Victoria declares state of emergency to deal with coronavirus pandemic

We are declaring a state of
emergency in Victoria under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act. That state of emergency will be
effective from 12 noon today and will run for four weeks. It is likely that that state of emergency
will be extended and will be in place for as long as it needs to be. So under the state of emergency
that has been declared, it is an offence under the Public Health
and Wellbeing Act to not comply with the orders that have been made. And those orders in the first instance
relate to that mandatory, it’s not optional in any way,
mandatory home quarantine or at a hotel if you were not a resident. Now that is a proportionate and
appropriate response. We cannot be certain given how much
this virus has run in the US, in parts of Europe, in many other parts
of the world, the status of those people returning is
most uncertain. And in order to limit the spread of this virus,
that is an appropriate response. The second part of yesterday’s discussion,
indeed this was a key feature of Friday’s discussion at COAG’s in Sydney,
was banning non-essential large gatherings, gatherings of over 500 people. All we’re talking about here is sporting
events, cultural events, events that a club or an association
might run, all of which are not essential. Big conventions, for instance, at the
Melbourne Convention Centre or other similar venues. If they are over 500 people and they
are not essential and there are clear definitions about that,
then they are not to go ahead. There are significant penalties for
event organisers who fail to comply with that order. I would just say, though, we don’t
anticipate having to be fining people To this point, people have been
co-operative, people have been, I think, acknowledging
of the fact that we are all in this together and following advice. Doing the right thing is in your
interest, your family, every family across our state. So I’ll make a couple of broader
general points. Firstly, these are not an absolute. These are not designed to have zero
new cases. In effect, nothing we do can deliver
that outcome. This is about, as everything we’re doing,
is about flattening the curve. If we can flatten that curve, then we
can prevent our health system, essentially being overrun by critically
ill patients. Not just covid-19 patients, but of course
all those other patients every day of the year who need support for strokes and
heart attacks for very urgent surgery, so on and so forth. The second general point I want to make
is that whilst it is perfectly appropriate for people, when it’s advisable for people
to when they go and do their shopping, buy a few extra staples, the basics,
it is not appropriate to go and buy three or four weeks or even months worth
of shopping from A to Z on your normal shopping list. All that means is those who are
more vulnerable, people who can’t go to four different supermarkets to
get what they need will miss out. We have got care packages. We will get those to you in the event
that you run out of those basics. Please exercise some good judgment,
some common sense, and let’s all be considerate of those
in our community who are more vulnerable. Finally, we are in this together and
we’re at our best when we work as one. The government has a plan. The government and all of its agencies
are working hard. And with your help we will get through this. Advice will change because that is
the nature of a public health emergency. We will continue to be direct and frank
and as clear as we can be and always warn the community that
whilst the advice and the settings are relevant and important for today,
this is dynamic. It will change. We see that in our state and we certainly
see it in other parts of the world.

34 thoughts on “Victoria declares state of emergency to deal with coronavirus pandemic

  1. While they keep you in fear over coronavirus, the war for the soul of Europe is being fought with the biological weapon of Immigration. Will you sacrifice your daughters on the altar of multiculturalism, to keep their utopian dream alive?

  2. State of emergency, Pope Francis is giving a climate-change virus disguised as Pope Francis encyclical LAUDATO SI, come back to Sun devil stadium worship, paganism pantheism devil worship, the pope wants you to come back to Sunday to fight climate change. His climate change agenda has a Sunday law attached to it. if you do not worship on Sunday you will not be able to buy or sell you can even be killed. When Sunday is made law to worship on by your local government church and state, only when made law Sunday will be the mark of the beast.the Biblical Seventh-Day Sabbath the fourth commandment from Friday evening to Saturday evening that starts off remember that Constantine change to Sunday the first day of the week. Now you have Sun devil stadium worship. Not biblical.false day of worship. Do the research. Pope Francis and her apostate daughter's will make it a hell of a lot worse. They will call fire down from heaven spiritualism plagues pestilence earthquakes famines tsunamis perversions apostasy abomination, the devil as himself, Pope Francis

  3. Dear Young People: You might be healthy and young and not worry about the virus. But you can still get infected and pass it to others. When there are a lot of infected people in the hospital, this will overwhelm the staff and cause shortage of supplies, and guess what, when you want a check up or treatment, you may not be able to. It happened in Italy. General practitioners. urologists, gynecologists, and all types of doctors ALL HAD TO ABANDON THEIR PRACTICE AND GO TREAT COVID 19 PATIENTS. Why? Because the health system is clogged with COVID19 patients who need to be saved. They will be a priority, not you. And even worse, if doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and have too much contact with patients, they will also get infected. Then they wont be able to work. Do not assume that as long as you and your young, healthy friends are infected, that youโ€™ll be fine and all is well. Society depends on YOU, young people. Thank you for social distancing, isolating if youโ€™re sick, and washing your hands. Please copy and paste and share.

