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– [Narrator] Japanese
sword making is a tradition that goes back centuries, and one that’s carried on to this day. Each sword requires dedication, skill, and can take over 18 months to create. The resulting blades can be
worth thousands of dollars. So, what makes them so expensive? Master Akihira has been
making swords for 21 years. He was inspired by a sword
crafted by the legendary 13th century swordsmith Masamune. And after a five-year apprenticeship,
and years of training, he became one of the 180 swordsmiths working across Japan. Japanese swords have always
been more than just weapons. They were artworks, status
symbols, and throughout history, held a huge spiritual importance. Each sword is a unique artwork, and one that is made to be
admired as you would a painting. As sheets of steel are folded into each
other again and again, wood-grain-like patterns
form, and these patterns, coupled with the skill of the sword master create a completely unique blade. Knowing what to look for
in each sword is important. Characteristics like the
angle and length of the blade, or the way the metal is folded, could give away the era
in which it was made, and even who made it. Looking at the months of work that go in to creating each blade, it’s easy to see why these
swords command such a high price. And as there are less and less
sword masters across Japan, these works or art are only
going to become more valuable.

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  1. This kinda reminds me of when sokka was making his first sword in aang the last avatar

  2. These Japanese swords are expensive because weebs like me are willing to pay a lot for them

  3. They are expensive because they are heavily controlled, only allowed to make a few a year, massive laws about exporting since the US occupation led to the massive loss of cultural items, thats why most sword makers livelihoods are making blade for the far more lax controlled cooking knives market

  4. when you fold the blade more than 20 times you start to burn the carbon out of the metal. many high carbon blades from around the world beat traditional Japanese blades .

  5. Good video but would have been nice if you gave an example of how expensive the swords were…

  6. I have a Japanese bread knife that's never let me down. Cuts bread real good.

  7. Lol this show has pretty much became Japanese fancy stuff that is fancy cos it's so ,,unique'' and only grows/is made in Japan like wtf every country has stuff like this Japanese stuff is getting boring on this channel

  8. Japanese swords such as the Katana are brilliant works of art. They're masterpieces when made by real Japanese sword smiths who put many months and effort into it. Katana are regarded as among or the highest praised swords in history.

  9. He’s right, swords were used as a last resort if the enemy got close to you or for ceremonial purposes. The main weapon for Ashigaru and Samurai for melee combat were pole arms like the yari or naginata.

  10. chinese dao copycats. can't hold a candle to chinese swordmaking and metallurgy – just the king of yue's goujian sword is worth all of the japanese swords ever manufactured

  11. They'd be much more expensive if they were 100% handmade rather than using some modern tools/techniques, eg power hammer.

  12. Japanese are always perfectionist and always pursuit relentless for the excellence.

  13. Well Japanese manga in Bleach inspired me to watch this video. Never thought this could be a rare art.

  14. Short answer: it takes a while to make them. Long answer: i t t a k e s a w h i l e t o m a k e t h e m

  15. This is hilarious literally yesterday I was watching an hour long documentary on this in my social studies class

  16. This guy must be the Real…..Hattori Hanso !!!! he makes some nice swords indeed !!!

  17. Wonderful culture, wonderful craft. I envy him. He lives the right life, a happy life. Serenity.

  18. Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time, and flung him into the future where my evil is law. Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku

  19. Its only worth what a person is willing to spend! And I don't think their worth more than a set of good steak knives! Lol!

  20. I'm learning Japanese and one thing in MY bucket list is to go to Japan, find a swormsith and ask them to me a Viewtiful Katana… while I speak to them in Japanese👌

  21. Swords strength depends on how you created it.

    The so called swordsmith that create swords for just a few days or just a few weeks are just for design. Easily broken. Other words, not a master blacksmith. Just like art today. Hahahah

  22. Not just the swords, kitchen knives as well. You can tell it's a quality stuff by just looking at it. Beautifully crafted…..I luv made in Japan products.

  23. Why Japanese swords are so expensive in title

    Looks down to comment

    Is ThIs KiMeTsU nO YaIbA ReFeReNCe? (Demon slayer anime)

    Normal people
    'what 😕?'

  24. I want to join a class all about the art of swords and other weapons. How to figure out the era, type, value, everything. Especially how to use them. I am a weapon lover and I wanna know everything one day. Rn i’m lazy and forget things kinda quick. Most of the time they stay in my brain though.

  25. “I want to make a katana that would be praised as a good piece of work even after 1000 years “
    If only all of us Thought the same way…

  26. While we were wasting our lives watching Youtube videos, he studied the blade.

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