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hey guys ECR G here and today we’re
going to be talking about why I listen to music while I’m at work hey guys ECR G here today we’re gonna be
talking about why I listen to music while I’m at work
and I’m sorry for the audio we had a backup mic my other mic is being shipped
off to Blu I use a blue Nessie mic usually being shipped off to blue and
it’s gonna take a couple weeks so for now we’re gonna be using just the
regular Mac mics on this keyboard or whatever it is so we’ll be using that
hopefully it’s not too distracting just wanted to continue to provide this good
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so this video is about why I listen to music while I’m at work and there’s a
good idea bad idea you can decide for yourself but the main reason why I do
this is because it is very difficult sometimes with everyone talking even
though everyone has their own cubes and at the office it’s very difficult with
everyone’s talking for me to concentrate on what I’m doing and so if I just have
something to block that noise out usually some headphones with some music
then that’s good for that and that’s the main reason why I listen to music at
work helps me focus helps me get in the zone and do what I need to do and it’s
really good if you in a noisy environment noisy workplace and I would
strongly recommend to do that check with your office policy I mean I don’t see a
problem most offices should definitely not mind if you listen music while
you’re at work and I recommend I’ll put a link down below for the headphones I
use I recommend getting a good pair of headphones for this the over the ear
headphones are typically the best and they block out the most noise and you
can hear your music the best so I’ll put a link down below for the ones that I
use I use some Bluetooth headphones and I have it hooked up to my phone says
and it’s really nice so if I want to take a break I can have a nice little
window right by my my desk I can just go look out the window for a few minutes
and I don’t have to take my headphones off because I can it could be a
Bluetooth so I do that recommend that for you guys the second reason why I
always listen to music while I’m at work is to give people a little bit of
privacy I don’t want to make it seem like I’m always listening to their
conversation or listening to what what they’re saying how to make it seem like
I’m in my own zone kind of doing my own thing so it’s also good for that too to
make people feel more comfortable when they’re talking or on the phone not like
everyone’s listening even though you don’t have to do that it’s probably just
some little self-conscious thing that I always do you know typically when I look
around and see people are listening to music I’m able to talk a little bit more
freely on the phones because I at least I’m perceiving that they’re not
listening to what I’m saying or doing so that’s that’s the second reason why I
listen to music at work and that’s I mean that’s that’s a big thing I’m sure
most places allow people to listen to music while they’re at work or listen to
videos I mean we’re really the Millennials now are really the ones that
are running the office or in the next few years
Millennials will make up most of the workforce I think we already make up 50%
of the workforce we’re approaching 50% and then as we get older and older you
know a year-by-year pretty much more and more people are going to be into those
managerial and directorial roles in the office place and we’re really gonna be
making most of the decisions we’re gonna be really spearheading how the office
looks and how we want to work in the future so I think you’ve already seen
with them I mean I can only imagine maybe 15 20 years ago you know listening
to music at work would not have been a cool thing because hey they may not have
had great headphones and mp3 devices to be able to do it and
you know all they had was like a speaker or something you could you could hook up
I mean it’s hard to think but you know 15 years ago was not that long ago and
technology has done so much in the past 15 years so I’m curious about that if
that was even possible to listen to music at work if you didn’t have an
office or what it was like maybe even longer like that like 20 years so that’s
interesting but yeah that’s pretty much it should
should you listen to music while you’re at work I would definitely recommend it
I think most people probably do that anyway I don’t think there are many
people that don’t listen to music at all while they’re at work that would be
shocking comment down below if you don’t listen to any music while you’re at work
very curious about that and also comment down below if you do listen to music
while you’re at work and you can comment what you like to
listen to for me personally I listen to a lot of EDM music just because the
constant beat kit gets me focused and they don’t really have too many words a
lot of the times where they repeat the same words over and over so it does
really just track me too much so I look into a lot of EDM while I’m working and
that’s pretty much it guys if you have any comments comment down below as
always email us at elite clinical group at gmail.com for any enquiries sorry
about the microphone situation we’re getting that fixed as soon as possible
hopefully hopefully blue doesn’t take forever with that and email us at Ely
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guys take care

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