  4. Too little and far too late. There needs to be 100% lockdown now. We need to throw everything we can at this virus, there is no second chance if we get it wrong.

  5. so – for anyone from now on? – what about those who arrived yesterday or last week or last month?

  6. And still day 6 no answer yet name me one left wing MP or congress person with the virus

  7. A year ago the big problem was egg ๐Ÿฅš boy. Now it's covid-19. Proof of a society, world that's going to hell (the worse Bush fires ever was enough and now this.

  8. Respect !!! at least someone is finally doing something…damn shame our PM wasnt taking it as seriously but all he cares about is his money

  9. Those HK and European protests certainly died down after this virus took off. How conventient.

  10. Yes, agreed – to comments below. vis: MORE needs to be done NOW. But unfortunately Daniel Anrews can ONLY follow and announce what was agreed by ALL the state premiers and the Federal govt agreed to on the weeknd. NOTE: Masks DO NOT HELP – UNLESS YOU- are the one with the disease- then they do help a bit in stopping YOU spraying around YOUR germs!!!

    But so pleased to see- Daniel Andrews is such a CLEAR, and well trained communicator!!- So MUCH BETTER than Scott Morrison, who could not come to a point if his life depended on it! And most of the stupid badly thought through ideas – like " everyone should have enough food at home to last two weeks" ( unlike to the fair and reasoned suggestions made here by Andress) are coming from Scott Morrison!!

  11. Are sheeples aware that in the US 100 people die of the common flu each and every week, compare that to the panic virus the corona virus, it makes no sense at all.

  12. Keep selling us out to China behind your back dickears Dan. You will be the reason we have a huge Coronavirus spike in the upcoming winter. FUC SOCIAL1SM

  13. When are we able to press charges against Australian universities directors for paying sick Chinese dtudents to exploit a loophole. Profits before the nations health. Never forget.

  14. Can't place comments on ABC or on 9 News, so hopefully, this will pick up some steam. my wife neds medication that must be authorised. This means that we need to go to the doctors each month for a script. If it was possible to get say a 6 month repeat, then ALSO go to the chemist ONCE and collect 6 months of the prescription, then that would be 5 visits that are not going to expose my wife to any potential carrier of the virus. How about this sort of thing is looked into? We are in Queensland, but I think it is the same in all states. Th irony is ……. to overcome "sickness", my wife has to be exposed to 1) the doctor's surgery and 2) the chemist where sick people are walking in, in spades. So, how about a month script still on PBS …… one trip, one potential exposure v's 6 potential exposures. After 6 months, hopefully, things will have settled down.

  15. I wish this guy was our uk prime minister. He's clear, concise and compassionate. UK shops are already empty and the prime minister has said nothing.

  16. Coronavirus: people not complying with new Australian self-isolation rules could face fines โ–บ

  17. The UK government is following the advice of the word health organisation. And acting accordingly.

  18. Absolute tyranny, nobody should comply with such ridiculous laws orderng the shutdown of private events the government has no right to interfere with, DO NOT COMPLY!
    Ill leave you with 2 quotes I think are very relevant here,
    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin
    "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." Thomas Jefferson
    Tyranny never sleeps and we must especially in times like these remain ever vigilant, never trust the government!

  19. This is not practical for overseas visitors as they can not stay in a hotel for two weeks and we do not have monitory system to employed upon the cases. Especially the backpackers or the visitors who have not got enough fund for extra expenses for these 14 days.

  20. Please lock down all the schools. If some thing went wrong, you could not avoid class action for this. Don't be stupid. This is not a game but a real battle.

  21. There's been a slow burn emergency in Victoria for 50 years.
    Victoria, world leader in Women's Studies, Manufactured Gender Strife, Gender confusion, capital of the ongoing, Marxist-feminist Putsch: Australia's first Matriarchy.

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