Welcome to Green Office Gent

Welcome to Green Office Gent We are a group of students and staff, who are striving to make our university more sustainable. Hello My name is Riet. I’m the Milieu counselor. I’m responsible for the link between the board of the Ghent university, the staff and the students. My name Is Anke. I’m the event manager I’m currently working on the campaign for planting our climate forest You are all welcome, to join us on the 17th of February and plant your own part of the forest My name is Maïté. I’m currently working on our new Green Guide This is a sustainability guide for international students. I’m also working on our scrap paper project: We are providing all students with scrap paper during the exams And I’m also responsible for the gift shelfs, that you can find on different locations throughout Ghent university. My name is Silke. I’m research and education coordinator. I try to bring all people together, that are working on sustainable research and education. I do this on a platform called the “Wetenschapswinkel” My name is Lars. I’m the communication manager and I’m currently working on our brand new newsletter and all other sorts of communication Hello, my name is Goedele I’m trying to replace all of these water tanks with water coolers, that run simply on tap water Besides that, I’m working on a sustainable catering. I’m also striving to make all purchases of our university more sustainable Hello, My name is David. I’m the sustainability coordinator My key role is to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone is satisfied with their work. Come plant your own part of the climate forest with us. 17th of February. More info on Facebook: Look for: “Aanplant klimaatbos”

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