What Are The Perks Of Working For Disney Cruise Line?

We’re not complaining. We’re listing positive things. Hi, I’m Ri, and as many of you probably already
know, I used to work on the Disney cruise line Who’s that? That’s Ri My girl is doing a real good job of looking
at nobody right now. Today I thought rather than complain about
it, we’re going to talk about some of the perks about working on a Disney ship. and be sure to leave a comment down below with your favorite perk, but if you have any questions,
feel free to follow me on Instagram. That’s where I answer most of those questions. Alright. Obviously, the first and foremost is the travel. Waking up in a new country every day is very
exciting. I visited about 20ish countries when I was
on the ships. For example, my most diverse contract started
in Florida and ended in Alaska. There are plenty of opportunities for you
to see and do lots of things all over the world, but obviously different trips will
have different itineraries. For example, the Disney Dream and the Disney
Fantasy, they stick around the Caribbean area, the Wonder will go off to Alaska in the summer
and the Magic goes over to Europe. Again at the time of filming this, that could
change because there are more ships coming. On that note, I have friends from all over
the world. I talked about my roommates before, but there
are 60 different nationalities represented on the cruise ship and there are times that
I was the only American on my lifeguard team, but it can be sad because obviously not everyone
has the same contract as you, so you might meet your best friend and they debark the
next month. The best part about that is on your vacation
you can go visit them wherever they happen to live. For example, I’ve had friends come visit me
here in Seattle. I’m going to visit a friend in England for
her wedding. I even got to meet up with someone from my
new hire group who was visiting New Zealand at the same time I was. All right. The next one is Disney employee discounts. When you work on the cruise ship, you are
considered a cast member. You are given a blue ID and that means you
are given access to all of the cast member discounts that someone in the parks would
get. For example, I actually got to send my friend
Greg on for a day. The ship is empty right now, which is pretty
crazy. It’s like walking through an empty Disneyland. He came and hung out while we were in port
in San Diego and he had to leave by the time we set sail, but it was pretty cool. It was just like signing someone into the
park for a day. Every Disney cast member actually gets access
to the unsold rooms on Disney cruises. A couple months ahead they’ll say, hey, all
of these rooms are available. Who wants them, basically. I actually was able to get my parents to come
stay on Alaska on my last week of my last contract, but if you’re a high enough ranking
officer you can actually have people come stay with you for free, which is actually
how I met my boyfriend. Alright. The next perk are port adventures. These are things that Disney schedules out
for their guests to do while we’re in port. For example, if you want to go golfing in
Jamaica or if you’re going to go swimming with sting rays in Castaway Key, that’s something
Disney arranges for you. Any crew member can sign up to do one. We got to do them more often because lifeguards
technically fall under the port adventures department. Welcome to Castaway Key. The Disney Fantasy is trying out the Jetovator. Dun, dun, dun. But basically after you come back, you just
fill out a piece of paper, like a survey, of how it went and how you rate it and all
that. I actually got to do a handful of them like
swimming with sting rays on Castaway Key, swimming with sea turtles in Barbados. Well, we swam with a turtle. Beautiful day. We’re getting ready to go to a shipwreck,
so that should be pretty cool. And dog sledding on a glacier in Alaska. I did have to pay for that one though, but
overall the ability to go on them is available to you as long as your schedule allows for
it. The next one is room and board. Disney actually pays for your rent and for
your food while you’re living and working on the Disney ship, but crew members can actually
request to go and eat in any of the dining rooms except for Remy for an additional fee if
they so choose. For example, if I wanted to eat at Tiana’s
or Animator’s palate, I fill out a form. I go to dinner. I have the dinner. I would pay I think $6 for the normal restaurant. If I wanted to go Palo, I think it’s 40 and
then plus tip. But again, that could all be changed or different
or whatever. That’s just from what I remember. However, that is all dependent on the rank
of the crew member. For example, I was a petty officer, that was
within my privileges to be able to eat at any of the dining rooms. Same with the quick service locations. We’re freezing the night away tonight, but
before we do that, we’re going to go get some food. We have the privilege to come up and watch
the deck show. We were able to go up there on our off time
and eat. We did have to ask for permission for that
and then we also, whenever, if we were in line for the food, if someone got in line
behind you, you would have to get out of line and go behind them. But again, this is a perks video, not a complaining
video. In addition to that, we also have our own
crew bar. This will be like the coffee thing during
the day and at night they sell a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. I think they also sell cigarettes. I’m not entirely sure. I don’t smoke, but that’s what I remember. Alright. The last one are the crew parties. The biggest assumption I ever heard about
crew members are they party a lot and you’re not wrong. We have a lot of parties. We actually have a dedicated crew activities
manager, or the CAM, who is in charge of scheduling and throwing all kinds of events and parties
for us to do while we’re on the ship. They’re obviously the big ones like New Year’s
Eve or Christmas or Thanksgiving. All the major holidays we’ll have some sort
of event, whether it’s a party or maybe a special dinner in the crew mess, kind of just
depends. Sometimes we get character meet and greets
as well where all of the characters meet at once and we get a big old picture, which is
great. I’m a big fan. Also, if there’s a new Disney movie coming
out, not only do they screen it for the guests during dinnertime, they’ll also screen one
just for the crew at like one or two in the morning a couple of days later. That was actually the first crew event that
I went to when I was a new hire on the Fantasy was watching one of the newest Pirates of
the Caribbean movies, but I saw a lot of movies like Coco. I saw A Wrinkle In Time that way, the Adventures
End Game. Basically anything from like 2017 to 2018
I saw on the ship. Also each individual department will have
parties for their own teams. For example, the entertainment department
had the best parties. We had silent discos. We would have Christmas in July. All kinds of random things just kind of throughout
the contract, which kind of was nice. We also had fleet wide events like the crew
awards show. The Golden Mickey’s are tonight. The crew awards is today. It’s all happening. It’s all here. We’re live. We’re here at the Walt Disney Theater. Or the DCL games, kind of like the Olympics
where everyone participates and you win awards and things. Magic. But last and certainly not least are the guest
satisfaction parties. Okay. We finna play some Bingo. At the end of every cruise when you fill out
your guest survey, if they all tally up to be over 80% satisfaction, we get a party sponsored
by the captain. Whenever you fill out your guest survey at
the end of your cruise, make sure you’re nice about it because it means that we get a party
later. Those are my top perks about working on a
Disney cruise ship. Leave a comment down below, tell me which
one was your favorite. While you’re down there, and be sure to like
the video and subscribe if you’re not, but thank you so much for watching and I will
see you guys real soon.

19 thoughts on “What Are The Perks Of Working For Disney Cruise Line?

  1. Good content! Your insight is great, and gives me a new appreciation for the DCL staff.

  2. Watching you’re channel for the first time and I love it I hope to do this soon . I start my DCP Program in August and I’m so excited !!! Keep me up girly ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Its nice they gave nice perks and you got to enjoy a part of the Cruise like the guests. But I wouldn't doubt it was a lot of hard work probably 80% of the time.

  4. Yep' my Favorite would definitely be the Crew parties … Owwww to be Young Again .. Lol !!
    Cool Vid Ri' xxx !!

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    I’d really love to talk to someone who is a vocalist / performer on the stage shows (Rapunzels Royal Table, Twice Charmed, etc etc). I’ve tried looking up information but I can’t find anyone sharing their experience. I just wish I could have an in depth conversation.

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  12. I'm starting my first contract in a couple weeks, so I was pretty glad to stumble on you channel! I'll be a automation technician in the theater for a different cruise line–I'll be curious to see how our experiences compare!

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