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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I used to be a search professional. Now, I’m a career coach helping know helping with job search
hiring more effectively managing and leading doing a variety of things to
help people in the workplace someone asked the question what would happen if
a person you hired and seemed to perform okay on the job was later found to have
quote-unquote fudged his/her resume whether education, job experience, titles
etc? So, I was never the employer. I was the headhunter and I had two
instances of that occurred and I must, in all honestly say in both cases I told
people to complete applications accurately and honestly and, if not sure,
to put the phrase “approx” next to the dates that were involved. In one instance was a person who headed up or was hired to head up enterprise architecture for
an organization and the other one was a VP at a bank. S, o not junior people. These were very experienced folks and despite the
warnings each of them lied on their application. One, I remember as being
dates; I believe the second one involved their degree in the case of the dates
which was the head of enterprise architecture by that Friday they were
brought into the head of HR s office where they were confronted with the
accurate dates and asked to explain themselves and they admitted that they
had lied on the application and when the door opened up you know first of all the
HR person handed them a termination notice and when they opened the door to
leave they were handed a boxes or possessions to take with them in the
case of the person with the bank it was much the same thing except without the
conversation on that first Friday that they were employed they were greeted by
security at their desk after lunch handed their box,
told to leave the building. Firms have it much easier to find things out these
days. Remember, you’ve applied to positions normally it won’t get though
this far because between previous times you may have applied to this firm or
what they see on LinkedIn let alone the cooperation between organizations,
information’s more readily available. It’s pretty easy to get caught it’s pretty
hard to hide and thus what will happen as has happened to these two people, you
will be fired, regardless of how good a job you’ve done.
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