Your Tears Will Turn to Shouts of Joy! Dealing with Depression – Carter Conlon

I have a prophetic word tonight now by
that I mean that I feel in my heart that God has shown me something he’s about to
do and what he’s about to do is concerning you, it’s concerning people
and if I were to put a title on this I would call it “Your tears will soon turn
to Shouting” Let me share with you just some of the prayer requests that have come in tonight that are just a sample of so many who just need a miracle from
God from New York, please pray for my marriage and children, our family is in
constant turmoil, anger is always present in our home we need a miracle from God.
From Missouri, we pastor a church and started a Tuesday night prayer meeting
please help us pray that people will come out and help us to pray, no one
seems to be coming. Thank You! Parents don’t give up, pastors don’t give up the
Lord’s going to do something in your church From Norway, please pray that
Jesus will heal me from my anxiety I’m desperate and I’ve been thinking of
hurting myself or worse it is critical from New York I’ve been so hurt by the
people in my life that I’ve given up on God and I don’t know my purpose my heart
is broken I just want to die and so we’re gonna be praying for that person
here this evening from Namibia Lord don’t turn your back on me I’ve lost my
way take me back father and give my life meaning and purpose help me let go and
heal my broken heart from the Bronx my faith and trust are so shaken that even when I pick up the Bible to read listen to Christian music or even attend church
I feel nothing but emptiness from nashville tennessee please pray for
me i’ve been an inner-city pastor for over 20 years i’m very dry right now i’m
seeking the Lord’s will for my life and for future ministry and the lists of
people who feel that their lives are in ruins just goes on and on and on father
tonight God i ask you Lord the word that you have placed in my heart and i know
when you’re speaking to me Lord I’ve learned over the years to discern your
voice you always confirm it with your word So I’m asking you for the power to
convey your word because when your word is spoken it has the power to create
life we sang tonight I would live I would live we don’t want it just to be a
song it must become an experience in every heart and it is your will it is
proven in your word that all should live is your will that we should bring glory
to your name on the earth by allowing you to be God inside of us it is your
will Lord to come to us not when we are strong and have it all together but when
we are weak and in need Lord so we boldly come as invited to the throne of
grace tonight and ask you God to do what only you can do in this generation do it
here in this house and do it for all the people that are with us tonight from
around the world Lord truly you have brought together an assembly of the
bruised the wounded the broke and the confused and the despairing but isn’t
that what you did when David was hiding in a cave didn’t you bring to him 400 who were
distressed in debt and in despair and discontent and you brought them and they
became mighty and you indwelled them and they did exploits in your name and
we still read about it and celebrated it this day we also understand Lord that
you are the same yesterday today and forever and through one of the Old
Testament prophets you said I am the Lord God I change not so we come to you
tonight acknowledging that what you have done in the past you will do today and
you will do again tomorrow Lord we cast ourselves upon your mercy
because of our need and because of our desire to see your name glorified again
in this generation it’s time for you Lord to rise and do your work for they
have made void your law God Almighty be God Almighty again to us
in this generation and give us back our song and our shouts of praise in your
house and on every street corner may voices be lifted up o God in adoration
to you as the only one who could have done these things
let the heathen around about us have to admit that you are God as they see your
hand come upon your church your people not in our strength but in our weakness
and so Father we thank you and praise you in Jesus name. I’m going to read you
from the book of Ezra beginning in Chapter three and it’s a story of when
God one more time decided to rebuild the testimony of who he was in the earth now
you’ll see this pattern repeat itself all throughout scriptural history God
blesses the people the people forget that it was God who blessed them they
become very casual with his presence and his word and his truth and in that
casualness they find themselves taken captive but God never leaves his glory
in the enemy’s hand never never never we are the Church of the Living God and
the gates of Hell cannot triumph over the Church of Jesus Christ
and yes though we have dealt casually as a collective society sometimes as a
church age with the presence of God and though we find ourselves in places that
are not honoring to him yet still from there the voice of God starts calling us
one more time back to something of himself something that’s out of our
reach it’s beyond our ability we know because we look in the mirror every day
we know because we live with the thoughts in our own heart and mind that
if this is going to happen it’s not going to be by my might nor by my power
it’s going to be by the Spirit of Almighty God that this testimony is
going to be built or rebuilt whatever the case is and so one more time in
scriptural history the Word of God comes to his people through his servants and
they are allowed to rise up and go back to that place of his glory and to begin
