White Tracy Has Lucious & Cookie At Gunpoint | Season 6 Ep. 11 | EMPIRE

[panting] What the hell you
think you doing, Tracy? For 35 years, I have
lived in the shadow of Cookie and Lucious, when
I was the real love story. I’m the mother of
your first-born son. But you don’t see me. Tracy, I see you. Tracy, look, we’re divorcing. He has the papers right here. We’re signing the papers right– I don’t want to hear from you. This is all your fault. I
mean, you just swooped on in with your slutty
little schoolgirl uniform, and you stole him from me. You stole him! And then you took
my son’s heart. Tracy, you gotta let
me talk to you right now. Please. No, just shut up. Just shut up, Lucious. I am the one who is talking now. And you are finally going
to listen, both of you. Hmm? Mine is the last voice
you’re ever gonna hear.

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