WORLDSIGN | Turkish soldiers killed, US and Taliban deal, body in Pakistan zoo

[Alessio]: At least 33
Turkish soldiers were killed and 35 soldiers
injured in an airstrike by the Syrian government forces. Both Turkey and Syria are
in an escalating conflict over Idlib, a northeastern
strategic part of Syria. Russia has been backing the
Syrian government forces and Turkey has been backing
Syrian anti-government forces. Idlib is the last
rebel-held area and the Syrian government is trying
to retake it but Turkey demands that the Syrian
government withdraws from it and maintains a ceasefire. Hundreds of thousands
of people fled the area, prompting serious
humanitarian concerns. UN Security Council will
hold an emergency meeting this week to discuss
the situation. [Alessio]: US and Taliban
officials signed an agreement last week in Qatar. The agreement is about
ending war and bringing peace to Afghanistan. In the agreement,
it requires commitment from both the US and the Taliban. The Taliban agrees to
renounce Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and to
stop them from attacking US and its allies in Afghanistan. In return, the US
will begin its gradual withdrawal over a period
of 14 months and Taliban prisoners would be released. However, US President
Donald Trump warned that if the Taliban breached the
agreement, the US would immediately return to combat. The war in Afghanistan is
the US’ longest war, which has lasted 18 years. [Alessio]: Skeletal
remains belonging to an 18-year-old person were
found in a lion enclosure at a safari park in
Pakistan last week. The victim was identified
as Muhammad Bilal who went missing for two days. Zoo employees found his
remains and pieces of torn cloth and his relatives
recognized his clothing. Investigations are pending
to determine how he got into the enclosure which
was protected by a high fence and they are also
investigating to see if a foul play was involved. Bilal’s remains have been
sent for tests to confirm the cause of death. Bilal’s family and
relatives ransacked the zoo, accusing the zoo
management of staff incompetence. [Alessio]: In Finland, the
Football Association (FA) has removed the word
“women” from its top division of women’s football. It is now renamed as
“Kansallinen Liiga,” which is translated in English
as “National League.” Last year, Finland took a
significant step in achieving gender
equality in sports. Both male and female
players in national teams now receive equal pay. Internationally, many
countries still use the word “women” as a title
of their top division of women’s sports. The Football Association
in Finland aspires to be a pioneer of equality in the
whole sports community and they hope that other
countries will follow Finland’s example. -Thank you for watching
WorldSign Week and see you next time!

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