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(upbeat music) – Hi I’m Vivian.
– And I’m Arthur. – And along with Candace,
we’re your hosts for What’s New with Microsoft 365 this month. Right now Microsoft’s Ignite conference is happening down in Orlando, Florida. – Yay Ignite woo!
– Yay But today is actually the
first day of the conference and it goes on throughout the entire week. So we thought we would kind of
change things up a little bit here this month and instead
of doing our usual updates we would cover all the major announcements that are coming out of Ignite. – Right and one of the major announcements has to do with Microsoft Teams. So new capabilities to
enhance collaboration and business processes for all workers are in Microsoft Teams now. Things like private
channels, multi-windows, and new messaging extensions lets users customize their Teams
conversations and experiences. To help people easily manage tasks, conversations and files from
other Microsoft 365 apps, we’ve also deepened Teams integrations with Outlook, To-Do and Yammer. These new features make it quick and easy for first-line workers
to securely access Teams from their mobile device. – Next step, big news for Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Search. The new Microsoft Edge streamlines access to both your work and personal files. With the enterprise new tab page, you have direct access
to Office 365 files, sites and internet search, making you instantly productive
with every tab you open. Which sounds way more
productive than the usual random 37 tabs I have open in my browser. And with the new Microsoft Bing, searching for information
at work is now as easy as searching for your favorite
chili recipe on the web. You can now access personally
relevant files, people and company info from across
your Microsoft 365 eco-system without leaving your Edge browser. The new Edge is now available
on all your devices and PCs. Candace had a chance to talk to Bill Doll, who worked on the new Office mobile app before he left for Ignite. Let’s see what she found out. – Hi, so I’m here with Senior
Product Marketing Manager Bill Doll, and he’s here
to talk a little bit about the new Office app. So what can customers expect from this? – The Office app is a
whole new mobile experience for the phone from Microsoft. We kinda think about the
existing apps that are out there with Word, Excel and PowerPoint and they were really originally
designed for computers and PC-based experiences
and then, you know, altered in order to make it worthwhile on a phone. This really re-imagines
that whole experience and comes with a forefront of like what would a productivity experience that was designed for mobile
in the first place look like? – So you mentioned tasks,
what are some common tasks that customers will now be
able to do with this new app? – Anything that somebody would do today with Word, Excel or PowerPoint
they can do on their phone. So there’s no need to relearn experiences, no concern about which
features are missing in this app that are in those other apps. So immediately people should
have a pretty good idea of what they can get done. But as you said, we’ve
integrated some really cool actions as well. So whether that’s moving
files between devices using scanning QR codes,
creating PDFs and signing PDFs, you can all do that from
this one experience and so it really helps tie everything together so that you don’t have to
jump around between apps. – When it comes to
Office and productivity, what are some advantages
that customers can see from this app? – Now with the integration
with the camera, you’re able to take a
picture of a document whether that’s a standard
document full of text or even a table, and the app will
automatically convert that into an editable Word
document or Excel document. It’s an amazing experience
actually once you see it and do that, it really
is a big time saver. Even people like my wife, who, you know doesn’t really
use apps like this too much, she’s like “Wow I can
totally see how I’m gonna use something like that.” And so it’s really a big time
saver and one of the things we’ve found with some of our early users is that’s one of the difference makers that really stands out to people. – Awesome, so we’ve talked a
little bit about what it is, what it does, but I’m
kinda curious to know what your favorite new feature is. – Yeah, so, there’s a
sticky notes integration where, you know, sometimes
you have a quick idea and when you’re on the go,
you’re moving between things, you can’t really think about, “Alright if I’m gonna
open OneNote which file or which tab do I wanna put this on?” I can just go in, I can
just do a quick note, it’s just kinda like
sticky notes on your phone and you can come back to it later and take care of it when you need to, you don’t have to think
about where you have to go. – Ignite’s coming up, you’re going, you’re gonna be in the sunshine. I wanna know what the thing is that you’re most looking forward to. – Well I’ll be honest, I’m really excited about
going to Universal Studios. I actually was the first
time I got to do that, and see Harry Potter World and all that. My kids are super jealous of me right now – I bet!
– for doing that. They think that’s all I’m doing down here. But to be honest one of
the things that also really stands out to me is the
opportunity to meet and talk with customers, sometimes it’s
even just sitting around at lunchtime and just striking
up a conversation, but I find those experiences to be
super-valuable and thinking about what I do at work and
how I do it and so I can’t wait to have more conversations like that. – Yeah, and you get to be
in the sunshine, so I’m a little jealous of that. But thanks so much for taking
the time out of the day to come talk to us. – Thank you for having me.