to rebuild the testimony that they were to be in the earth that has fallen down
on their watch if we’re a wise people in America today for example we will
recognize that on our watch the testimony of God has fallen down there’s
a city for example in Ohio has 35,000 people who live in that little town it
is the highest per capita opiate addiction and death rate in the entire
country yet in that town there are 79 Bible believing churches but they’re
unable to affect the community of 35,000 if we have the courage if we have the
courage to say something might be wrong with our testimony in this generation
perhaps just perhaps it has become less than it’s supposed to be perhaps it’s
become weak to the point where people don’t even see the value of it anymore
they don’t see the power of God because they know the people of God
but once again even in difficult situations like this the voice of God
calls one more time to a people to a church age to a nation even and says I
desire to rebuild the testimony of Who I am
is there anybody willing to get up and go home and rebuild so the people went
back and the scripture says in Ezra chapter 3 and verse 10 It began, this rebuilding began with worship it began with an understanding that God is good it’s not necessary necessarily so that we are
good or have been good but God is good that is the testimony of the church by
the way folks it’s not about us it’s about him it’s all about Jesus Christ
and His mercy endures forever we have we may feel like we’ve sin it away or
we’ve lost it through neglect or our day of influences is gone and there are people
who would have us believe that the influence of the church in America has
died for the influence of the church to die Christ would have to die again but I
remind you that he is alive sitting at the right hand of God
and he stands above every name that is named not only in this world but in that
world which is to come and everything every name that is named is in
subjection to him and is under his feet Christ is alive and because Christ is
alive the church is never dead the church can rise out of the ruins and the
ashes of its own neglect at any time that God so invites us to come back to
him and so they began to sing as we sang tonight God is good
not that we deserve it but God will rebuild his testimony because God is
good not because we have the strength to get it right but because God is good not
because we’ve done everything the way it should be done but because his mercy
endures forever God is good and His mercy endures forever the scripture says
and all the people shouted with a great shout and they praise the Lord because
the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid what is the foundation the
foundation is an understanding that it’s Christ in me that’s the hope of his
glory ever being revealed in the earth again It’s not me
portraying Christ it’s christ portraying himself through my life It’s Christ
occupying this physical temple it’s Christ animating my emotions it’s Christ
becoming the strength of my voice it’s Christ being the gift of life inside of me
It’s Christ stretching his hands out through my hands and doing what only he
can do it’s Christ taking me where I could never hope to go and make him into
what I could never be in my own strength and giving me what I could never possess
it’s all Jesus Christ because he is good and His mercy endures forever this
is the foundation of the house of God coming back to the cross of Jesus Christ
not in our strength not with our plans not with our schemes and devices but in
humility saying Lord thank you for your mercy thank you for being good to me
when my life has failed to be what it ought to be when the witness of who you
are has not been fully active in my life when I’ve not walked away from what I
should have walked away from and because of it I find myself in captivity but yet
I hear your voice calling me home I hear you calling me to be a partaker in
building something that’s going to bring your name to reputation in the earth one
more time in our generation not because I am good but because you are good not
because I even know or have laid hold of mercy but only because your mercy
endures forever and when the foundation was laid you see when the foundation of
this truth is laid in the heart it produces a shout because it’s no longer
about me or you it’s about Jesus now it’s about him glorifying his own name
it’s about it’s about Christ’s taking the right hand of his power as the
scripture says out of his bosom and showing himself strong on my behalf and
bringing me out of any place of captivity I may find myself in and
giving me that gift of a new mind and a new heart and a new spirit it’s all
about Jesus and not about me but in verse 12 it says of Ezra chapter 3 They wept it’s like it’s a type of you and I
going into the Bible and we look at the early church we read for
example maybe Hebrews chapter 11 when it says out of weakness we’re made strong
and women received their dead raised to life again others were made valiant and
they turned to flight the armies of enemies not just a few but the actual
armies returned to flight talks about men who are given the strength to fight
with lions and to overcome them talks about those with a simple staff in their
hand went into the valley where the enemies of God were and took swords out
of their hands with just sticks in their hands talks about those who were able to
do exploits because the power and the presence of God was upon them and then
we fast forward or go backwards into Acts chapter 2 for example and we see
