Why Terminator: Dark Fate’s Box Office Bomb Could Kill the Franchise! (Nerdist News w/Dan Casey)

– Here’s what “Terminator: Dark Fate’s” box office bomb means for the franchise. While “Terminator: Dark Fate” was number one on the
big screen this weekend, it’s $29 million domestic and $102 million overseas haul, we’re far, far below expectations for its opening weekend. And now, industry analysts are expecting that it may lose up to $100 million total at the box office. Can you imagine just losing
that amount of money? That’s not like 20 bucks
falling out of your pants in the laundry, that’s 100 million dollars. And while this is all film
industry insider baseball, this news does have fans wondering, what’s next for the
“Terminator” franchise? Now in case you missed it, “Dark Fate” was an attempt
at course correction, in that it’s a sequel to the beloved “Terminator Two: Judgment Day”, and it completely ignores the events of “Terminator Three:
Rise of the Machines”, “Terminator Salvation”,
and “Terminator Genisys”. You know, kind of like what they did with the latest “Halloween”
reboot with Jamie Lee Curtis. And yes, it’s canonically
pronounced Genisys. What are you gonna do,
go back and watch it and tell me I’m wrong? No, you’re not. However, while “Terminator Dark Fate” got favorable reviews and reactions from both critics and audiences, most calling it the best “Terminator” since Arnold gave that molten
metal thumbs up back in 1991, it seems that this wasn’t enough to get fans to forget
the series past missteps and plant their butts in theater seats. Now couple that with the last few entries in the franchise underperforming and leaving a bad taste in fan’s mouths, it begs the question,
could this be the end of the “Terminator” franchise? Well to be honest, no, probably not. These movies continue to be made, because the intellectual property and the franchise remains strong, not only domestically,
but internationally. But we would imagine, that much like these metal
killing machines themselves, the franchise will have
to make some changes and evolve to match the
habits of modern audiences. And in our minds, here are the three moves the “Terminator” franchise should make if they want to live in the future. Come with us, if you want to
make money at the box office. – Wow, he’s really terrific. – Now the first is, to
let it rest for a while. I mean, ever since T3 we’ve gotten a new Terminator film every four to six years. “Rise of the Machines” in
2003, “Salvation” in 2009, “Genisys” in 2015, and
now “Dark Fate” in 2019. There’s not enough time between entries and the bad taste from
each previous iteration, it’s still fresh in
our proverbial palates. Now letting these films stop for a while to regain their nostalgic
appeal, that’s kind of crucial. A prime example of this
is “Jurassic Park”. While “Jurassic Park Three” in 2001 was considered to be sort of the diminishing returns
point of the series and what made the original great, the series took a long nap. They went into Amber, only to return in 2015
with “Jurassic World”. Fans were given enough time to forget all about that kid collecting
jars of dinosaur piss, even if I had to remember it. So when the series came back, audiences were ready for a new film, and they showed up in
droves at the cinema. The second thing that the
“Terminator” franchise can do is really get back to its roots. So what is a “Terminator”
film at its base? It’s an unstoppable killer
robot going against humans who are definitely in
an underdog position. While “Terminator Genisys”
did this on the surface, it tripped over itself by trying to tie in all of the overly complicated, this time travel mythology and all the rules they’ve set up, and it basically just
fell flat on its face. “Terminator Dark Fate”
also attempted to do this by jettisoning some of the
baggage the franchise has built, but it still remains a sequel to “Terminator Two” at its heart. What we’re pitching here,
is a new original story. And while we all loved
seeing Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor and
Arnold Schwarzenegger back as Arnold Schwarzenegger but a robot, maybe it’s time for all new faces. And the third fix for the Terminator is to really question where this franchise is best suited. Basically, does it still
belong on the big screen? Now audience habits have changed a ton, since the first “Terminator”
came out in the 1980’s. I mean, TV’s become this
cultural touchstone, and the medium can now handle blockbuster film level storytelling. Even big franchises like “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” are
in the TV game right now with the upcoming Mandalorian
series on Disney Plus and “Lord of the Rings” coming to Amazon. Other franchises seem to be playing around with their formats as well. Look at “Jurassic World” and “Alien”, they both recently made short films that feel like they’re testing the waters of how audiences would react to different storytelling mediums. In fact, there’s been several rumors that an “Alien” TV show is
being developed for Hulu. A new “Terminator” show
could take the form of like an eight episode season or a limited series with tight scripting, so they could breathe new
life into this franchise. Something that concentrates on telling a dynamic and compelling story that’ll bring fans back on board, of course, with killer robots
stuck in humans in the past. And a TV outing wouldn’t be
a first for “Terminator”. A lot of fans really loved the Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX, even though it was canceled
in its second season. So while the “Terminator” franchise seems to have been caught flat footed, it’s nowhere near the
end for this vaunted IP in sci-fi history. There are definite ways
for it to move forward, and we would definitely
be interested in seeing where things could go from here. But what do you folks think? Did you end up seeing
“Terminator: Dark Fate”? Would you watch a new
“Terminator” TV show? And if you could have seen any of your favorite movies
turned into a TV show, what would you pick and why? “Lethal Weapon”, “Fargo”,
“The Karate Kid”? I mean those could happen. Oh what, what’s that,
they’ve already happened? And there’s even more coming? Oh my god, let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching. If you like what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe. And if you wanna get notified every time we go live with a show or drop a brand new video, please feel free to mash
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100 thoughts on “Why Terminator: Dark Fate’s Box Office Bomb Could Kill the Franchise! (Nerdist News w/Dan Casey)

