World at Work Ep 5- A Yarn With Aunty Di

Hi, I’m Luca and welcome to this episode of The World at Work. Today, I’m having a yarn
with Kamilaroi person and Corroboree Interpretation
Officer, Aunty Di. Hi, Aunty Di! It’s lovely to meet you. Lovely to meet you too, young man. Do you mind if I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land? That would be lovely, go right ahead. I wish to pay respect to elders past, present and emerging. And acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander people continue to play within the community. That was absolutely beautiful darling, and welcome to Yugambeh country. Thank you, Aunty Di. You’re welcome. Can you tell me a little bit about your important role here at Dreamworld Corroboree? I certainly can. Would you like to have a seat and join me? There you go. Here at Dreamworld Corroboree, we like to pass on traditional Aboriginal culture to all the local community and all of Australia and the world beyond. We have one of the oldest known living cultures in the entire planet. And it’s not just for me to be proud of, it’s for all Australians to embrace and be very proud of. What’s your favorite attraction here in Corroboree? Well we have many! We do a fire lighting demonstration, inside the theater there’s a big map of Australia and it shows you all the different Aboriginal tribes that exist in our country. We have weapons demonstrations. The boys do a fantastic job of that, explaining all the weapons that are used by the indigenous people. Another thing that we have here is a musical instrument
demonstration as well. So young man, would you like to have your face painted? Come on then, let’s go! Does it have any cultural meaning? It certainly does, young man. That’s the Goanna marking which means you’re part of the Kamilaroi tribe. Thanks, Aunty Di! I’ve had a busy day. I feel flat out like a lizard drinking. You’re funny, bud. Thanks for joining me!

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