these weak and ineffectual people in an upper room coming out declaring with
supernatural ability the wonderful works of God speaking with ability that only
God could have given them and we see people bending their knee to the
presence of God in their lives and we recognize this was the temple of the
Holy Ghost this is the the origins of the Church of Jesus Christ and many of
the older men when they they saw this new temple that was being built the
foundation was laid out of ruins it rumbled technically they began to weep
and that’s our tendency to look in the Word of God and say God I look nothing
like the temple is supposed to look like that temple was arrayed with glory and
when the priests and the trumpeters began to sing the glory of God would
come down and lay everybody out of the floor because God’s presence was in his
temple that happened in the book of Acts chapter 2 but I feel like nothing in the
sight of a holy God look at me my life is ruined rumbled and trying to build the
temple of God out of this mess of a life that I’ve got and all I’ve got is a
foundation and I look in the Word of God and I see what my life should be and all
it does is produce sorrow and we begin to weep we begin to weep at our lack we
begin to weep at what we are not but yet there was some
else going on at the same time there was something strange there were others that
started to shout for joy at the same time these certain group are weeping
another group of shouting at the same time what did they see what did they
know what were they looking at they’re looking at the same ruins as everybody
else was but one group are looking at what was lost and the other group are
looking at what God is saying about the future it was deeper than what you see
with the natural eye it was deeper than the rubble and the ruins of this new
foundation of this new temple the holy spirit was speaking something to this
other side and their tears I can see as they started to shout those that are
weeping suddenly their tears are drying up and there’s turning to shout to
because faith is contagious if if a man is starting in New York City if I
walked out of this church and there’s a man or woman in the street and
he’s obviously not unbalanced and his hands are in the air and he’s shouting
glory to God glory to God I’ve been kind of want to know what is that man looking
at what’s that woman looking what do they see that I don’t see I’m looking
all around Times Square I don’t see anything here to give glory to God for
apart from Times Square Church in Times Square so what’s this person looking at
what are they seeing that’s what happened here there were some people who
were shouting for joy what did they see? the scripture says that people could not
discern the noise of the shout of joy from the noise of weeping of the people
it was such a strange mixture for the people shouted with a loud shout and the
shout as I read it here began to overtake the weeping and the scripture
says the sound was heard afar off as faith began to arise in people’s hearts
as people like you and I began to lay hold of something something deeper you
see they were promised by the prophets that the glory of this latter temple
would be greater than the former but yet they’re thinking about the former the
former the book of Acts chapter 2 how could the latter temple be greater than
the former we’re building out of ruins we were taken captive we lost the
testimony of God we became weak in the earth we were marginalized we’re
ridiculed were marked we’re led away into Babylon even our enemies said “sing
us one of the songs of Zion” we couldn’t even worship because our hearts were so
heavy and their heads were so down at a certain point in our life now we’re home
what is it that these people are hearing that we’re not hearing? You see folks
here’s the point and you got to get this no physically it didn’t look like the
original temple it looked like ruins and it was ruins but it was the temple that
Jesus himself was going to come to they were building that temple, and you
might feel like your life is a pile of ruins tonight but you are the temple
that Jesus is coming to in this last day oh come on now! you are the Temple of the Living God he’s coming to you he’s coming to your
temple he’s coming to your house he’s coming to your family
he’s coming into your workplace you are the temple you are the temple of the
last day you are the temple that is going to know the glory of God the glory
of God is coming to you the glory of God inside your physical temple he’s coming
to you the Lord is coming to his temple hallelujah! and so it’s time to put away the tears
it’s time to pick up a shout of glory for God, thank you Lord
thank you God thank you for coming to this temple Thank you Lord. You’re gonna invade this physical temple for your glory And I believe that the latter temple is gonna be greater than the former. I believe it with all my heart. hallelujah hallelujah glory glory glory glory glory glory glory to Jesus glory glory to the Lord thank you Lord
thank you mighty God thank you God, bless your Holy Name hallelujah hallelujah come you blind, come you lame come those
that have no money come and buy wine and milk without money and without price the Lord God is in his temple the Lord
God is in his temple be still he says and know that I’m God I
will be glorified in the earth I will be glorified in the earth! hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah glory glory glory glory tonight Lord we ask you to break through
all the barriers break through all the doors that try to block you out my God my
God my God raise your church raise your church in
this generation.