  1. The Sarah Connor Chronicles was BRILLIANT. Too bad no one saw it and and the rights holders weren't even aware that they were sitting on gold. It was genuinely the last great Terminator story.

  2. Modern terminator Too woke. "Come with me if you want to live i won't force you tho and i am asking your consent"

  3. It might have something to do with going from "a movie with strong women," which is great, to the directors "pwn the patriarchy" comments. tends to turn people off :/

  4. I know we all hate Hollywood rebooting our favourite franchises and movies, but if Terminator is going to succeed again, I truly think it’s time for a complete reboot. Just do a new storyline in a new time period. Forget the Connor’s, forget Arnold, let those movies exist on their own and just do a reboot. Just do something completely new. But if they do that, it must be actually thought out and a string script, not just a cash grab.

  5. Been a fan since the 1st "I'll Be Back". Saw Dark Fate last night in #4DX and 🙌, what a ride. 💺 I'll be on the T-Series train till I'm Terminated 😎
    🤖🎶 youtu.be/7cwN3drkUfA

  6. I want a terminator animated series showing Sarah Conners' life hunting terminators before Terminator Dark Fate

  7. Do one final movie that takes place during the future war with John Connor as the leader of the resistance. Show John FINALLY winning the battle against the machines once and for all, no time travel, and put the series to bed.

  8. I hope its the death of these nostalgia sequel cash grabs. I am hoping for a new original movie like what Terminator was when it first came out.

  9. Yeah blame Genysis, blame Trump, blame climate change. How about this? The trailer looked shit and failed to capture anybody's interest.

  10. 1. No. 2. People just watch movies online. No one has time to spend money and travel to a theater. Shit son. Edit: "Let it rest for a while" fuck off with that garbage. So fucking arbitrary.

  11. Terminator has gotten stale. This news a clear sign we won’t get another revival or reboot anytime soon.

  12. It seems pretty obvious that nobody cares for a movie series that hit it's peak in the nineties anymore. Just let it die, already, like Star Trek and Batman movies also should.

  13. This just proves that obviously America is over white female leads and their white female privilege! They should of hired a cast of actual resistance fighters from the future that have battled a sentient artificially intelligent singularity that takes forms of humanoid robotic death machines. I mean like, they need work too and have suffered years of oppression from their robotic overlords!

  14. 3:30 I liked the people in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and I didn't have any problem with the plot. It getting cancelled was the only wrinkle.

  15. Everyone one is pointing out all of the issues with the terminator movies except for the biggest issue of them all……James Cameron needs to come back as the actual primary director of the film. He's been hands off lending his seal of approval to every failed movie since T2 and its bull shit…..Time and time again the proof states he's the only director that can really make this franchise work.

  16. The Future War is a great setting. New characters, stand alone story tv or movies.

  17. Let that franchise die since they want to go the sjw cacerous progressive bullcrap way. That woke version just destroyed the lore.

  18. I doubt that Arnold can act anymore if you guys wanna wait 10-15 years for the next movie. Also who remembers what last time happened when they made a Terminator movie without Arnold? Yeah that’s right it was shit and nobody liked it.

