[Women’s Voices] “Without water there is no life” – Turkey cuts off water to Heseke

My name is Sozdar Ehmed, co-chair for water affairs in the canton of Heseke. About the water situation in the city of Heseke we can say that there is just one water station in the canton of Heseke which provides the whole canton with water. This water station of the village Allouk is in the city of Serekaniye. When the attacks against Serekaniye started the station was taken by jihadist groups, with the Turkish state involved. Untill the Sochi Agreement was concluded, the water station was belonging to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. In the end, many jihadist gangs were there after the agreement because they knew that this water station is very important for the canton. They know about this importance that’s why they occupied it. And each time they use it as a political issue to achieve their goals and to put pressure on the people. They want to say: “Leave your land and your house.” They want to make the people thirsty. To use the thirst of the people for their politics. We can also say that this isn’t the first time that the state has used the water station in Allouk to cause harm. At the beginning, on 9 October, when the airstirkes started, the water station was also attacked knowing that this is a water station. That this is a strategic location. Despite international agreements, they attacked. The first attack against Serekaniye hit the water station. To demonstrate a connection, we can say that this was also the case in Afrin. First the dam was attacked there to make the people thirsty so that they had to leave their houses and their land. So they can resettle others on the land. Today we can say that the water in the canton of Heseke was cut off for about 10 days so that they could enforce their goals for electricity. This 10 days around 1.2 million people were thirsty. For what? For their empty goals and empty politics. For their false goals, which are contrary to humanity. That’s why there was a water crisis in Heseke city. It is not easy to supply 1.2 million people with water. Especially if the water of the city, which is underground, is not drinkable, the supply is very difficult. Because water is life, and without water you can’t live. On behalf of the Institution for Water Affairs, we established a system for the distribution of water in the city. In times of crisis and war, everyone has the right to have at least 15 litres of water a day. Because of the war situation we just could provide 4.000 litres of water to the people. With the few drinking water springs that are in and around Heseke. Although, 10.000 litres of water were needed. The people from the canton of Heseke were aware of the fact that the water was deliberately cut off from the jihadist groups. We and the people know that the control of the water station is in the hands of the jihadists. They knew that they were being treated unjustly, but they were still very happy with the few opportunities that the whater institution offered them. This is how we got through the crisis together. Today the water station of Allouk is working again. But there is no guarantee that this will continue We don’t know that the jihadists will in demand the next hour. Who knows what these inhumans will demand afterwards. Maybe the water will be an other time cut off.

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  1. In Haseka city, Thousands of people schools and hospitals have no water.
    The actions of invaders are always against humanity.

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