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  1. you know how LORD you know the ones by name !! just their initials J B S C

  2. Wow, thank you for the video. I really needed to hear this. I need the touch of the Lord. I felt sad hearing all those people in the beginning who have serious prayer requests.

  3. Please brothers and sisters pray for me… I need of financial miracle……………….
    Jesus is God! Help me JESUS!!!!!!!!
    God bless brother pastor Carter Conlon and all!
    Come LORD Jesus!

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  5. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Thankyou Carter Conlin for another fiery sermon!!!

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  7. I have Son Jehovah God and I am glad to be broken for my Sin against the in Jesus name Amen 🦋


  9. I agree in the mighty name of Jesus, the glory of God will be on this earth. Amen. God bless you brother.

  10. Thank you for Divine Apts Lord – thank you for sending the right people & for Your protection & wisdom & discernment-& for giving your children the right words – thank you for Your WORD – ohh Holy Jesus – will lift UP Your* precious name ALL the glory goes to YOU — thank you for hearing our prayers – for delivering us & our loved ones & the lost – for providing for all of our needs – for the angels that are warring on our behalfs – & the HOLY SPIRIT/ ohh yes Lord – – thank you for your healing – & helping us to endure to end – you are thee God of justice – every knee will bow to Jesus name – hallelujah

  11. I have been betrayed once again from my mom and sister. I'm going Thursday to get family pictures for my son's and myself. My sister can have everything else. I sick of the favoritism my mom has for my Godless sister. I'm always there for my mom. Not because she deserves it because she is my mother and I love God and my mom. The pain my mom and sister cause is not as strong as it has been. I know my sister will end up in hell. She a bi-polar Narcissist Phicopath. My mom cannot see the truth of my sister. My strength comes from Jesus not them. I have not seen or spoken to my sister for 5 wonderful years. I know I never see her again either. I have forgave them both. They make their choices and I made mine. I follow Jesus and they do their will.

  12. Look up Dauntless Dialogue channel on YouTube. He just uploaded a video on depression. It has to do with how God made our bodies to naturally overcome depression, that the medical professionals surpress. Episode 12.

  13. I hear a lot of people say Lord dont turn your back on me. But what we should be saying Lord help me to quit turning my back on you. Gods arms are open to all that will come to him. But the problem with a lot of people is they do everything against Christ then expect Him to be there when we are showing him by our actions we dont want him until we need Him. Well just think How God feels when people do that to Him. Do we think God has no feeling? Sure He does. Do you know that the bible says My people have forgotten me days without number. How would that make you feel if you were God. I mean He's not a Santa Clause but many times we treat Him like He is. God doesnt owe us anything. He helps us because He loves us. Why cant we do the same. How do you feel when a close friend turns their back on you or stabs you in the back? Or talks about you like trash. Hurts doesnt it? Just think if God was like some of our so called friends? God will forgive and help us but we cant treat him like Hes a stranger. We cant say in our Hearts Lord we need you right now when we are in trouble but then dont know Him tomorrow. Why should God help us when we treat Him worse then an enemy? God gave His best for us all He gave His son. What do you give God when He helps you anything? Do you say Lord im sorry for the way i treat you and for failing to say think you for all that you have done for me when i didnt deserve it. Is the only time you want God is when you need Him the most is that the only time you are grateful that He is God? The Bible says the poor man cried and the Lord heard Him and delivered Him out of all His troubles. Thats a Good God. When God needs you are you there for Him? Yes God needs you. He needs you to love Him. He needs you to tell others how Good He is. He needs you to tell him how good He has been to you and your Family. I think we need to quit hurting God. Did you remember Him today? Did you say think you Jesus for letting me see another Day. If it wasnt for God we could be laying in a Grave right now couldnt we. We could be blind, boy im thankful for my eyes its amazing to see everything. What would it be like to live in darkness all the time. Friends you are bless and just dont know it. We have everything to be happy about dont we? I think we forget where God has brought us from. A song i heard years ago. Dont worry be happy. Sure its hard to be happy sometimes buy thats only because we forget what we have how blessed we are. Maybe what a lot of you need is to receive Jesus Christ as your savor and Lord let Him change your life then He can give you peace of Mind and joy in your heart. Jesus said behold i stand at the door and knock and if any man will open i will come in. Is He knocking at your hearts door? If so let him in. God Loves you friends.


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