  19. wrong DAN if you give me some crap to taste and then give me some more 20-50 years later…i'd still remember it tastes like shit

  20. Still waiting for a future terminator movie that resembles what is shown in the future scenes of T1 and T2…

  21. How bout make one with ZERO male characters…. this one bombed because of….. nevermind, Hollywood will never understand audiences are already tired of having female empowerment shoved in their face. Sarah conner was already an icon. We didn’t need to be reminded. People tend to notice things like all the police getting killed on the trailers being ice officers. Quit politicizing franchises! And quit letting Kathleen Kennedy have creative control over beloved franchises

  22. I think you missed the reason this movie hasn't made the return that was expected. The first two movies, which are the two this movie attempts to follow, were about John Conner. Killing him off in the first act negates the entire point of the movies they attempt to leech from. It has nothing to do with t.v. series or temporal space of release. Stay true to the series and what made it iconic to begin with. Don't try to smother it with re-interpretation. These movies are made for consumption by the audiences that popularized and continue to love them, alieniating that core in exchange for a "more mass appeal" doesn't work because the originals had more mass appeal on a level that studios have proven they don't understand.

  23. You mean we might not get any more crappy sequels? At least for a while? Oh, no!

  24. I’m still waiting for the Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” to finally get to our tv screens as a series.

  25. This video is the first time I've been made aware that this movie was ignoring everything after T2. So they probably could have done a better job of pointing that out for those of us who were never going to watch the other Terminators after wasting our money on T3 and walking away from the franchise all those years ago. Now I actually want to see it.

  26. I think that that before from Fox channel studio they did Brock as I can a series so get the main characters then and a show but 10 they did just only did like 2 seasons not 3rd season so maybe not or really into Z plus since I got the right of Fox so might be a maybe.

  27. Pronuncation wise it would 'jen-uh-sis', a combination of generation (presunably?) and SYStem, not " je-nee-sis". DUH! Yes, you ARE wrong.

  28. Trying to milk a franchise simply by doing a lazy woke/gender swap of the heroes is getting quite old and was never a good idea to begin with

  29. It’s dead. Terminator is dead. Not permanently. But dead as of right now. On ice, locked in the freezer, until Hollywood is ready to actually get their head out of their asses, and make a better movie out of it.

  30. The main character gets killed off, a new timeline starts, and the franchise has no end in sight. Wow its like Jojo part 6 all over again!

  31. are you seriously trying to get me to believe that 20$ , which caan buy me an instant fast food special, is less important then millions of collars that would take me time to deconstruct? Yeah.. here is my million dollar bill, got some change? versus 20 bucks, here is my jumbo jack….. hell 20$ is too much… i'd rather have five in my wallet instead of millions. practicality man!

  32. who has been calling it the best anything? i have only been hearing how bad it is. Even watched a bootleg, and it seems desperate. got 20 minutes in and well shit. it was boring.

  33. Wat they aught to do is set it during the T2 apocalypse and have John Connor be a mythos/legend. That we never meet but he drives everyone forward. And it wud center on new faces. It cud b heavily blade runner style dystopian. So like salvation but better. It wud also b heavily influenced by Days of Future past comics.

  34. You know what would have reinvented the franchise? It wasn't one. But say you do have one. Arnold not wanting to be a villain is a problem. ANd including him other then a cameo is a problem. There is no story. And now we have a multiverse story. something that is incredibly 90s. That everyone is pushing, and only works in the CW Crisis. So they done fucked up. Should have just kept with an evil Arnold.

  35. Haven't seen it, but I will at some point after it comes out on DVD. That said, they've told the story they wanted to tell. In fact, they managed to do it twice. I think that's about all you can get out of this "franchise". Rehashing it for the 5th (6th? I don't even know anymore) time is exactly that: rehashing.

  36. The best sequel to T2 was the Sarah Conner Chronicles…. but they took that away from us.

  37. I always wanted a super-low budget Terminator 3, like “Laundry Day” with Tom Jane as a sequel to his “Punisher” film as far as grittiness was concerned but feature length. Indie film budget with blockbuster marketing budget.

    Like a Stephen King novel it would’ve dealt almost exclusively with side characters, just looking at / interviewing various people alive around 1984 and 1994 (even though “T2” was released in 1991), gathering up the rumours and conspiracy theories (almost all of them factual) and evidence left behind: All the weirdly executed victims of the T-1000; all the SWAT team members who witnessed the T-800s surviving getting shot at pointblank range with no armor or helmet at Cyberdyne; any surviving police officers from the massacre in ’84 chiming in their recollections. As well as the aftermath of Cyberdyne and who, if anyone, who would continue the A.I. research that would end the world.

    And at the heart of things, Sarah & John getting (re-) incarcerated, the focal point of the story being about a mother & son trying to piece their lives back together and re-connect with each other through the legal and mental healthcare systems, their own PTSD, and the burden of not know who still might be a terminator and if Judgement Day could still happen.

    A big part of the first two films was nobody believing Kyle or Sarah. That sense of injustice, trying to warn the public with few or no people giving a shit (not unlike modern day’s climate change action and denial) was a huge part of the story not reliant on special effects, just good writing and acting.

