Oh you don’t wanna talk about that? what up y’all it’s your boy Jacob aka
pronetoride welcome back to my vlog if it’s your first time here thank you so
much for coming you came just in time please make sure you hit that subscribe
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notifications of when the dope content drops you guys it is the official
relaunch of pronetoride it’s a week of reflection and new beginnings because
the 2019 us adaptive open Surfing Championships is this week in oceanside
and we’re also doing our giveaway finish where we’re going to be giving our lucky
winners a surfboard some merchandise from prone to ride live mind and bro
deal surf and it’s gonna be amazing it’s gonna be fantastic if y’all been living
under a rock I just launched a brand new website pronetoride.com complete with
a clothing line merchandise stickers go check it out please would really
appreciate it if you guys could buy some merchandise because that helps continue
on passing the Stoke it allows me to go to different events and help nonprofits
out today is a really special day and I thought it was a perfect opportunity for
you guys to meet the one person the first person to help me start pronetoride and his name is Robert graves he is a Marine Corps vet and he’s had my
back and he helped me start pronetoride so I’m excited for y’all to meet
him let’s go check it out! that is the man the myth the legend
right there mr. Robert “Gravy Train” Graves “About time I got on this thing” HAHAHA! this is the man that started or helped start pronetoride
we met in grad school who label it down to one day and I think it it’s a slow
burn we had that hypno-therapy session together OH…you don’t wanna talk about that?? I DO I DO! Yeah… that’s a lil woo woo We had a conversation in his car, my car… it was was my car taking you to your car
about what a perfect life would look like like like what excites you that
moment of during that drive I was experiencing a mental breakdown because
I had reached my mental limit I was working three jobs at that time
galaxy I was with the LA Galaxy as a coach I was working for Long Beach State as Director of Operations for the track team and I was doing the mentoring job that’s right and I was going to school
full-time and I was breaking down in that moment because I experienced incredible discrimination, that we don’t wanna talk about Coaches be trippin boo… it was really intense and I couldn’t hold hold it in anymore and I think I broke
down and cried in front it was bad and it was uh it was really intense so
that that specific night you know it was it really kind of changed or shifted my
perception of my paradigm and that then we we took a chance I went to your
house and we started a GoFundMe that seems like years ago it seems so far i remember I didn’t have hair oh my god why me? I said why not why not
you you use that momentum and we went got your first sponsor like you were
like “cool” and then like I think not even two weeks literally I got another
sponsor you know and then you know you left me in the dust Proud of a little brother as I could be And then watching you walk across the stage, breaking bread with the family I mean the progression of where you were to where you are now… You got muscle mass now… I grew a little bit!! Your balls dropped… Everytime you say this is the guy… I didn’t do anything man I was just there for a friend that’s what matters most is being there
for the people being there for the people you care most about and giving
them your time x value is yes we don’t get it, we never get it back with the new website launch that we discussed DOPE…DOPE…DOPE… a perfect
opportunity to reflect and it was just happy to match up perfectly that I come
and see you today you know the guy who was like the day one that guy who really
helped start it and then kind of grew from there you know it’s hard to believe
in yourself if no one else believes in you and once when you finally have that
taste of somebody like somebody believes that I can like it just puts a different
type of confidence behind you all right guys it’s Wednesday the day before the
official start of the u.s. adaptive open great time seeing Robert gravy train
graves as you guys could tell we have a great relationship tight friendships
we’ve been through a lot together it’s time to give back do something tangible
to change someone’s life and it’s happening this weekend at the US Open
and I’ve finished up my prep for travel down there so let me give you guys a
quick sneak peek on what the prep work looked like and what I’m bringing down
as you guys can tell I’m pretty prepped I like to keep my options open this is
the custom ball that I took to Europe and it’s finally fixed and it’s
available for action so that will be the main board of the competition I’m super
stoked about it I mean look at this baby man you should gorgeous she’s gorgeous
oh look at that what is that that is that’s what you call my logo on a
surfboard baby yeah I’ve got a water gear right here I’ve got the rinse kit
and then we got some exclusive pronetoride merchandise for our giveaway
winners you know as I keep saying before it’s a really reflective time in my life
right now I’m super excited I couldn’t be more ecstatic about what has been
happening I’m doing something that I’ve always
wanted to do in my life which is give back to where I can actually see the
work doing good and it’s happening with the giveaway and it’s in line with my
mission as far as empowering others to go after their best selves and to
believe in themselves to accomplish whatever they believe possible and
that’s what the merchandise line is all about that’s what the shop is all about
it’s about looking good and feeling good no matter what you’re doing and I’m just
excited about it so we’re on our way down there tonight I couldn’t be more
excited about it so let’s get this frickin show on the road baby woo!


  1. Incredible vlog! I'm so excited for all your new adventures and merchandise! Keep crushin' it!

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