What is Workify? Harness & Unleash Employee Feedback

Look, we get it. It can be a challenge and time consuming trying
to figure out how your employees are feeling. And frankly, whether or not they are even
bought into your culture. Yeah doing it yourself is free but do you
really have the time to sift through all that invaluable data yourself? Didn’t think so. Sorry Survey Monkey! We’re here to help you unleash the employee
insights needed to make the decisions that matter. And I’m sure you hate that feeling when you
stumble upon a scathing review on a site like glassdoor blasting your team. Or even worse, when your star employee walks
out the door without any warning. So do we. And without knowing how your employees really
feel, you’ll never be able to prevent those things from happening. And as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, that’s
why we created Workify. With the insights and action plans we provide,
you can easily dial in on low scoring areas of your company and save tons of money in
the process. So how do we do this? We deploy short surveys to your employees
and as they respond our platform captures all of the feedback. These surveys are short and painless. In fact, it’ll take your employees less time
to complete their survey than you just spent watching this video. And as soon as the survey closes, our team
of experts will analyze the data we’ve captured and deliver a detailed report to you. All within 48 hours. From question by question breakdowns, to employee
engagement scores ranked by senior executive. We help you scratch past the surface and get
access to the people data that’s been under your nose the whole time. Oh yeah, we don’t stop there. Our follow up surveys help crowdsource feedback
from your employees so that you can start taking action and focus on what matters most. Sound good so far? Want in?Luckily, it’s super easy. Just request a demo and start the beginning
of a beautiful friendship with Workify.

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