channel for more home makeover, design tips, advice, and of course, subscribe to Mommy Via Austria [Yay!] And follow us on Instagram ^^ I’ll just put it here ^^ Yes, that’s it. Ok, bye- Mommy Via: Thank you! Elle: So here’s the door to her office, so when you come through the door, this’ll be the view. It’s really pretty and bright, because she’s got two windows. But her problem with it was that her space was too long- her space there’s rectangular. There, that’s her stuff now. The desk is existing (Interior Decorating term). This is here vanity. She’s got a mirror here. Then by the end, there’s a spot there she wants turned into a sofa area. Her sofa bed will be there, so if she’s got guests over, this spot will be a guestroom as well. So that’s where her desk will be, and we’ll add some storage over there. Decor and shelf to pretty it up for her vlogging. So this is her room, right? It’s nice- really exciting to do, because it’s a super blank canvas and all her pieces here are recent, so I’m really excited to see her overhauled studio. In her vlogs. Stay tuned and come with as I fix it up here. [Music-backed montage] Mommy Via: I’m just gonna take over the vlog from Elle We’ll check in on them. Eyy, they’ve gotten started on painting now. It’s color White now. They’ve also put up some pinlights. The wallpaper man has arrived. [ πŸ™‚ ] Hello. They went home now. It got a lot brighter when they turned this White- because at first, this was Cream. I’m getting excited now, Elllleeeeee… [Laughter] The stuff Elle ordered is finally arriving. I’m not going to peek. But this chair, I can see. Here. This is gonna be my new office chair. This is really exciting! I still can’t imagine what Elle’s got planned for this, but… I’m excited! I’m here at Via’s house, hello. Via: Hello! Elle: So, we’re gonna start fixing upstairs now. So, she’s kinda stuck downstairs. We aren’t allowing her to go up. Mommy V: I’m editing here, so I don’t get bored. Elle: … there’s a lock (Laughter) Later, we’ll call her up for the surprise. This is their hallway now. We’ve got so much stuff. And, here’s the office. We’re going to be arranging stuff today. Here’s the wallpaper. It’s gorgeous. [Zooms in] There… I wasn’t available when they fixed up last time, but everything’s turning out alright. Everything we’ve ordered already got here. The walls have been painted White, the wallpaper’s there, So they’re unboxing stuff now. There… We’re already setting up frames for the wall gallery we’re gonna make, so we’ve bought quite a few, and… I had a few different photos printed, and I actually edited them so their color scheme would look great. We just got these pictures online. They’re also free. Soooo here, take a look. So there. We’re going to be opening those frames so we can put these inside. Finally, we’ve finished the home office- slash-studio- slash-makeup room- slash-guestroom ni Via, and… I’m excited to show you the modern tropical look she wanted for the room, so here. I’ll take you on a tour. [Woosh] So this is her main door when she enters the room, and on the right, this is where we put her dresser. This dress- it’s old spot used to be here- it was too deep, and it didn’t really fit in there because the room was so narrow- and it was so deep, so the room looked cramped- so I thought this would be best put here because it’s a nook- originally, this was supposed to be a closet, but she didn’t have one installed yet, so good thing she didn’t have it installed, ‘cuz the desk is perfect here. And because it’s her home office and this’ll be her main work area, I wanted to highlight it a bit, which is why I had this wallpaper installed. This wallpaper is Gold and White, and she (Mommy V) said she didn’t really like floral, she didn’t like leaves – obviously, because we’re going tropical, but she preferred the geometric pattern. That’s why I put it there, ‘cuz it’s interesting but not super flashy or an eyesore. even if it looks a bit busy, all the decor we placed just gets highlighted here. Then I had some shelves added, so she could fill it with other items. So I got this chair for her because she wanted- you know the typical looking office chair? So it should be more cute, and it fit really well here. Then… There, it feels really relaxing to work here. And the light we had installed in her lamp is