Workplace Bullying and Discrimination at Work Placement

Hello. I was doing a work placement and my mentor discriminated against me because of my religion. She asked me about my religion and then she began to treat me badly. She didn’t support me, and unwelcomed, offended and degraded me. And at the date of the report she said she didn’t know if she should mentor me and that she didn’t observe me. However, the university sent her all the documents and the director wrote her name on my acceptance form. I asked her to contact my university and ask them for paper work. She called them, and asked for the papers – but refused to write the report. Also she then asked me to give her personal information about myself and previous work phone number. She interfered with my privacy. However, I gave her my previous directors number, as she wanted to ask her about my work to finish the report. She did call, but the director wasn’t there. So, she wrote a bad report and refused to give a copy of this report and withheld information about her support plan. I want to know what legal advice to ask for compensation, as I think this is workplace bullying and discrimination and it has affected me physically, psychologically and even socially. Go to, Australia’s #1 Legal Aid and Legal Questions Site, like I did, to learn more.

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