Why Panama – Expat Businessman On Why He Likes Puerto Armuelles

[Music] [Betsy] Hey, Milton [Milton] Good morning. I was wondering if you could tell me why you decided to move to Puerto Armuelles? It’s such a beautiful place. It’s very friendly. The people here are very friendly. It’s just a warm environment. The climate’s great. Of course, the ocean is beautiful. It’s just a nice place to live And it’s an easy place to live. [Betsy] Do you have any advice to give to people Who are thinking about moving To Panama or to Puerto Armuelles? Yeah, I would say come down and visit, Rent a house, stay for six, seven months, a year. If you really like it, then buy something. But you really wanna get in touch with your environment And what’s going on in your community, Just to double check and make sure that This is gonna fit your lifestyle. And when you come down, Make sure you stay at Heavenly’s Hotel. We’ll treat you right. Anything else you wanna say to people who Are thinking of moving to Puerto Armuelles or Panama? Again, Panama has so many things to offer. It’s a very easy place to do the transfer. They use American dollars, which is very easy for expats. Also, there’s many Visa programs for you to become a Jubalido or you can become a friendly nation Visa. They’ll pretty much welcome you in, which has a lot of benefits as well. Thank you very much, Milton. You’re welcome. Thank you.

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  1. Panama is wonderful and there are several residency Visa programs. However , Puerto Armuellas and all areas north are in the 10 kilometer zone with Costa Rica. All foreign born people are not permitted to own land in any part of that entire border area. See a lawyer ! A lawyer outside Peurto Armuellas.

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