White so it’ll feel like less of a chore to edit and work… And the lamp here’s really pretty too. Cute, here. Then, we’re here at her makeup space- makeup area on the other side. This part used to be on the other wall. I thought it’d be best fit because there’s a window here, so if it’s early, her view would be great- it’d be brighter there, and it’d be OK here because the table is really narrow, so it doesn’t get in the way of the walkway. And, she said she wanted a fur chair, so of course, we bought her a fur chair. What’s this? (What fur?) There. She’ll look awesome here. So here by the side, this was for her accessories. Before, you know the stand? It’s for the- it’s a mirror, then she fills it with accessories. There… That’s a lot, right? (half-jokingly) I’m a bit jealous. But because we’ve already put a full length mirror- I’ll show you later- we had some cork added so it could be used for notes or inspiration- pictures of her family- Which is why… it’s alright here. This was given to her- of course she wants it displayed, because it’s nice- it fits the theme, it’s got gold, and it says “Family Vlogs” so we’re going to put it here. It’s also LIT. So… we put a lot of plants in here because she wanted to go for tropical, so there… the plants are from ^^^ This is the living space in this room. It’s so cute, actually… I don’t know which one’s my favorite: this one or… later- I’ve got a lot of favorites. This sofa here is from ^^^ They’ve got a lot of IKEA items- actually, I’ve got the feeling the some of her pieces- she bought them there too, so this is a sofa bed. She can flatten it into a bed and lie down. If she’s got guests, they can sleep here. If there’s no one here, she can just lounge and chill. She could also turn it into background for a vlog, cute- Here We had our pillows here be Green, because that’s what she wants as the accent color. She wasn’t that big a fan of the color Green- She wanted Black, White, Grey, and Green. That was her request from us. She said, “I want a shelf. I want the ones with displays.” so that’s the one we bought for her. The shelf’s really cute because she wanted a little touch of industrial in her office space. That’s why it fits: It’s thin, and of course, we’ve got (INAUDIBLE) There. Decor-decor, just like that. So on this side, I put another lamp so it becomes a one-piece bundled with the side table. We’ve also got this… here. You can put blankets here, or something. Here on the other side, we added a frame- There was a tropical look we had framed- That’s why we put a black frame here. So it’d be balanced with the shelf on the other side. So if you’re viewing both of them from afar, they both have black elements on the left and right of our sofa. Even if they’re different- They’re not both shelves or both frames, visually, they’re balanced to look at. We also added a rug in her space- it’s so pretty. Its pattern here really matches with the wallpaper we put up, and it’s Black, and it’s Cream off- whatever. It’s pretty, right? (INAUDIBLE) It was hers before, and she requested we use it here- and it’s so perfect for the tropical vibe of the space, so… there. We used this for things like- she could put down a tray, or turn it into her coffee table. She could also put her feet up if she wants to lie down, like this ^^^. She also requested that we include this full-length mirror. That’s why, if you can remember me saying earlier, her other mirror that was full length- we covered it up with a cork board because we’ve already got this huge mirror which is why we put it here, so if she’s got an OOTP, Yeah… cute, right? I also picked the White frame, because the frame’s already really thick, so if it were Black or another color, it would look really heavy… so, there. Now it just, like, blends with the walls. Then, another one of the backgrounds we did- this is their gallery wall with storage. She requested, ‘cuz she uses a lot of drawers, so she could use them to store (INAUDIBLE) packages, or whatever things she’s got, so we put it here, right by the door, and we had this gallery wall made for it. I asked her what kind of photos she wanted, what kind of look she wanted here, ‘cuz she might have had a request, but no. As long as it’s pretty and suits the room, that’s all she really wanted. So, I picked these… some of the others- here, here, here- we just picked them out online, they were all free, and the others I just bought somewhere (Laughs) Then we just put them all together to complete- kick it all off. [M o n t a g e] So there it is, the home office- slash-studio- slash-guestroom- slash- (?)