– Yeah. So we’re back to you. – If you want to check out
the Office mobile app, it is now available in public preview today. – In Excel we’re introducing
scripting with Office Scripts, a new feature that allows
you to record your actions inside a workbook and save it to a script. A saved script can then be
integrated with Microsoft Flow, enabling you to schedule
it to run automatically or integrate it with the
larger Flow to accomplish process animation. Office Scripting will be
available as a public preview by the end of this year. – Candace had a chance to
sit down with Pete Daderko and talk about the new
Power Platform integration within Teams. – Hi, I’m here with
Pete Daderko and he is a Senior Product Marketing
Manager here, and I want to talk a little bit about Power Platforms. So, tell me a little bit
about how PowerApps has been integrated into Teams. – Sure. So, PowerApps is actually
already a really powerful integration with Teams. PowerApps creators can go
ahead and put the apps right in Teams where their users
are already working and using them today. We’re making a couple of
updates to PowerApps to make it even easier and more
discoverable for users. So, for example, PowerApps
creators can now publish those PowerApps directly
as Teams to make it even easier for their users to find
and then access those apps. Additionally, users can
take those apps and pin them to their left rail of Teams. So they can go ahead and
use them wherever they are, wherever they’re working,
kind of agnostic of the channel that they are working on. – Awesome! And tell me a little bit
more about how Power BI is being used. – Yeah, so, Power BI is a
really great and powerful tool for making sense of data. And when you can actually
match that with conversations, it becomes even more powerful. So, we’re taking Power BI
and putting them directly into conversations that
users are having today. Coming soon, Power BI
will be able to put an adaptive card directly in
Teams, so that you and I will know exactly what
report we’re talking about, having conversations about,
and it’ll be very clear what actions we’re supposed to take. Whether that’s opening in
Power BI or subscribing to the particular report. – So it sounds like it’s
really helping productivity. – Yeah, absolutely helping
productivity and helping users make better data-driven decisions. – Awesome! And what about Power
Automate, how is that helping with productivity? – Power Automate is helping
users really streamline their productivity scenarios and workflows. Putting that into Teams
really takes advantage of the conversational nature of Teams. So, we’re working to really
expedite and streamline the conversational and team-based
processes that everyone has to face. And so there’s a couple
of new features that are being added. Now, users can actually trigger
a flow that is based off of a new member being added to a team. So I can use that to create a
really welcoming environment, add you to the team, introduce
you to everyone, and also share some very important
information to help you ramp up even more quickly. – Yeah, it sounds like it’s
a new way to communicate more effectively with your co-worker. – Yeah, it’s great. It’s streamlining processes
and it’s really helping with the cultural transformation as well. – So, Ignite is coming up
and we’re all a little bit jealous you get to be in
the sunshine, so…(laughs) But I want to know what you’re
looking forward to most. – Aside from some vitamin D,
my favorite part of my job personally is working with
customers and chatting with them, and so I’ll have a
great opportunity to talk with a number of customers, both
that I’ve met before and haven’t met at Ignite,
just to see what they’re working on today. What they’re using Teams
and Power Platform for and you know, potentially what
we can work together on in the future. – Awesome! Well, I’m really jealous
that you’re gonna be there. But thanks for taking the
time out of the day to talk to us, and it’s really
great to know what’s been going on with Teams and Power Platform. – Of course, thank you for having me. – In security news,
Microsoft Compliance Score is now in public preview. This measures your progress
in completing recommended actions to reduce risk
around data protection and regulatory standards. We’ve introduced new assessments for the California Consumer Privacy Act and other GDPR-style regulations. So, I heard that 53% of
companies have experienced an insider attack in the last 12 months. – Oh really? – Yeah. It’s kind of crazy, actually. But with the Insider Risk
Management solution, which is now in private preview,
this is really gonna help organizations identify and
remediate insider risk. How it works is that it
leverages the Microsoft Graph and third-party signals,
like HR-sytems, to identify hidden patterns and
risks that traditional or manual methods might miss. – More new stuff with
Microsoft Endpoint Manager. It converges into a configuration
manager functionality and data, plus new intelligent actions. It offers a seamless
end-to-end management solution without the complexity of
a migration or disruption to your productivity. Look for Microsoft Endpoint
Manager features and experiences to appear in the
product over the coming months. Our customers tell us
they want to improve their security posture by scoping
what admins do, to only what they need to do their jobs. Global Reader gives admins
the ability to view, look up information, and
report on their environment without requiring global
admin permissions. – Our customers have also
been telling us they want best-practice guidance from
Microsoft, but what they should be doing next in
their environments to improve security and administrative efficiency. In the Microsoft 365 Admin
Center, we’re delivering AI-powered recommendations
that unifiy Signals and deliver recommendations
across Microsoft 365, including AAD, Security
Center and Compliance Center. – Office 365 Groups is the
membership service that drives teamwork across Microsoft 365. It’s a core underpinning of
Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Power BI, Dynamic CRM,
and other applications. We continue to improve
Groups with new Group lifecycle-management and
compliance capabilities, including teamifying a group,
restore deleted groups, edit group email alias, and
sensitivity label support. IT admins can enable
self-service group creation, which lets users do things
like create Teams- and Yammer-channels with guardrails
and policies set by IT. At Ignite, we’re announcing
other major innovations in Microsoft 365 for knowledge-management. For example, new innovations
in Microsoft Search to help people understand
acronyms, automate QA, see their building’s floor
plan, and extend search through third-party apps. – And lastly, new
self-service experiences in Workplace analytics help
us identify ways to improve employee experience,
organizational agility, and customer focus. If you’re at Ignite, let us
know in the comments and share what’s the coolest thing
you’re learning or seeing at the conference. – Yeah, and as always, just
hit us up with your feedback and if you’re not a subscriber,
what are you waiting for? Just hit that subscribe button. – And we’ll see you next time. – Bye! (upbeat music) – So now that you’ve watched
this video, don’t forget to check out the Microsoft
365 blog that has a little more detail about what we went over today.

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