100 thoughts on “What if I work at a cafe in Turkey? 🇹🇷

  1. Türkiye'de cemevlerinde alevileride ziyaret edebilirsin.
    Onlarda müslüman♥️

  2. Daud marry with an Turkish Muslim women, an u will never regret it 🙂

  3. Oh i like how to work coffee keep going brother i really love you 😘😘😘😘❤❤✋❤✌✌

  4. I'm really disappointed to see you're playing music which is prohibited in Islam 😔 so sad to see you're doing that hope you'll never do that again 😔 I thought you are one of them who stays away from evey haram things but I was wrong 😔 hope you'll never use any musical instruments or listen to music.

  5. Turkey is my dream Country I will like visit at least One time in my life,, Love From🇮🇳

  6. Just wanted to let you know instruments are haram( forbidden in islam) and if you love singing carry on just no instruments. I'm telling u this with kindness so you can do better, and there is no intention to hurt u. jzkAllah khair

  7. Hi Daud can u make a vid about birds doing tawaf of kaaba, if udk plz google it

  8. There is a Turkish girl in my school, i like her alot. But can't tell her.


  10. Abi şu bom kafeye gitmeyen kaldi mi deniz le cihana selam zeysen de tanirlar

  11. Daud Türkçe alt yazı yap lütfen please share a turkish subtitle

  12. GUTEN ABEND, Iyi akşamlar!
    Its nice to hear your turkish accent haha !
    Please talk more turkish haha
    from Germany

  13. still using Islam to earn money and get attention and pity of muslims. Why can't muslims understand you?

  14. spending time and interviewing unknown stranger ladies , this is not why Islam teaches. You are still a munafiq.

  15. U r a Muslim can marry any Muslim girl u want from around the world.

  16. Please don't make a bun under your hijab🌝🥰 you can braid your hair on the side 🌝

  17. Asalam walakm Daud,

    There's something I want to ask you.
    please introduce HALAL Instant noodles of Korea.

    and if there are retort samgyetang!
    I want to know ^ ^

  18. WoW…You have got to be the coolest guy ever! L💗VE it!🇺🇸

  19. all religions are peaceful religions. there is no religion that teaches violence. maybe some of the non-Muslim people think that Islam is a terrorist. but actually it's wrong! Islam is a religion of peace. I am very proud of you because you can get guidance and blessings from Allah. and hopefully religious differences do not make competition between us. 😉

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