… um… makeup room? [Laughter] It’s just waaaay toooo loongggg- I can’t even remember it all… (??home office/studio/guest room/makeup room??) So hopefully we’ve achieved everything she’ll need for the space, and – honestly – she’s just waiting downstairs. We’ll be calling her up just in a little while. But, yeah… I had fun with her because, based on the peg she showed me- that was very White and Black- plans like that, so… that was kind of our goal. That was what we did here. But because they’ve got existing blinds that have natural color like that, we can’t go pure Black and White for all of our elements, because the blinds will look start to look out of place. That’s why we put some Gold – like the wallpaper- we added some natural elements, then we added some light wood, so it all balanced out and blended into the theme we had going for the room: Black and White and Tropical. So basically, construction-wise we didn’t really do much- more on we painted, we installed wallpaper, and we added about six pin lights ‘cuz before, it was kind of dark here, but this is a studio, right? Of course she’s gonna shoot here, no matter what time- night or day, her lighting should be great, so yeah, that’s why we gave her some light- and our light is tricolor, so it has White- alright, let’s just try it out- just show off the tricolored light, thanks. Hey, it’s still great – dark. Here’s the White, then next… that’s the warm [Laughter] Then next, that’s cool. This is [Laughter] This is actually the in-between of White and warm, so this is ok for shoots- you’re just kinda… glowing. That’s the effect of it. Hopefully, we’ve achieved the look we were going for. If you want to find out the sources of the stuff we used, they’re right… we’ll just flash them here. That’s where we got all of our items. So, I’m going to call her up now, but before that, please do subscribe to my channel. for more home makeovers/design tips/design advice and you may also follow me on Instagram. Here we go! Hope she likes it… Alright. Let’s go call her up now. [Excited Shrieking] Close your eyes and just wait. You remember how it looked like before? Mommy V: Yes Elle: OK, go… one, two, three, open your eyes. Mommy V: Oh My God! (Untranslatable Excitement) Where am I? Elle: And you’ve also got that Mommy V: (Still Excited) I had no idea this was what you were gonna do. Elle: ‘Cuz she said before, when she saw all the items- you were starting to see it now, but- you haven’t imagined seeing it all together. Mammy V: Actually, I thought, “I think I’m getting confused with what Elle’s buying.” It’s turned up so pretty. [Pointing] That’s so cool! Elle: There it is. That’s your mirror. So we had some cork added- you might want to add some of your photos or memos- Mommy V: (Hyping Up) I want this kind of rope. [Laughter] It’s like I’m not at home anymore. Elle: We’ve also got this Mommy V: I feel like this isn’t mine. Elle: …And was yours then, too. Mommy V: Great! Elle: You’re happy with this, right. Mommy V: Thank you! Mommy V: Exactly like I said that I wanted lots of Green. Lots of plants. Elle: Your silver play button is on display. Mommy V: Wow, that’s awesome! Elle: You’re happy with this? Mommy V: Yes, super! Here’s hoping my kids don’t mess this up. “No one’s allowed in.” Elle: Bad luck here. Mommy V: Mommy V only… Both: One at a time… Elle: Go. one… [Guy cheats and opens eyes] Wow! Guy: It is cute. Mommy V: It’s like when you’re suddenly in a different place. Guy: IKR. Nice. Mommy V: Like you travel there in the… Guy: I’m very bright here. Elle: You really are. Come in so… Woman: It’s gorgeous. Mommy V: It’s really great. Alden.. just… (rubs arm) Wait. Elle: [Laughing] The kids… Mommy V: (Smiling) Oh my God, get down! [Excitedly screaming child] Elle: Are you happy with it? Mommy V: Yeah! Thank you! Elle: Yehey. Thank you, and that’s it. Both: Buh Bye [Thanks each other] ^^ Don’t forget to check out our other videos here ^^ We love you guys! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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