    It could all be a drama, mystery, crime, sci-fi who-done-it (even though loyal Terminator fans would all know what really happened) and still not be too costly a production, saving most of the budget for promoting.

    But then for all the special FX junkies, maybe briefly effective, acute hallucinations from Sarah & John, but no real terminators running around for most of the film…

    — Except (maybe) at the end when they find out that Judgement Day hadn’t been averted at all and they bust out of their respective incarcerations and are on the run again at the climax, hunting / being hunted by T-800s (and nothing more advanced than them — back to basics! Full-on infiltration units that could be ANYONE. Not just Arnie-model 101s!).

  38. I always liked Terminator movies. Rise of the Machines was bad though. Salvation and Genesis weren't as horrible to me. But definitely needed something newer for the franchise than trying to get old fans to come back for Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner.

  39. I've seen it, It was alright it wasn't great…part of the push of the sjw themes are in the movie.Stop using the same actors…ffs Time and age isn't going to change what is happening rebooting the movies and terminating the past movies. John Conner is the core of the movie changing the protagonist is just sloppy writing.

  40. First of all.. this should not have been a franchise. T2 or t3 could have been the last it this will still be relevant til this day. Second.. theres no second.

  41. Ain't gonna lie… Kinda enjoyed it at the cinema…a lot more than Genesys and Salvation!

  42. Terminator franchise will never die. I just like the future scenes and cool terminators.

  43. I thought that was the point of the movie “Terminator: Dark Fate” end of the franchise; fate can’t get much darker than that.

  44. How could it fail, they followed the DNC's guide to filmmaking?! I wonder which masculine icon's next for castration; Jane McClane in Die Hard: For A Shoe Sale

  45. Here's a novel thought…
    spoilers (tho to be honest if you haven't seen it yet, you're just not gonna… lol)

    Mom: Merry Christmas!
    Kid: A puppy!
    Dad: revs chainsaw

    How about not getting the public's hopes up by bringing back a beloved hero and killing them within the first few minutes of the movie! If you're looking to replace the cast, that's understandable. Furlong has kinda been through a lot. How about let the characters meet. Maybe some fist bumps.. a pass the torch moment or 2… then exit stage left. Sudden character death followed by "oh, here's the new main character" is almost designed to make audiences hate the new blood. Pass the torch, then we get the "oh no! He died, but at least his friend survived to take up the fight, bit.

  46. I like this Terminator movie. It was better than when Jurassic Park came back. You either like it or you don't. I don't believe it's a failure.

    Only complaint I have is the look of the two new robot characters. They give the girl a dyke look, and the new terminator a dorky douche bag look. lol Not that cool in my opinion.

  47. I really don't see what is so bad about Salvation. I thought actually seeing "the war" and the future was an awesome movie

  48. I just want Terminator to go back to it's Sci-fi Horror roots and stop using overblown CGI heavy scenes as a crutch. Dark Fate killed the Connor legacy for me literally and I agree it needs a hard reboot with a completely new story.

  49. I want to see it, but I'm strapped for cash & have to wait until this coming weekend. Instant gratification, particularly regarding profit, is an unreasonable proposition. If that's what destroys digital media projects, then let them all burn. If a person has to wait two weeks to get paid, then so do our entertainments sometimes.

  50. After Dark Fate, I'm convinced James Cameron is deliberately trying to sabotage this franchise so that he can get back the rights to eventually directing another one in 6 to 8 years from now.

  51. Can’t have new faces, Arnold is always the T-800 and it’s not a terminator unless it’s the T-800 fighting against or together with the main character, could be Sara or Dani.

    Why not make a movie with a young CGI Arnold and keep away from explaining why a T-800 is older and more human plotline.

  52. The rotten tomatoes audience score for terminator dark fate seems weird. A lot of the reviewers I've watched either didn't like it or hated it calling it a franchise killer and these people aren't judging it because of political ideology, they're normal people and terminator fans. This makes me wonder if Rotten Tomatoes is up to some trickery and doing what they did with Captain Marvel and are "filtering" ratings.

  53. If there is going to be another film I think James Cameron will direct next time..

  54. It's a terrible movie lacking any substance. It's not about franchise fatigue or politics. The majority of people who seen it told their friends it was rubbish and not worth their money, word gets around.

  55. Thanks Dan, but this franchise is terminated. Your right might be well served as a tv show in about 10 years if they can stick out that long.

  56. In the alternative ending for T2, an older Sarah Connor reminisced on stopping Judgment Day, played with her granddaughter, and took pride at John becoming a senator. This sequence could've been a decent launching point for a Future War trilogy.

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